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The Comedy Pet Photo Awards have revealed the winners of this year’s competition and are thrilled to announce that the winners have been announced for Comedy Pets 2024.

The Cat Category Winner (above) is Kenichi Morinaga with ‘Cat in a trap like Super Mario’ and the Overall Competition Winner is Sarah Haskell with her fabulous image (below) called ‘Not just for cats!’ of Hector doing his best impression of a cat and trying to squeeze through the cat flap.

Sarah Haskell / Comedy Pets
Sarah said of the moment she took the winning photo:

“Hector saw the cat do thought he would give it a try. This is about as far as he got before reversing out the way he came. I can imagine him thinking…’But the cat made it look so easy’ Not so for Hector!’

The annual photo competition, now in its 5th consecutive year, calls on all pet and animal lovers to submit hilarious images and videos of their funny furry friends for a chance of winning the prestigious title of Comedy Pet Photographer of the Year.

The Awards were created by Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, to highlight the positive and vital role that pets have in our lives and to encourage engagement around animal welfare. 

Finding out about the happy news, Sarah recalls:
I am utterly thrilled, such great news, that I will have to share with Hector before the announcement (so if word gets out, blame him!)

These Comedy Pet Photo Awards have been a good natured, friendly competition with comical animal characters that you feel you can somehow relate to, that make you smile, and you want to know more about. Delighted that Hector and I have been part of it, and tremendously proud to be a winner. (Those that know me well will also know that my exact response on being told this fabulous news was more concise and totally unprintable!).

Hector is a much-loved member of my extended family, and has been my (unwitting, unknowing) Muse for a few years now. He has a kennel club name that sounds more like a what-3-words location; he is much better suited to Hector, and it is much easier to say! He will be 14 (human) years in July, so all his visitors make a great fuss over him - Hector has no idea why, quite clearly, but just loves the attention. 

I have carried a camera pretty much in some form since school days, but it is only recently that I have worked out that pet photography, dog photography in particular, is what I like doing. The interaction with these expressive, clever, often comical characters, when I am doing 'pawtrait' shoots, can only make me (and others, hopefully) smile!"

As winner of the top prize, Sarah receives a cash prize of £500, a fantastic camera bag from ThinkTank and a beautiful bespoke trophy. When asked what she would do with the prize money, Sarah joked ‘A bigger cat flap and then some camera equipment!’

People’s Choice Award
Winner: Kazutoshi Ono - Tarzan
As usual, the judges had a brilliant time deciding the winners with so many funny pet images entered from all over the world.

Michelle Wood, who helps run the Awards said: “We’ve had a fantastic competition this year, with so many really good entries from across the globe. And a record number of Junior entries which makes us very happy. 

In a world that can be hard to fathom, our pets are the one constant in our lives that make sense and are a vital source of support, joy and sometimes, great hilarity. 

We would have a competition to celebrate them every single day if we could, and to be able to share these brilliant winners with you and laugh out loud with these loveable creatures is the reason this competition exists!"

2024 Grand Category Winners:

✔️ Overall Winner & Dog Category Winner: Sarah Haskell (lead image)

✔️ Cat Category Winner: Kenichi Morinaga (lead image)

✔️ Horse Category Winner (below): Debby Thomas

✔️ People’s Choice Award Winner: Kazutoshi Ono

✔️ All Other Creatures Category Winner: Jonathan Casey

✔️ Pets Who Look Most Like Their Owner’s Category Winner (below): Darya Zelentsova 

✔️ Junior Category Winner (below): Charlotte Kitchen (who was 16 when she entered the competition)

As well as the category winners – 8 photographs were recognised as Highly Commended from the following photographers: Sylvia Michel who had two entries recognised; Julie Smith, Atsuyuki Ohshima, Vera Faupel, Luiza Ribeiro, Emma Beardsmore and competition regular and former competition winner Kenichi Morinaga.

The judging panel included TV presenter, writer, conservationist and animal lover Kate Humble, professional photographer and nature lover Gerrard Gethings and his son Jarvis Gethings, plus Barry the Border Terrier, for balance. TV Vet and animal welfare campaigner - Emma Milne and our very own professional pet photographer and former competition winner - Elke Vogelsang.

The 2025 competition will be open for entries next year via the website:

A cat named Smokey and his brother Boo have miraculously survived a fire in Dandenong that completely destroyed their home.

For Dwayne Ariss, a single dad, Friday 24th of May had started out like any other.

“I was having a coffee watching the morning news, and my son was in the shower getting ready for school,” Dwayne said. “My son smelled something odd, and in a matter of seconds he saw the bedroom was glowing. He jumped out of the shower and yelled out to me, and as soon as I saw what was happening I put my arms around him and we ran. The house went up so quick. The pressure, the panic, the intensity of the smoke was so intense, there wasn’t time to think or act.”

Dwayne and his son were distraught thinking that their beloved cats, who they had rescued and bottle fed as stray kittens, had not made it. But when they returned the next day, they found Smokey and Boo amidst the rubble - alive.

"I couldn't believe it," Dwayne said. "The ceiling had collapsed on top of Boo, and he was underneath it in the sink, badly burned but still alive. 

When I lifted the rubble away he let out a little meow as if saying 'Daddy I'm hurt'. His paws, ears and whiskers were all burned. 

We found Smokey under the bonnet of my car. The little fellahs deserved to live, so we took them straight to the vet.”

Dwayne lost almost everything in the fire, but was so grateful that his son and cats were safe.

Pets Of The Homeless, a not-for-profit helping to keep vulnerable people and their pets together, stepped in to help with the veterinary fees. They are now calling on the community to help them raise $6,000 to cover the full extent of the costs.

"Smokey has been treated for smoke inhalation, and Boo has been treated for his burns and is now facing a long road to recovery," said
Pets Of The Homeless Founder and CEO, Yvonne Hong.

"For emergency treatment, Pets Of The Homeless is able to contribute up to $1000, but we now need the help of our wonderful community to cover the remaining costs."

Dwayne is incredibly grateful to Pets Of The Homeless and the community for rallying to assist them at this time.

"I can't express how much it means to us," he said.

You can help Smokey and Boo get back on their paws by making a tax-deductible donation to

About Pets of The Homeless

Pets Of The Homeless is a not-for-profit working to keep vulnerable people and their pets together by alleviating the burden of providing essential pet care during times of hardship. Through the provision of pet food and supplies, veterinary care and safe shelter, Pets Of The Homeless works to ensure that the important bond between a person and their companion animal is never broken.


MEDIA RELEASE, 5th June 2024

The Pet Show, Australia’s National Pet Expo is returning to Brisbane on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd June 2024 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre!

There will be lots of information and goodies about cats but not only! 
So get your pet fix under one roof where you will be able to cuddle, explore and learn everything you need to know about cats, dogsfishbirdsreptiles and small animals.

The Pet Show is all about positive pet ownership, sharing education, entertainment, and products for all pets from tails to scales and everything in between.

With over 200 experts & exhibitors from the pet industry, the popular multi-zone format will give attendees the opportunity to hear from celebrity vets, be entertained with stage shows and activations, interact with pets and breeders and participate in photo opportunities.

The Pet Show Brisbane will feature a range of experts including author, pet expert and director of Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Ben DessenDr Katrina Warren and Kelly Gill along with the Wonderdogs.

There will also be a large range of exhibitors including Refuresh, DOG by Dr Lisa and Reptile One with many offering exclusive show only deals! Plus entertainment and activities from face painting and a kids agility course to scent work demonstrations and meet and greets with the famous Bluey and Bingo.

Grab one of these free Family Passes by the tail and don’t miss out!

*** Win 1 of 2 Family Passes (2 adults + 2 children) ***
for Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd June 2024
(Total Prize Pool: $178.00 - Family members must arrive together)

Learn more about The Pet Show at or on socials:
Please click here to visit their Instagram page
Please click here to visit their Facebook page


1) Like our post (02/06/2024) & our Facebook page and/or Instagram Account
2) "Who / What are you looking forward to seeing PLUS which day would you like to attend: Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd June 2024?"on the Australian Cat Lover Facebook page or Instagram page

Terms and Conditions:

1. This Competition will open on Sunday 2nd June May 2024 (4:00pm) and will close on Tuesday 11th June 2024 (11:59pm A.E.S.T.)
Open to Australian residents only. 
2. To Enter, Like our post (02/06/2024) + Tell us "Who / What are you looking forward to seeing PLUS which day would you like to attend Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd June 2024?" on the Australian Cat Lover Facebook page or Instagram page
3. This Promotion is a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winner.
The entries will be judged by the Australian Cat Lover team. The winning entries will be selected based on the most creative, informative or useful statement.
4. Entrants in the competition can only enter once.
5. Prizes not claimed within 48 hours will be redrawn.
* Entry into the competition is deemed acceptance of all terms and conditions.

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The Pet Show Brisbane 2024 - June 22 & 23

Here are our top picks of the best cat books for this June 2024 - Cat Lovers Book Club with a focus on better understanding our feline friends and their unique needs.

Cold winter days are perfect to curl up by the fire with a great book whilst enjoying your cat's company though combining these activities always presents a challenge! 

The expert guide to a happier and healthier feline

by Mikel Delgado

Why interactive play is essential for your cat's wellbeing and how to do it well.

What does a cat need besides food, a comfortable home and access to a good vet? PLAY!

This practical guide from leading cat behaviour scientist Mikel Delgado explains how interactive play is at the centre of your cat's overall health. Revealing how it mimics the hunting experience that shaped cats' evolution, Play With Your Cat! includes:

✔️ Advice on selecting toys and setting up your home environment for the perfect play session
✔️ Guidance on specific play techniques to exercise your cat's body and mind
✔️ Tips on engaging nonchalant, anxious and uninterested kitties
✔️ How to use play to address behavioural issues like aggression and litter-box avoidance.

With charming illustrations to demonstrate different techniques and evidence-based advice to help you deepen your relationship with your furry friend, this is an essential handbook for cat owners everywhere.

'Trust me, Play with your Cat is an indispensable addition to any cat lover's library!' Jackson Galaxy, bestselling author and star of My Cat from Hell.

Paperback, 272 pages
Publisher: Profile Books, 28th May 2024

Price: $26.95 from

Get Inside the Mind of Your Pet

by Claire Bessant

Inside the mind of a cat. In How to Talk to Your Cat by Claire Bessant, readers are taken on a fascinating journey into the mysterious world of our feline companions. 

Bessant delves into the art of communicating with these enigmatic creatures, shedding light on the hidden language of cats. This revelatory book stands out among books on understanding cats, providing valuable insights into the fascinating world of our four-legged friends.

Beyond a mere cat guide. How to Talk to Your Cat is a thoughtful exploration of the intricate relationship between humans and their cats. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of pet communication, learning not only to observe but also to think like a cat. 

The revised and updated edition from the author of bestselling book The Cat Whisperer, promises an enriched experience, making it ideal gifts for cat lovers seeking to unravel the mysteries of their beloved companions.

Inside you will find:

✔️ Read all about cats and their dynamic with humans
✔️ Learn the subtle clues of feelings or thoughts to get inside the mind of a cat
✔️ Embrace the uniqueness of each cat's personality while bonding with cats

Paperback, 288 pages
Publisher: Mango, 9th April 2024

Price: $40.50 from

The Definitive Visual Guide

by DK

A stunning celebration of all things feline, from domestication and anatomy to practical advice on breeds and cat care

Are you a feline fanatic? Could you tell the difference between a Housecat and an Ojos Azules? Do you want to know how to keep your kitty happy and healthy?

The Cat Encyclopedia
is a comprehensive cat compendium that has all the facts about cats and kittens. It's packed with beautifully photographed profiles of different breeds from the Maine Coon to the Khao Manee, and includes information on caring for your own cat.

This book also offers information on the science and history of house cats. 

Find out how cats were domesticated and developed into separate breeds, and see their prominence in art, literature, and superstition. A chapter on feline biology focuses on the anatomy of cats - including the nervous system, digestion, and muscles - and also features detailed descriptions of cat senses and coat patterns.

With help on cat care - from preparing for your cat's arrival and essential equipment to healthcare and training - The Cat Encyclopedia is the perfect guide for cat lovers.

Hardcover, 320 pages
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley, 12th March 2024

Price: $42.35 from

by Hiro Arikawa

The uplifting new Japanese cat novel from the million-copy bestselling author of The Travelling Cat Chronicles.

The perfect read for cat lovers, it includes seven beautiful cat drawings.

Against changing seasons in Japan, seven cats weave their way through their owners' lives.

✔️ A needy kitten rescued from the recycling bin teaches a new father how to parent his own human baby.
✔️ An elderly cat hatches a plan to pass into the next world as a spirit so that he and his owner may be together for ever.
✔️ A colony of wild cats on a holiday island shows a young boy not to stand in nature's way.
✔️ A family is perplexed by their cat's devotion to their charismatic but uncaring father.
✔️ A woman curses how her cat constantly visits her at night.

Bursting with empathy and love, The Goodbye Cat explores the unstoppable cycle of life as we see how the steadiness and devotion of a well-loved cat never lets us down.

A huge bestseller in Japan, every page is a joyous celebration of cats and how we cannot resist sharing our lives with them.

Paperback, 256 pages
Publisher: Random House UK, 10th October 2023

Price: $20.89 from


The Science of Making Your Cat Happy

by Zazie ToddPam Johnson-Bennett (Foreword by)

We all love our cats and we all want them to be happy. But making our cats happy isn't about buying them lots of things — it's about finding out what matters to them. In Purr, animal behaviour expert Zazie Todd addresses every stage of your cat's life and offers surprising and effective advice for even the most experienced cat owner, all with the science to back it up.

In this indispensable book, 'cat lovers learn the science behind cats' petting preferences; the multiple meanings of purrs, chirrups, and meows; how to best satisfy the scratching and stalking desires for indoor cats; and even how to keep both cats and wildlife safe if your felines spend time outside.' — 
Cat Warrenbestselling author.

Cat lovers will also discover how to:

✔️ Enrich your cat's life through play and exercise
✔️ Reduce anxiety and fear around your absence, visitors, and trips to the vet
✔️ Train your kitten or cat without causing harm (i.e. don't use a spray bottle!)
✔️ Provide for special needs like asthma
✔️ Make senior cats comfortable and so much more!

In PurrZazie Todd demystifies the feline-human relationship so you can form your special bond based on your cat's unique needs — all while learning lots and having fun together.

Hardcover, 288 pages
Publisher: Greystone Books, 26th May 2022

Price: $32.39 from


by Kathy Hoopmann

This updated edition of the bestselling All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome provides an engaging, gentle introduction to autism.

All-new cats take a playful look at the world of autism, and these fun feline friends will strike a chord with all those who are familiar with typical autistic traits, bringing to life common characteristics such as sensory sensitivities, social issues and communication difficulties.

Touching, humorous and insightful, this book evokes all the joys and challenges of being on the autism spectrum, leaving the reader with a sense of the dignity, individuality and the potential of autistic people. 

Hardcover, 80 pages
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 22nd September 2020
For Ages: 8 - 12 years old

Price: $19.54 from

by Mara Grunbaum, Bernard Mensah

The purr-fect combination of facts, stories, photos, and fun stuff all about one of the world's cuddliest critters: cats!

Cats are popular pets all over the world. They are expert hunters, super snugglers, and are even thought by some to be a sign of good luck! 

Cats love to pounce, play, and stalk their prey just like their big cat ancestors. But did you know that they've adapted some of their behaviour, including how adult cats meow just for us humans? Come along and learn more about a wide variety of feline friends, all with their own unique behaviour - from the water-loving Bengal cats to the super fluffy, expert climber Somali cats.

For animal lovers who are absolutely obsessed with everything cats, this book has it all: mind-blowing facts; tons of breeds; super fun games; hands-on activities; hilarious cat jokes; and fascinating research, such as how cats manage to (almost) always land on their feet. Key features include:

✔️ Feline superlatives, like the biggest, fastest, most playful, and most colourful cats
✔️Articles on surprising cat research and hands-on accounts from experts
✔️ More than 250 stunning photographs
✔️ Hilarious cat jokes
✔️ Detailed diagrams and infographics
✔️ Hands-on activities you can try at home
✔️ Quizzes and games to test your knowledge

Paperback, 128 pages
Publisher: Random House US, 21st May 2024
For Ages: 7 - 10 years old

Price: $22.95 from

by Stacey Patton, Acamy Schleikorn (Illustrator)

Based on the author’s real experience, this charming and hilarious picture book follows a solitary homeowner who insists she’s much too busy to adopt a stray cat…until the cat adopts her.

Staceypants lives in a beautiful yellow house in Charm City where she stays busy fixing things, planting pretty flowers, and keeping her home clean. One day, she finds a scruffy gray cat perched on her fence. But Staceypants definitely does not want a cat. Cats scratch furniture, jump on everything, and they need a litter box!

No, this is not Staceypants’s cat. Not when the cat comes back again and again. Not when Staceypants buys the cat a fancy cat bed. Not even when she and the cat sunbathe and do porch yoga together. But what will she do when the cat that’s not her cat disappears?

Hardcover, 48 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 23rd April 2024
For Ages: 4 - 8 years old

RRP: $32.95 from


by Deborah Frenkel, Danny Snell (Illustrator)

The Truck Cat is a story about cats and humans, immigration and identity, and homes lost and found.

Some cats are house cats. Some are apartment cats.

But Tinka is a truck cat. Tinka lives everywhere.

Along with his human, Yacoub, Tinka travels roads wide and narrow, near and distant. But no matter how much they travel, home feels very far away – for both of them.

Yacoub drives his truck to make a living, learning the landscape of a new country along the way, and longing for connection. When Tinka and Yacoub are unexpectedly separated, they are determined to find their way back to each other – and, in doing so, might find more than they expected …

With illustrations by multi-award-winning artist Danny Snell and words by acclaimed new writer Deborah FrenkelThe Truck Cat is the perfect book to inspire kindness and compassion in young children everywhere.

Hardcover, 32 pages
Publisher: Hardie Grant Children's Publishing, 1st May 2024
For Ages: 3+ years old

Price: $18.75 from

by Jennifer Rodriquez, Brandon Steele (Illustrator)

Allie Cat, known by some as Scary Cat, guards herself and her ally with hisses and swats. She pushes away everyone except one persistent boy-Harry.

As their unlikely friendship blossoms, Harry unravels the mysteries of Allie's loneliness and hunger. Will Allie Cat learn to trust and and open herself up to a friendship?

This heart-warming tale celebrates the power of compassion and embracing our differences. Join Allie Cat on a touching journey filled with purrs, hisses, and the magic of friendship that transcends boundaries.

Hardcover, 46 pages
For Ages: 2 - 12 years old
Publisher: The Way Press, 1st April 2024

Price: $37.95 from

Feline Fine: Cat Protection Society's 'Purrmanent Home Fund' helps cats stay with their families

The Cat Protection Society of Victoria (CPSV) is encouraging people to donate to its largest annual fundraising appeal from 13 May to 30 June, to help establish a benevolent fund to aid cat owners in need.

The newly launched fund will be used by CPSV to provide for one-off, crisis basis veterinary support to cat-owners facing financial hardship. This will ensure alternative outcomes can be avoided, such as surrender, euthanasia or lower quality of life for the feline.

Marketing and Communications Manager Rachel Bitzilis from CPSV said that in 2023 alone the society had well over 600 cat owners needing to surrender their cat, an increase of 30% compared to the year prior, with more and more of these requests being due to financial reasons.

“Each week, our team encounters more and more loving cat owners who are faced with no choice other than to surrender their cat. Cats are creatures of habit so being in a familiar environment with people they know and trust is crucial for their happiness and well-being,” Rachel said.
“Our benevolent fund aims to provide support to devoted cat owners experiencing financial difficulties, ensuring that their beloved feline friends receive the necessary veterinary care.”
“This program yields numerous benefits: cherished cats can continue to enjoy the security of their familiar surroundings, the special bond between humans and pets remains intact, and we can alleviate the strain on our shelter, which is already operating at full capacity.”

“By keeping cherished pets in loving homes, we also reduce the number of cats awaiting adoption, ensuring that deserving animals find new families as quickly as possible.”

One success story involves Figgy Pudding, a stray cat who arrived at the shelter in early September 2023 at just eight months old, seeking refuge and a better chance at life. After spending two weeks at the shelter, Figgy met Kirsty and her three young children. The decision to bring a pet into Kirsty’s family was driven by the request of her youngest daughter who had spent almost two years in and out of hospital battling a serious illness.

It was love at first sight. Figgy Pudding was the first cat we met and on the same day as our visit, we adopted him. We wanted to give Figgy the family love he never had, while gaining a much-needed companion to my youngest daughter who had been so unwell,” Kirsty said.

“Figgy is a lovely and well-behaved cat. But six months in, after coming home from playing, I could tell something was seriously wrong with one of his legs as he was limping and unable to put any weight on it. 

We took him to our local vet, where they confirmed he had severely injured himself. 

The recommended course of action was surgery to amputate the leg, with the initial consultation and diagnostic tests costing over $500, and the estimated surgery costing between $2,500 to $4,000.

“As a single Mum with three children, I was faced with an incredibly difficult decision to make. I wanted to do what was best for Figgy but I simply couldn’t afford the significant veterinary bill for his surgery.

I reached out to CPSV with the intention of surrendering Figgy back into care, but thanks to the donations, Cat Protection offered to perform the surgery at a significantly subsidised cost. His surgery was performed within the week and now he’s back to being his playful self and still a part of our family.”

CPSV takes each scenario on a case-by-case basis and all decisions are made in consultation with a member of the adoption shelter and a senior veterinarian.

To learn more about the initiative and to donate, please visit

MEDIA RELEASE, 24th May 2024

Australia’s First National Pet Show is returning to Brisbane!

Proud pet parents prepare! Australia’s National Pet Show has confirmed it will be returning to the capital of Queensland on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd of June 2024 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Set to be an unmissable event, it will feature a line-up of over 200 experts and exhibitors across a multi-zone format that brings together the best of the pet industry offering a unique opportunity for education, entertainment, and products all under one roof.

Managing Director, Cameron Just, says, “Following unprecedented success in 2023, we’re excited to once again be hosting The Pet Show in Brisbane. Our event has become an opportunity for pet-loving Australians to come together in an inviting environment that celebrates all pets whether they’re furry, scaly slimy, or, feathery.

“Aussies love animals, and we want to support them throughout their pet ownership journeys. From getting your first snake to training the family pup, we want to help proud pet parents feel confident and informed when building a life with their new companion.”

In addition to entertainment and activities including face painting, a kids agility course, scent work demonstrations, there will be meet and greets with the famous Bluey and Bingo.

The show will also host a range of experts including veterinarian Dr Lisa Chimes, author and pet expert, Ben Dessen and Dr Katrina Warren and Kelly Gill along with the Wonderdogs

There will also be a large range of exhibitors including RefureshDOG by Dr Lisa and Reptile One with many offering exclusive show only deals.

Tickets are currently available online from with part proceeds from every sale donated to the RSPCA Queensland.

Following the Brisbane expo, The Pet Show will hold its final event for the year before kicking off its 2025 roster in Melbourne:

  • Sydney | 16th – 17th November 2024
  • Melbourne | 1st – 2nd March 2025

About The Pet Show

The Pet Show is Australia’s first national pet show. A multi-zone consumer show, it enables potential pet owners, existing pet owners and animal lovers of all kinds to immerse themselves in all things pets. The Pet Show’s vision is to create the perfect pet parent experience incorporating education, entertainment, and products for dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles and small animals.