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What does your kitty litter box have in common with prime real estate? It's all about location, location, location! 

Where to keep your kitty litter tray can be a problem that all cat owners face. However, choosing the right location is all about the health and comfort of both you and your cat. 

So, where should you put your kitty litter? When selecting the right place, make sure you tick all these boxes:

1. The spot is private.

Cats like their privacy when they go to the 'loo .' Meaning selecting a location where your cat can have some alone time, away from you and any other onlookers (i.e., the dog!), is ideal. Is there an area in your home that doesn't get much traffic? 

A spare bedroom or laundry room for a larger home, or possibly under the bathroom sink, accessible linen closet for smaller apartments.

2. The spot is quiet.

Cats are often timid of loud noises, so to avoid any toilet accidents hitting the rug, don't place the litter box in any noisy areas, like the TV room next to the washing machine or the most active rooms in the house. Find a reliably quiet spot.

3. The spot is easy to access.

Needing to use the toilet and not having one handy can be stressful for our cats, so make sure that your cat's litter tray is available 24/7 for your kitty. Avoid areas where obstacles might build up (such as laundry piles) or where doors might accidentally close. Think about the path your cat needs to take to get from her sleeping spot to her toilet spot. Will anything get in her way?

4. The spot is away from their food.

Would you like to eat your food next to the toilet? Neither would your cat! It is surprising, but most cat parents tend to keep their kitties' litter, food, and water all in the same spot. While this might be convenient for you, it is not ideal for kitty. The litter box should be in a different part of the home, or at the least on the other side of the area selected.

"You're not expecting me to use that? I decline all responsibility for accidents that may happen..."

5. The spot is not hot.

Surprisingly, some of the most popular litter box locations cat owners choose may not be optimal litter box function because the area gets too hot! 

A hot room can mean additional moisture absorbed into the kitty litter, shortening its life span and its ability to manage odour effectively. This means more kitty litter and more cost to you! Choosing well-ventilated areas can help maintain the life of the kitty litter and keep the smells at bay!

If you struggle to find the perfect location for your kitty litter that ticks all the boxes, then consider investing in specialised kitty litter trays like the PetSafe ScoopFree® Self-Cleaning Litter Box. 

Automatic litter boxes give your cat a clean, fresh-smelling box that offers privacy for your cat and never touching kitty litter for you!

written by 
Rob Hunter, PetSafe Brand Copywriter. 

More information on the products mentioned in this release:

ScoopFree® Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Second Generation

Strike scooping the litter box off your to-do list

ScoopFree® Self-Cleaning Litter Box
With the ScoopFree® Self-Cleaning Litter Box, there’s no scooping, cleaning or refilling your cat’s litter box for weeks. 

It uses crystal litter which provides 5 times better odour control than traditional clumping litter. Crystal litter absorbs urine and dehydrates solid waste. This low-tracking litter also helps keep your floors clean because it is 99% dust free and doesn’t stick to your cat’s paws.

Safety sensors ensure that the scooping cycle only occurs when your cat is out of the box, the cycle starts 20 minutes after your cat has left the litter tray. It uses disposable trays that have a plastic lining to help protect against leaking, and each tray comes with a lid for quick and easy disposal. Just remove the tray and throw it away. 

There’s even a health counter that tracks how many times your furry feline uses their cat toilet, which is a convenient way to detect early signs of a health issue. 

ScoopFee® Litter Box Privacy Cover

As a kitten, Arya took to the ScoopFree® Original Ultra with no issues! Curiosity got the better of her...

The ScoopFree® Litter Box Privacy Cover gives your cat her own private cat toilet! Perfect for shy or skittish cats, this removable hood gives your cat a little seclusion when she needs it while also helping with odour control. 

The cover keeps your floors cleaner by preventing fly-away litter from escaping on 3 sides of the litter box. Compatible with the ScoopFree® Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Second Generation and not older models

ScoopFree® Replacement Blue Crystal Litter Tray (3 Pack)

The ScoopFree® disposable litter tray is the reason you can leave ScoopFree® self-cleaning litter boxes alone for weeks at a time. With disposable trays, you don't have to see, touch or smell messy waste.

Simply replace the disposable tray every few weeks and your ScoopFree® litter box is just like new. 

Each tray is pre-filled with Premium Blue Crystals litter for unbeatable odour control that's 5 times more effective than regular clay and clumping litters

Low-tracking and odour-reducing crystal litter keeps your home litter-free and smelling great. 

Your pet deserves the best cat toilet. Trust PetSafe® to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.

For more information on PetSafe®Brand Australia, visit the website

You can follow them on Facebook at or Instagram at 

About PetSafe® Brand

PetSafe® Brand is a global pet product expert with its headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee. Wide-ranging innovative products are available across the PetSafe® Brand product portfolio including training, containment, and lifestyle and wellbeing product solutions. Visit for further details or connect on Facebook or Instagram.

MEDIA RELEASE, 12th January 2022

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Pet owners across the country are being encouraged to share their furry, feathery or scaly friends with the world – and help raise funds for the RSPCA at the same time – with the very first national RSPCA Pet Photo Contest now open for submissions.

The contest will raise funds to help the RSPCA continue to deliver its vital services across the country, which include animal sheltering and rehoming, investigating animal cruelty and neglect, rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife, and community and education programs.

RSPCA Australia Chief Executive Officer Richard Mussell said the fun competition also served a serious purpose.
“Our pets are wonderful companions and make a huge difference to our lives,” said Mr Mussell.

“The photo competition is about encouraging people to share photos of their happy, healthy pets, while providing an opportunity for the RSPCA to talk about what makes our pets happy and healthy, and how to keep them that way,” he said.

“Importantly, in addition to photos, we’re asking people to tell us how their pet has enriched their life, and we can’t wait to hear more of the wonderful stories that we know are out there, of how animals make our lives better.

“Whether they’re young or older, large or small, goofy or a little bit more mature; whether they’re cuddling, playing, snoozing or just being themselves. 
We want to see loved pets of all kinds, hear their incredible stories, and learn more about the many ways in which they bring joy, love, laughter and comfort into the lives of everyday Australians,” said Mr Mussell.

The RSPCA is encouraging owners of all creatures great and small to enter, with four entry categories (cats, dogs, farmyard friends and small pets) and a panel of judges picking the winners from the top five vote-getters in each category.

Prizes are also up for grabs, with the overall winner receiving an exclusive money-can't-buy family set of pyjamas designed by Peter Alexander, featuring their pet!

The contest will raise funds to support the RSPCA’s vital work, with a $10 entry fee and votes made via donations of $1 per vote.

Entries will close on Sunday 23rd January (
11:59pm AEDT).

About RSPCA Australia

The RSPCA is Australia’s leading animal welfare organisation and one of Australia’s most trusted charities. The RSPCA works to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection.

For all of the latest RSPCA Australia news, visit the website, or follow RSPCA 
Australia on Facebook and Twitter.

MEDIA RELEASE, 10th January 2022
It turns out that you CAN bottle love!

Natural Pet Food Group launches K9 Natural Milk and Feline Natural Milk.

They told us you couldn’t bottle love, but they hadn’t seen Feline Natural Milk for cats and K9 Natural Milk for dogs. Made using only the best New Zealand milk from free-range, grass-fed cows, the milks are lactose free, making it easy for your pet to digest.

A fantastic addition to your cat or dog’s diet, this milk is packed with goodness. 
Think of it as a daily supplement specially formulated for your pet with key benefits, including:

✔️ Taurine - aids in developing a healthy heart, eye health and strong immune system function.

✔️ Flaxseed Oil / Omega 3 - helps with the development of an itch free, shiny coat along with increased immunity.

✔️ Calcium - contributes to your pets’ growth, healthy bones and teeth, muscle building and a healthy nervous system.

✔️ Love – creates memorable feeding moments to cherish and bond with your pet over.

K9 Natural Milk and Feline Natural Milk is a delicious treat to give your pet a boost. The milks are highly palatable and the perfect addition to your pets daily feeding routine answering their hydration needs!

Created in New Zealand by premium, natural pet food specialists, The Natural Pet Food Group with milk supplied by New Zealand’s largest dairy producer, the milk has had the lactose removed by adding lactase, making it safe for your pet to drink. Now they can get all the benefits of New Zealand grass-fed, free-range cow’s milk without any of the digestive issues that human milk causes.

Also suitable for weaned puppies and kittens, K9 Natural Milk and Feline Natural Milk comes in a resealable bottle in two different sizes.

The milk is long-life, so you can keep it on your shelves and just pop it in the fridge to be enjoyed within five days from opening. 

Love your pet by giving them naturally better nutrition with K9 Natural Milk and Feline Natural Milk. Both are available in leading pet speciality stores nationwide.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $5.50 (300ml), $9.99 (1L) at

You can follow them on Instagram @felinenatural and 

MEDIA RELEASE, 16th December 2021

A Taste of New Zealand, now available in a Purrfect Pouch

We all know that our cats can have a word or two to say (or a passive aggressive tail flick) about what their human decides to put on their plate, and, if you’re worried you haven’t been living up to their expectations then look no further than brand-new Feline Natural Pouches.

A nutritious, highly palatable pâté (pat-tay) made fresh in New Zealand with 98%+ locally sourced grass-fed, free-range meat, cage free chicken or sustainably caught fish.

Feline Natural Pouches, with their high meat inclusion, are so appetising that your cat will want to sink their fangs straight in. Naturally convenient, the pouches are packaged in an easy to use, fuss free, single use pouch, providing a mess-free way to bond, nurture and care for your pet while also creating experiences that will fulfil you as their owner too.

While your cat won’t be able to go past the delicious flavours on offer, including Hoki & BeefChicken & Lamb and Lamb & King Salmon, there are benefits to these pouches beyond their great taste.

✔️ Made in New Zealand – with the best New Zealand wholefood ingredients.
✔️ Balanced – formulated to meet AAFCO requirements for a complete & balanced diet for all life stages.
✔️ Nutritious - high meat, low carbohydrate, grain free.
✔️ Fresh New Zealand water - free from gelling agents, binders, and gums.
✔️ Natural - no artificial preservatives or flavours.
✔️ Convenience – packaged in a convenient single serve.
✔️ Hydration - great for added hydration & fussy eaters.
✔️ Love - creates memorable feeding moments to cherish and bond with your pet.

Keep your cat on your side and look out for Natural Pet Food Group Feline Natural Pouches in all leading pet speciality stores. 

Once opened, the pouches have a shelf life of three days. Bon appétit to you, furry one!

Price & Where to Buy:

Pouches are sold individually (RRP $3.49), as a multi-pack of 12 (RRP $37.99) and in a 12 pack variety box (RRP $37.99). 

You can follow them on Instagram @felinenatural and

MEDIA RELEASE, 15th December 2021

Petz Park are a Sydney based brand that specialise in supplements for pets. After perfecting and completing Australia’s best supplement range for dogs, they recently ventured out into the cat health world too.

They pride themselves on creating formulas that actually work for any age or breed of cat, using high amounts of active ingredients and carefully crafted formulas.

After learning that a whopping 27% of households in Australia own a cat, it was about time someone looked after their health!

The Petz Park cat supplement range launches with Hip + Joint, Probiotic and Urinary + Kidney.

1) Hip + Joint:

Designed to address joint related problems in cats, such as arthritis, using ingredients that help to increase mobility and reduce pain.

2) Urinary + Kidney:

Cats with UTI are at risk of fatality if left untreated. This supplement is for those that experience urinary tract infections often or want to support optimal urinary tract function.

3) Probiotic:

For every cat wanting to maintain normal gut health and easy digestion using a 100% natural and certified organic formula.

What are Petz Park Cat Supplements?

All Petz Park health care supplements are made in Australia and are in powder form.

They are easy to use and can be simply sprinkled on top of wet or dry food or even mixed in with different snack options!

Each supplement is designed to tackle common ailments in cats and better their overall health and wellbeing.

What ingredients are used?

Every formula is carefully crafted and pushed to the limit whilst staying safe to ensure that optimal results are achieved. Every active ingredient is used for a purpose and inactive ingredients are kept to an absolute minimum.

All supplements are created alongside a team of experts under veterinary supervision.

How do you know if your cat needs supplements?

Petz Park believe in being proactive, that’s why every supplement is perfect for any age and any breed of cat. Use these tasty powders as a preventative rather than a solution to ensure your cat lives many more than nine lives!

Petz Park Tip: 
If your cat doesn’t show signs of any ailments, we recommend always using a Probiotic to ensure their gut health is looked after. This is the origin of many diseases in cats and it’s important to keep it well balanced!

How much does your cat need each day?

Most cats need just one scoop per day! It’s important that we follow recommended dosages for each supplement as every formula has a specific mg to kg ratio for safety and effectiveness. Each product may also vary with recommended dosages so always check the back of the pouch for dosage tables.

Price & Where To Buy

RRP: Starting at $23.95 (approx. 60 scoops per pouch) at

Like and connect with Petz Park on Facebook at or
Instagram at

MEDIA RELEASE, 14th December 2021

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The Importance of Drinking Water for Cats

Two tortoiseshell cats are living their best lives at Glengara Private Aged Care in Tumbi Umbi with their owners Joan Simpson-Morgan and Elly Buchanan.

The pampered felines are so far the only fur residents at the $35 million, 70-apartment care facility on NSW’s Central Coast but more are expected to move in with future residents encouraged to bring their furry friends with them.

Glengara’s care manager Suzanne Bosworth said pets were a welcome addition to community life at the village.
“Owning a pet in your senior years can help improve your mood, increase your socialisation and keep you active,” she said.
“We know how special the bond is between pets and their owners and we’re proud to offer our residents the choice to keep their best friends near as their care needs change.”

Deciding factor

For Joan, the ability to bring her beloved cat Lucy with her was one of the major deciding factors in her choosing Glengara Care after living in Erina for 25 years.

Glengara Care diversional therapist Lauren Winstanley said residents being able to bring their pet with them helped make the transition that little bit easier.

“It’s also about maintaining some independence in the choice of keeping their pet and being able to care for it,” she said.

Joan said Lucy was very laid back, snuggly, social and affectionate.

“She loves going into the courtyard and being spoilt rotten by the staff.”
While Lucy spends a lot of her retirement lazing on the couch, Joan has embraced a more active lifestyle, participating in social activities.

Fellow resident Elly Buchanan (78) has had her cat Puss-Puss for eight years after adopting her from the pound in Wyong. Happy that Puss-Puss (lead image) was allowed to join her at Glengara Care, the pair moved into the facility in May 2021.

Elly said Puss-Puss loved watching the world go by from the veranda of her care apartment.

“She’s a smooch and very friendly once she gets to know you. We have lots of cuddles,” Elly said.

Health and wellbeing benefits

Ms Winstanley said there were great benefits for residents who can have their pet with them at Glengara Care.

“Being an animal lover myself and the fur-mum of two crazy dogs, I know that having pets are great for easing anxiety and stress,” she said.

“I can’t think of anything worse than having to leave a pet behind because circumstances have changed and you’re unable to live without assistance anymore.

“There are also the physical benefits. It’s been scientifically proven that pets reduce blood pressure, fatigue and confusion while boosting enthusiasm, physical activity and social wellbeing.”

Why choose Glengara Care?

Glengara Care by RetireAustralia is a premium and positive alternative to aged care located within the existing Glengara Retirement Village on NSW’s Central Coast.

Glengara Care Apartments offer the privacy of a separate bedroom, lounge area, bathroom and kitchenette, with views to the internal atrium and rural landscape.

Meals are prepared by professional chefs and the care team is on hand 24/7 to meet the needs of residents, including an emergency response team and high level day-to-day support and clinical services.

Residents also benefit from access to Glengara Retirement Village’s wide range of existing facilities and activities, including expansive gardens, a bowls green, gym, cafe, private treatment rooms, bar, swimming pool and beauty salon.

To find out more about the Glengara Care offering, visit or call 1800 955 070.