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Adopt an adult cat at CPSV and enjoy the purrks!

  • Adult cats (those over a year old) now spend an average of 65 days at The Cat Protection Society Victoria (CPSV) compared to kittens at 35 days.
  • For every cat at the shelter, CPSV incurs a daily cost of $25, covering expenses such as food, veterinary care, medication, litter, toys, and staffing.
  • Research shows fully grown felines usually adapt well to new homes and offer their new humans love and affection.
  • If you adopt a cat who’s more than six months of age before 7 August, the CPSV will provide two kilograms of free cat food and a complimentary follow-up vet visit to provide your feline family member with the very best start to their ‘happily furever after’.

The Cat Protection Society of Victoria (CPSV) is encouraging potential cat owners to adopt an adult cat (over six months old) this winter. As a token of appreciation, adopters will receive a complimentary bag of Royal Canin dry cat food and a voucher for a consultation at CPSV's cat-only clinic, redeemable within six months of adoption, until 7 August.

In 2020, cats over six months old at CPSV stayed an average of 30 days. Now the average stay has increased to 57 days, with kittens getting adopted in almost half the time.

CPSV Marketing and Communications Manager Rachel Bitzilis said the cost-of-living pressures mean that less people are choosing to adopt.

"People are thinking twice about pet adoption, so by launching this initiative we hope to encourage more people to open their homes to adult cats, who often face longer stays in our shelter compared to kittens,” Rachel said.
“All our adult cats are well-socialised and ready to find their purrfect forever homes.
“For families with young or teenage children, bringing a pet into the family can be a wonderful opportunity to teach children about the joy of caring for another living being. Pets not only provide companionship but also help kids learn essential life skills such as developing a sense of responsibility.

“For those without children, cats offer an exceptional source of companionship and emotional support. Retirees can also greatly benefit from the presence of a cat, as pets provide a sense of purpose and routine, and their companionship can help alleviate feelings of loneliness.”

Leading the helm of the success story is the case of adult cat Boo Boo. 

When Boo Boo arrived at The Cat Protection Society of Victoria (CPSV), he had all sorts of problems. He was a stray with a crooked spine, a misshapen tail, numerous dental problems and feline immuno-deficiency virus (FIV+); a virus generally contracted by fighting with other cats. Boo Boo was also very fearful of any human interaction.

CPSV volunteer Lynda Webber took a special interest in Boo Boo and said he’s now an irreplaceable part of her family.

“He was in such bad shape, likely the result of spending a long time living on the streets and needing to fight for food and his survival,” Lynda said.

“He was angry and struggled in the shelter. It was only when he was moved out of his adoption pen and into a staff member’s office, that he started to calm, let down his guard and realise people could be trusted.

“Boo Boo needed a home to truly thrive and now he is just the most lovable cat. There are many cats in the CPSV shelter who are just as loving and beautiful as Boo Boo, and all are looking for their forever homes.”

After spending 12 months as a community service cat, visiting aged-care facilities and retirement homes and charming everyone who met him, Boo Boo now lives a life of contentment, adopted by Lynda.

To learn more, go to

A Data-Informed Path to a Brighter Future for Pets

PetRescue, Australia's leading pet adoption charity, is proud to announce the release of the second annual State of Pet Adoption Report for 2022-2023. 

This comprehensive report provides invaluable insights into the current landscape of pet adoption in Australia, highlighting key trends, challenges, and findings in the effort to ensure a future where every pet is safe, respected, and loved.

Building on last year's inaugural edition, the 2022-2023 report dives deep into the data collected from rescue groups, shelters, vets, councils, and the animal welfare and animal management community at large. It underscores the critical role of data in identifying the areas of greatest need and benchmarking progression in the sector.

Key Findings of the Report include:

✔️ Adoption Trends: An in-depth look at the adoption rates across different species, regions, identifying hotspots of both high and low adoption activity.

✔️ Challenges and Opportunities: An examination of the barriers to pet adoption and the obstacles faced by people working or volunteering in the sector.

Why This Report Matters: Data-driven insights are crucial for understanding and addressing the complex systemic issues surrounding pet adoption. By collecting and analysing this information, PetRescue can:

✔️ Identify Areas of Highest Need: Focus resources on key areas and communities where services and support are most needed.

Victoria saw a 58.5% increase in overall pet adoptions, up to 24,625 pets adopted, in the 2022-2023 financial year and was again the state that adopted out the most pets. Queensland’s pet adoption numbers were next highest with 14,079 adopted pets and New South Wales was the third highest performing state with 13,993 pets adopted.
For pets in Victoria, the average wait to adoption was approximately half of that for pets in Queensland and one third of the time that NSW pets waited. 

✔️ Benchmark Progress: Track our advancements year over year to ensure we are moving closer to our collective goal to keep pets safe.

Compared to the 2022 financial year insights, pet adoption numbers in Australia performed strongly, particularly for cats and dogs, resulting in 10,000 more pets finding homes during the year (62,653* vs 52,593). 

* 2022-2023: 39,241 cats, 21,226 dogs, and 2,502 other pets adopted

* 39,241 cats were adopted during the 2023 financial year. Cat adoptions continued to follow seasonal trends throughout this year, with adoptions dropping in late winter and early spring and increasing from late spring over summer, coinciding with kitten season. The 2022 winter drop in cat adoption numbers was less dramatic than previous years, possibly indicating changes in seasonal trends.

* Of the 2,502 pets of other species who found homes via PetRescue in the 2023 financial year, the most popular were rabbits (1,023) and guinea pigs (826), followed by chickens and ducks, rats and mice, ferrets, and a variety of larger farm animals.

✔️ Inform Policy and Practice: Provide evidence-based recommendations to policymakers, rescue organisations, and animal welfare advocates.

✔️ Understand the Impact of Changes: Reflect on the effects that changes in external factors such as legislation and economic or societal challenges have on the animal welfare sector.

While charitable giving (donations) by Australian households rose by 10% across the financial year to achieve pre-pandemic levels, this extra funding was primarily directed towards human health, culture and the arts. Overall donations to animal protection dropped during this same time.

"We truly believe that we can create a future where every pet is safe, respected and loved, and the insights from our State of Pet Adoption Report are instrumental in making that vision a reality," said Patima Tantiprasut, Managing Director and CEO at PetRescue. "This report not only highlights where we need to focus our efforts but also provides an inside look into the hidden world of rescue, providing us with the opportunity to transform into a sector that cares for the wellbeing of all pets, and also people, involved."

Join Us in Creating a Better Future for Pets: PetRescue invites the community to engage with the findings of this report and contribute to, collaborate on, and help strengthen future ones. Together, we can drive positive change and truly work towards a future where every pet is safe, respected, and loved.

For more information and to read the full State of Pet Adoption Report 2022-2023, please visit

About PetRescue

PetRescue is a national animal welfare charity dedicated to finding loving homes for pets in need. Since its inception, PetRescue has helped connect 882,771 pets with families through its innovative online platform and community program and partnerships.

Find PetRescue on Facebook at or @PetRescueAU on Instagram.

Prolong nine lives: The Cat Protection Society of Victoria champions desexing and cat containment

The Cat Protection Society of Victoria (CPSV) is urging Victorians to prioritise desexing and cat containment as key aspects of responsible cat ownership during this National Desexing Month.

As a not-for-profit animal welfare organisation that has been operating for over 75 years, CPSV took in 1,441 cats and kittens seeking refuge and care at their adoption shelter in 2023 alone. More than 70% of these cats were not desexed on arrival, highlighting the widespread issue of owners neglecting to desex their cats.

CPSV Senior Shelter Veterinarian Dr Sarah Mitchell said that desexing and containing your cat are two important steps that benefit not only the individual cat but also the broader community and environment.

“While desexing your cat is primarily about preventing unwanted litters, cats that are desexed and safely contained to their owners’ premises also benefit from living longer, healthier lives. In addition, desexing can reduce some undesirable behaviours such as roaming, fighting and urine spraying,” Sarah said.

“Containing a cat to their owner’s property not only improves the safety and well-being of the cat but also keeps wildlife safe from feline predation and avoids unwelcome behaviour on neighbouring properties. Despite this, many owners remain unaware of the benefits of containment to their cat, our native wildlife, and the community in general.”

Securing pet cats indoors and in enclosures extends their lifespan by reducing hazards such as cars, other animals, and human-related risks. It also decreases the likelihood of cats getting lost, thus alleviating the burden on shelters and rescue organisations by reducing the number of lost and abandoned cats.

There are 79 councils in Victoria and currently, just over half (42 councils) have introduced some form of cat curfew and desexing regulations vary. The Cat Protection Society of Victoria is the pound for Nillumbik and Banyule Councils and attract many adoption and vet clinic customers from nearby Whittlesea Councils.

In Whittlesea, all cats in the city must be contained to their owner’s property or under effective control when outside. Additionally, all newly registered cats must be desexed. In Nillumbik, cats must be desexed and there is a night curfew in place, meaning cats must be contained from dusk to dawn. However, Banyule currently has no regulations concerning the containment and desexing of cats registered within the council, leading to inconsistency across the board and confusion from cat owners.

CPSV Vet Clinic Manager Caitlyn Corrigan explained that the 2020/21 lockdowns significantly impacted pet ownership in Victoria.

“Many Victorians adopted cats, but due to restrictions, those not acquired from shelters were often not desexed. Additionally, local council initiatives offering low-cost desexing to residents in financial need were halted during the pandemic, but they are now up and running,” Caitlyn said.

"Cats are prolific breeders. Females can start breeding from 4 months old, having up to three litters a year, with an average of four kittens per litter. 

Desexing cats before they can reproduce is important to stop unplanned litters and reduce the issues caused by cat overpopulation.”

In 2023, The Cat Protection Society of Victoria saw 741 kittens seeking refuge. This intake also complicates rehoming efforts for older cats.

“We believe that desexing should be mandated and initiatives such as low cost desexing should be targeted to problem areas.

At CPSV we’ve established a community desexing program to assist cat owners facing financial constraints. These procedures allow cats to receive a microchip along with a spaying or neutering procedure at a reduced cost” Caitlyn added.

“Alongside desexing, cat containment also needs to be ensured for the safety of cats, the protection of wildlife and fostering peaceful communities. Education is the key to changing attitudes and behaviours. It’s pretty straightforward – if you love your cat, you’d keep them contained and desexed so that they can live a long and healthy life.”

Benefits of desexing and cat containment

✔️ Containment can prevent cats from being injured, killed by a car, getting lost and being stolen.

✔️ Containment prevents trespassing on neighbours’ property.

✔️ Combined, desexing and containment leads to a longer and healthier life for the cat.

✔️ Reduces the number of unwanted kittens and stray cats.

✔️ Desexing helps decrease the risk of certain cancers and infections.

✔️ Reduces territorial marking, aggression, and roaming behaviours.

✔️ Reduces the risk of fights with other animals.

✔️ Helps control feral cat populations and reduces the burden on animal shelters.

✔️ Lowers the long-term costs of veterinary care by preventing health issues.

✔️ Contributes to better management of cat populations.

✔️ Protects native wildlife and habitats.

CPSV welcome the opportunity to further discuss why desexing and cat containment are imperative for responsible pet ownership. 

To learn more about CPSV, visit

Lead image: Meet adoptable Munchkin & Pumpkin, a bonded brother and sister duo:

MEDIA RELEASE, 9th July 2024

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Rise in surrender of unwanted cats with shelters at capacity in Australia

If you'd rather stay home and dry with your cats this winter, enjoy our July 2024 - Cat Lovers Book Club with a bumper selection for kids, just in time for the school holidays.

What's really going on in your feline's mind

by Celia Haddon (Author), Daniel Mills

Ever wondered why your cat won't sit on your lap? Why she would suddenly watch the football on television, how she sees the world and what she thinks of you and your family?

Prepare to enter the mind of your cat and revolutionise the way you see the world and your enigmatic pet.

Bestselling cat author Celia Haddon and veterinary expert Dr Daniel Mills take you into the mind of your feline and, drawing on the latest scientific research, describe how your cat experiences the world. This is a unique book drawing on a wealth of veterinary science and studies, which relays those findings in a way that will amuse and delight owners. By placing you in the mind of your cat you will know what it's like physically, empirically, psychologically and emotionally to be your cat.

Being Your Cat will fascinate and surprise those who wish to know the secret world of cats and reveals how their experiences don't always stray far from our own.

Paperback : ‎ 256 pages
Publisher: ‎Cassell; 1st edition, 9th May 2023

Price: $25.40 at

by Alain Lescart

Before 1940, the sacred Cat of Burma was the most expensive cat in the world, due to its alleged rarity and its favour with the wealthy French class. From the first mention of this feline in 1922, and although the veracity of its Burmese tale was quickly questioned, no one had succeeded in uncovering the truth about its origins.

Dr Alain Lescart, scholar and breeder of Burmese cats, managed to uncover significant details on this subject while revealing the behind the scenes of a now forgotten legal case which made the front page of all French newspapers of the time, and which revolved around Mme Juanita Leotardi, the first sacred breeder in Burma, and a major mythomaniac.

In his work, the author follows the evolution of the legend with its inconsistencies and contradictions. He is finally interested in the difficulties encountered by the first breeders to develop the breed in the years preceding the Second World War.

Paperback, 268 pages
Publisher: Bookbaby, 4th January 2022

Price: $39.90 at

by Charlie Lyndhurst

A purrfect cure for lonely humans awaits...

Five strangers meet at a cat sanctuary after each facing difficulties in their lives - leading them to the calming nature of the feline refuge.

Sasha is struggling with the heartbreak of her past and is trying to forge a new life out of a difficult childhood.
Paul has worked hard to break free from a controlling relationship and is ready to find real love.
Luke is searching for his biological parents, desperate to discover the answers about his life he so fiercely needs.
Anna finds solace from her troubled mind in animal therapy, and lastly, Mim, the social butterfly who no one expects is hiding a secret pain.

Brought together by their love for cats, these very different people might just find friendship is in the last place any of them expected...

An uplifting story of how our feline friends can bring us together and banish loneliness.

Paperback, 384 pages
Publisher: Canelo, 8th June 2023

Price: $20.75 at

by Dawn O'Porter

Single, independent, crazy, aloof, on-the-shelf, lives alone . . .

It’s safer for Mia to play the part that people expect. She’s a good wife to her husband Tristan, a doting stepmother, she slips on her suit for work each morning like a new skin.

But beneath the surface, there’s another woman just clawing to get out . . .

When a shocking event shatters the conventional life she’s been so careful to build, Mia is faced with a choice. Does she live for a society that’s all too quick to judge, or does she live for herself?
And if that’s as an independent woman with a cat, then the world better get ready . . .

Fresh, funny and for anyone who’s ever felt astray, Cat Lady will help you belong – because a woman always lands on her feet.

Paperback, 352 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, 3rd November 2022

Price: $25.40 at

A Magical Colouring Book
by Won-Sun Jang 

This gorgeously illustrated adult colouring book draws readers into the secret world of cats in Paris as they explore the city's most famous and feline-friendly spots.

Say bonjour to the cats of Paris as they slink through its fabled streets and alleyways, from Montmartre to the Shakespeare and Company bookshop and into a feline-filled land of playful imagination. 

Featuring intricate pen-and-ink drawings of tabbies, Persians, Siamese, and more, this evocative colouring book's frisky kitties lie in wait for your colourful stylings.

Paperback,‎ 80 pages
Publisher: ‎Watson-Guptill, 26th January 2016

Price: $39.87 at

Match up iconic cats
by Marta Zafra (Illustrator)

Purr-fect your memory skills with this illustrated cat memory deck.

Featuring 30 cat breeds across 60 beautifully illustrated cards, it's your job to match the head and tail of each lovable feline.

Perfect for cat lovers of all ages, this deck of memory cards is both entertaining and challenging. Whether you're playing solo or with a group, our cat-themed memory cards will provide hours of fun and help improve your memory skills. With charming illustrations, this deck makes a great gift for cat enthusiasts or anyone looking for a fun and engaging game to play with friends and family.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a meow-tastic time with our new deck of cat memory cards.

Card Deck, 60 Memory Cards
Publisher: Smith Street Books, 30th January 2024

Price: $18.95 at



by John Bradshaw, Clare Elsom (Illustrator)

Fun and fascinating – the perfect handbook for any family with a cat, or thinking about getting their first cat.

Learn about the secret life of cats from pet expert, Dr John Bradshaw.

Join Libby as she goes about her day outside on her own and at home with her family.

Discover how Libby maps out her neighbourhood – using her amazing nose and memory, Libby learns where it is safe and where to avoid. Follow Libby as she tries to make friends with other cats.

Understand what your cat means when she meows and purrs. Help your cat feel comfortable at home – teach her where’s ok to scratch, how to use her cat flap and pick up tips about how to play together.

After a day following Libby, you’ll understand all about your whiskered friend. Purr...!

Paperback, 128 pages
Publisher: Andersen Press, 2nd November 2022
For Ages: 8 - 11 years old

Price: $14.25 from

by Oliver Browne

In A Cat and Eight Kittens, an ordinary cloudy morning walk transforms into an extraordinary adventure for a mother cat and her eight kittens. Little could they imagine the whirlwind of events that would unfold after a chance encounter with an irate dog.

The story takes a thrilling turn when the feline family, seeking refuge from the persistent pursuit of a large brown dog and the relentless rain, stumbles upon what they believe could be their new home. It is here that Spot, the mischievous, snow-white kitten with a distinctive black spot over his right eye, leads the kittens to an incredible discovery: a mysterious sphere with flashing lights. This sphere astonishingly materializes food at the mere mention of it, a feature that, as their mother had feared, attracts the attention of their canine pursuers.

The tension escalates when the dogs arrive in search of the source of the tantalizing scents. It's then that the young kittens unleash their playful yet ingenious tactics to outwit their pursuers. However, a mishap occurs when Felix, one of the kittens, disappears due to an unintended consequence of a wish. Just when it seems all hope is lost, the story culminates in a heartwarming twist. The cat family finds themselves reunited, including Felix, in a picturesque setting: a serene farm by a lake, complete with a loving owner.

Publisher: Austin Macauley, 2nd January 2024
Paperback, 34 pages
For Ages: 6 - 8 years old

Price: $20.25 from

A Children's Cat and Dog Travel Adventure: 4

by John Heaton

Princess the Cat flies first-class to Paris!

The same lurking dangers in America also threaten Paris… Rats! The King of Paris is not what he seems, and it may be too late.

From the heights of the Eiffel Tower, to the depths of the catacombs, and back to the tolling bells of the Notre Dame Cathedral, Princess must overcome more foes than ever before.

Will Princess the Cat rescue a crumbling monarchy as the winds of revolution blow? Will a horde of rats overrun Paris?

Princess the Cat Liberates Paris is the fourth in the Princess the Cat series of middle grade novels for readers in grades 3-6. If you and your children like animals, action, and laughing yourselves silly, then you'll love John Heaton's perfect-for-all-ages series.

Paperback, ‏160 pages
Publisher: ‎ Independently published, 12th October 2018

Price: $14.07 at

by Melody Horrill, illustrated by Angelique Smelt 

When Sheri shakes a mysterious-looking snow globe she discovers in a charity shop, her whole world is turned upside down when she suddenly finds herself inside it, along with her best friend Shawn. 

Once in this strange new realm, she embarks on a dangerous journey to rescue a spellbound land and its weird and wonderful creatures from destruction. Luckily, a majestic, mischievous, sandwich-loving magical cat comes to her aid.

A Cat called Q and the Magic Globe is an enchanting fantasy about the importance of believing in ourselves, being brave, caring for the natural world and embracing our connection to it. It also serves as reminder that magic really does exist in nature, and love can heal and restore everything.

Paperback, 293 pages. Also available as eBook.
Publisher: 12 Willows Press, 15th July 2024.

For more information, visit 

One Little Cat's Quest for Love and Adventure
by Dean Nicholson, Frann Preston-Gannon (Illustrator)

High up in the Bosnian mountains, where the Earth meets the sky, there was a lonely little kitten. That kitten was me, Nala. I longed for a friend to play with, and I imagined the adventures we'd have and the places we'd see. But it always seemed like a dream too big for a little kitten like me...

When Dean Nicholson found an abandoned kitten by the side of the road one day, he hadn't bargained on the lessons he'd learn from his unlikely companion, Nala. Both curious, independent, resilient and adventurous, they were a perfect match - and so together, they set off to travel around the world.

This heartfelt and inspirational true story, with an underlying message about loving and caring for animals, will show young readers everywhere that you can find friendship in the most unlikely places.

With gorgeous illustrations and also featuring photos of Dean and Nala's real-world adventures.

Dean and Nala's story has become a social media and publishing phenomenon. Dean's book for adults, Nala's World, spent two weeks on the Sunday Times' bestseller list and has been translated into twenty-five languages.

Hardcover, 32 pages
Publisher: Wren & Rook, 25th October 2022
For Ages: 4 - 6 years old

Price: $25.75 from

by Kristen Tracy, David Small (Illustrator)

A hilarious picture book about one mischievous cat’s action-packed day, told through clever rhyme and exuberant art from award-winning creators.

It's a busy day for Cat, who is living his best life and managing to cause plenty of trouble along the way! After all, he's a mirror attacker and a morning-tea whacker. A potted-plant disaster and an acrobat master. A vacuum avoider and a sofa destroyer.

But when thunder and lightning strike, it turns out he's a dark-storm worrier and a back-closet scurrier. A curled-up loner and a scaredy-cat groaner. Once the storm passes, though, is it possible Cat just might be a moonlight cuddler and all-night snuggler at heart?

Kristen Tracy's ingenious verse and David Small's masterfully expressive and uproariously funny artwork capture all the charm and personality of these irresistible fur babies—hairballs and all.

Hardcover, 40 pages
Publisher: Walker Books Australia, 3rd May 2023
For Ages: 3 - 7 years old

Price: $13.07 at

A funny cat caper about learning to be polite!

by Nancy Tillman

Tumford isn't really a terrible cat.

It's just, like many children, Tum loves to make loud noises. But today, his parents are not in the mood. They have friends coming over and Tummy isn't just loud. No, Tumford is rude!

This charming tale from the multiple New York Times bestselling author Nancy Tillman is sure to delight readers everywhere, as she once again reaffirms that - no matter how much trouble you may get into - you are loved.

Paperback, 32 pages
Publisher: Pan Macmillan UK, 9th January 2024
For Ages: 3+ years old

RRP: $14.25 from

Love our canine friends as much as your cat(s)? Then why not head over to browse our July 2024 - Dog Lovers Book Club with another bumper section for kids?

A Purr-fect Weekend: The Cat Lovers Festival returns to Sydney following sold out debut

The Cat Lovers Festival returns to Sydney this August with an even greater experience for feline faithfuls. 

As the largest kitty-focused festival in Australia, the weekend aims to educate, inspire and entertain cat parents across this epic two-day celebration. Visitors will love the brand-new WHISKAS® Kitty Corner, the return of an even bigger Championship Cat Show, getting up close and paw-sonal at the BlackHawk® Pat-A-Cat Zone, a sprawling kitty supermarket, plus a suite of other crowd-favourites.

“The Cat Lovers Festival captures everything that's so wonderful about cats and we are thrilled to be returning to Sydney after a sell-out debut last year. Celebrating an A-Z of breeds and all the ways these charismatic creatures enrich our lives, the 2024 attractions provide the purr-fect blend of fun, education and entertainment to delight Sydney’s passionate cat community,” said Festival Founder, Jason Humphris.

New and Expanded Features

✔️ Dr Karl Kruszelnicki – learn about the fascinating science of cats as Australia’s foremost ‘Science Guy’ takes the WHISKAS® Stage.

✔️ BlackHawk® Pat-A-Cat Zone – get up close and paw-sonal with an array of rare and popular cat breeds from all litters of life, with this year’s zone significantly larger.

✔️ WHISKAS® Kitty Corner – watch and engage with cats and kittens in giant cat enclosures with experts on hand to answer your most curly cat questions.

✔️ Championship Cat Show – leading breeders and their fabulous felines will strut their stuff, competing for cash
prizes, ribbons, and glory, with a purr-spective like never before.

✔️ Kitty-dedicated supermarket – shop for your cat until you drop with dozens of exhibitors selling cat treats, food, toys, enclosures, towers, litter, insurance, luxurious accessories, beds, and more.

✔️ SASH Ask-A-Vet – get answers to all feline focused questions in a personal (and free!) in-person session with experts from one of Australia’s leading emergency veterinary hospitals.

Returning Festival Favourites

✔️ WHISKAS® Stage – the destination to discover everything to know about cats, what makes them tick, and how to better care for them (if they let you!).

✔️ CATMANTOO – also known as Robert Dowlett, will be giving tips on how to train feline friends to use a harness and leash. As a global internet sensation duo, he will be presenting with his skateboard riding sidekick and best friend Didga!

✔️ Dr Katrina Warren – hear from one of Australia’s favourite vets as she shares all her illuminating cat knowledge and expertise.

✔️ Adoption Zone – discover the joy of adoption, speak with rescue experts, and meet cats looking for a fur-ever home.

✔️ Breed Showcase – learn more about some of the most popular and rare cat breeds in Australia in at this new and larger display of beautiful felines.

✔️ Feline Face Painting – finish off a cat-tastic day and snap a selfie where kids (and adults!) can have their furr-ies dreams come true and look like their favourite feline friend!

Cat enthusiasts who also love dogs will have access to a limited number of Dog Lovers Festival tickets at half price. As one of the largest dog-dedicated festivals in the world, the Dog Lovers Festival is running at the same time next door (albeit in its own dedicated, cat-free venue).

Location: Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park

When: Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 August 2024, 9:30am until 5pm daily

Tickets available at (pre-bookings online are essential).

Please note: visitors are unable to bring their own cats to the event for health & safety reasons, see website for full details on the policy.

Vetafarm revolutionises cat health and longevity with novel Lovebites range!

Vetafarm is proud to introduce the ground-breaking Lovebites cat range designed by Aussie vets and nutritionists specifically for reducing stress/anxiety and improving dental health.

Dr Tony Gestier, veterinarian and founder of Vetafarm, emphasises the importance of our pets' evolutionary patterns and behaviours.

“When striving to enhance the health of our domesticated cats, we must consider their wild counterparts, who typically live shorter lives and are less susceptible to age-related illnesses and diseases that our pet cats experience” he says.

“Aging is unavoidable, but with modern approaches, growing old should not be a barrier to a fulfilling life for our feline companions. Through our innovative approach to feline health, we can extend the vitality and longevity of pet cats far beyond their wild cousins.”

Cat Dental Health: A Major Concern

Studies show between 50 and 90% of cats older than four years of age suffer from some form of dental disease.

“As cats age, their teeth become prone to dental diseases that can have serious repercussions throughout their body,” explains Dr Tony.

Tartar formation commonly occurs in cats due to consuming wet food and kibble over their entire life span, with no mechanical friction to the teeth that a wild cat might experience from eating whole prey. If tartar is allowed to persist for years, the bacteria present can lead to liver and kidney problems and invade the bloodstream, causing life-threatening septicaemia, adds Dr Tony.

Introducing Lovebites DentaShield for Cats

Lovebites DentaShield for Cats is a game-changing dual-action chew designed to support optimal tooth and gum health in cats. DentaShield features Norwegian Brown Kelp to inhibit bacteria growth and slow down plaque formation. In addition, SHMP (Sodium hexametaphosphate) works in your cat's saliva to bind with calcium and prevent the conversion of plaque into dreaded tartar.

“This is an excellent way to care for their teeth, as it does not need to rub against the teeth to provide results” says Dr Tony.

Cat Stress and Anxiety Explained

Stress and anxiety are common in pet cats, caused by factors such as changes in their environment, introduction of new pets, loud noises or medical issues. Signs of stress may include inappropriate elimination, aggression, excessive grooming, hiding and decreased appetite.

A Game-Changing Solution for Cat Stress

Lovebites B-Calm for Cats is a non-drowsy, non-sedative supplement specifically formulated to support the management of stress and anxiety in cats.

This innovative product contains L-Tryptophan, an amino acid that converts to serotonin in the brain, assisting in the reduction of anxiety and stress. Additionally, Thiamine (also known as Vitamin B1) promotes healthy brain function, further aiding in anxiety relief.

“It is essential to consult with a veterinarian before using B-Calm in conjunction with prescription anxiety medication, as not all symptoms of stress and anxiety are related to serotonin production” says Dr Tony.

Real Results from Real Cats

Nearly two-decade-old rescue cats Zorro and Stripey were adopted a year ago with health conditions that require ongoing medical care. The feline siblings have struggled with dental disease in the past and require regular veterinary check-ups and dental care in preventing oral diseases. They also get very anxious travelling to the vet.

“They kick off a car trip to the vet with a solid few minutes of dramatic meowing, as if auditioning for a feline opera,” says owner Candice Drew, who is also a veterinary nurse.
“Stripey and Zorro bring so much joy to my life. Their health and wellbeing directly contribute to the happiness in our home. I want to give them the best care possible.”
As part of a healthy senior diet, Stripey and Zorro are on a daily delight of Vetafarm’s Lovebites DentaShield and B-Calm for Cats and have much to purr about.

“A recent visit to the vet for a dental check showed that their gums are healthy and breath smells good,” says Candice. “With regards to the B-Calm, I’m always a cynic with confirmation bias and placebo effect on pet owners, but I have to admit I noticed a positive change in both cats. In their recent vet visit, there was no audible verbal protest from the back seat!”

Candice has also noticed the cats playing more, more interaction with her from Stripey and increased chattiness from Zorro. “They do seem like happier cats, even though they were far from being stressed/ unhappy to begin with. 

I always feel better about the ‘little extras’ when I know they’re healthy as well as tasty,” she says.

Evolving Care for Feline Friends

Caring for our feline friends has evolved significantly over the past 10,000 years, transforming cats from wild, lone predators to cherished companions living in our homes. While their biological makeup remains largely unchanged, the impact of domestication on cats’ overall health and well-being cannot be overlooked.

With over 30 years of experience creating unique and novel animal health products, Vetafarm also continues its support of animal welfare by contributing a range of Lovebites functional chews and meal toppers to charities such as Dunroamin Pets in NSW & VIC, North East Animal Sanctuary in Tasmania and The Rescue Collective (national).

Best Practices for Cat Dental Hygiene

Vetafarm shares some tips to keep your feline feelin’ fine!

✔️ Schedule dental check-ups with your veterinarian every 12-18 months for professional cleanings when necessary.

✔️ Offer dental chews, such as Lovebites DentaShield for Cats, to help reduce plaque and tartar build-up.

✔️ Feed your cat a balanced diet.

✔️ Ensure your cat always has access to fresh water.

Best Practices for Cat Anxiety Relief

Vetafarm shares tips to help de-stress your cat.

✔️ Build routines and create safe, quiet spaces away from
noise and household activities to provide a sense of security and stability for your cat.

✔️ Engage your cat in interactive play sessions using toys that mimic hunting behaviours (eg feather wands) to help alleviate boredom and reduce anxiety.

✔️ Provide mental stimulation by offering cat trees or shelves for your cat to climb and explore.

✔️ Incorporate daily supplementation with Lovebites B-Calm for Cats.

✔️ Schedule regular vet check-ups for accurate diagnosis and ongoing monitoring of your cat's wellbeing.

Why Choose Lovebites for Pets?

With over 30 years of experience creating unique and novel animal health products, Vetafarm is committed to improving the lives of animals. Our Lovebites range features irresistibly tasty chews that provide functional benefits, along with unparalleled quality, efficacy, and transparency.
  • Palatability: Extensive R&D has gone into ensuring that
    cats will enjoy the taste! We understand the notorious fussiness of our feline friends, which is why our soft chews are meticulously flavoured with delectable mackerel and Australian ovine plasma.
  • Accreditations: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and safety. Our entire Lovebites chew range has garnered numerous accreditations, including PFIAA, GMP, and NATA. With these certifications, pet owners can rest assured that they are providing their furry companions with products of exceptional quality and efficacy.
  • Inclusion Rates: Our commitment extends beyond mere claims on packaging; every chew is formulated with an impactful amount of active ingredients to deliver genuine results – and is displayed on our packaging – unlike many other brands!
  • Aussie Made – By Vets & Nutritionists: All Vetafarm and Lovebites products are designed and manufactured by our multi-disciplinary team here in Wagga Wagga, NSW Australia. Our team features veterinarians, animal nutritionists, analytical chemists and more!

About Vetafarm

Vetafarm is Australia’s leading innovator in companion animal health and welfare and prides itself on producing the best for your pet, be it a dog, bird, reptile, small animal or anything else! Dr Tony Gestier BVSc, sole owner and director of Vetafarm, has many years’ experience as a practicing veterinarian as well as special qualifications in avian health (MACVSc) and pharmaceutics (BMSc). Innovation remains the cornerstone of Vetafarm’s success. Since 1990, over 450 products have been designed and released by the dynamic group at Vetafarm.

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