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Now that we have a cat, we remember how much they love the heat in winter. They'll steal your seat in the sun or make a beeline for any blanket, heater or open fire on cold days! Our own cat Arya is demanding to sleep in the bedroom, nestled between us and the dogs...

If you have a hairless cat, a young kitten or a senior cat or one suffering from a medical condition like cat arthritis, it's even more essential to keep them warm and comfortable throughout winter.

A great option is to provide them with their own heated pad like the Original Pet-Mat™ which is using the latest in Positive Temperature Coefficient Technology.

Pet-Mat™ is designed to reach a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius whether it is covered or not. In reality, a more practical heat rise of 20-30 degrees Celsius is usually maintained above ambient conditions. 

Since the Pet-Mat™ works on dynamic heat transfer, it should maintain a temperature slightly warm to the touch until body contact is made. It requires very little power to operate which further reduces our carbon footprint, making this device an eco-friendly pet heating option.

It is simply impossible for it to ever overheat ensuring a consistently comfortable use for your pet, even if left on 24/7.

If you need to clean your 
Pet-Mat™, simply wash it under running water or just wipe it off with a damp cloth.

*** Win 1 of 3 Pet-Mat™ Heated Animal Pads ***
(Total Prize Value: $333.50 - 1 Small, 1 Medium, 1 Large)


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1. This Competition will open on Saturday 4th July (9am) and will close on Sunday 19th July, 2019 (midnight AEST). Open to Australian residents only.

Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your prize from the company directly.
2. To Enter, Like our post (04/07/20) + Tell us "how does your kitty try to keep warm in winter?" (photos/videos welcome) via the Australian Cat Lover Facebook page 
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The entries will be judged by the Australian Cat Lover team. The winning entries will be selected based on the most creative, informative or useful statement.
4. Please note you MUST LIKE BOTH our Facebook page and the Pet-Mat:Heated Animal Pads page to be eligible for a prize.

5. Entrants in the competition can only enter once.
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* Entry into the competition is deemed acceptance of all terms and conditions.

The Original Pet-mat™ is also great for puppies and senior dogs suffering from arthritis

We only recently discovered Good Scruff, an environmentally responsible company that loves pets and our planet. We usually take a look at all the new eco-friendly pet products once a year but we felt this range deserved a particular mention!

Designed from the ground up, the 
Good Scruff range of green cleaning solutions to everyday pet stain and odour problems are easy to use and also a healthier and safer choice for the whole family. 

We love that 
Good Scruff is an Australian company manufacturing in Melbourne. The entire range is eco-friendly with all ingredients carefully selected and sourced ethically (never tested on animals) from the best Australian suppliers. To make sure their products meet the highest standards, they are independently tested. 

The Good Scruff Range of Eco-Friendly Cleaning & Odour Solutions 

Our first question was what makes the Good Scruff range "green"? 
Arya decided to investigate as soon as our box was delivered. 

All harsh chemicals are left out so what you won't find here are any dyes, masking agents, synthetic perfumes, chlorine, bleach, sodium laurel sulphates or phosphates! 

Reading the labels, the contents are very similar with a mix of plant-derived base ingredients (for cleaning) and natural scents from botanical extracts (for odour removal).

✔️ Base Ingredients: Australian filtered water (Aqua), Plant-derived surfactant, Plant-based biodegradable deodoriser, Citric acid. 

✔️ Natural FragranceCinnamomum Camphora Leaf OilGrapefruit OilGeranium OilBergamot OilCedarwood Oil and Basil Oil

1) Urine & Odour Destroyer

This is a super strength, non-toxic, eco-friendly solution for your everyday pet messes

This plant powered formula works fast to breaks downs urine stains and completely neutralises odours at the source to help prevent re-soiling.
If you have a new puppy, a newly adopted pet settling in, an incontinent older dog or a cheeky pussycat like Arya, this would be a life saver!

I can't recall the last time one of our dogs peed in the house (maybe our latest rescue dog 5 years ago) but our Urine & Odour Destroyer is used when our junior cat Arya occasionally urinates outside her PetSafe ScoopFree self-cleaning litter box. It's usually our fault for not replacing her tray on time...

It is fairly rare (we normally protect our laminate flooring with both cardboard and a bathmat) but we all know that cat pee is particularly stinky - you can't miss that ammonia scent! - so you really need to get on top of it quickly by spraying straight away, rinsing using fresh water and letting the area dry off completely before allowing your pet back in.

We've only used it on laminate flooring and tiles but it works equally well on hard wood, vinyl, concrete and other hard surfaces which are unaffected by water.

RRP: $24.95 from

2) Stain & Odour Remover 

This product is designed to attack the worst stains and completely eliminate odour at the source… for good! 

It will be great not just for pet owners as it not only tackles pee, solid waste, dirty paws on carpets, couches, car seats and other washable fabrics but also human messes (vomit, blood, grease and even wine)! 

The plant powered formula works fast to dissolve and remove stains and eliminating all odours will discourage repeat accidents. 

Whether you are toilet training a puppy, a newly adopted dog, or dealing with your cat’s bad habits – this product will be a real life saver! It works well on carpets, rugs, upholstery, clothing and other washable fabrics or water-safe surfaces

Our senior dog Conner now occasionally forgets his house training - a sign of doggy dementia sadly...

After picking up the solid waste with a paper towel, we sprayed the Stain & Odour Remover directly onto our carpet and rug. There wasn't too much of a stain to start with as we caught him in the act but we still blotted the carpet and rug to be sure. 

There was an immediate odour freshness, instantly covering any previous bad smells and there was no discolouration of our hard-wearing carpet. We rinsed with water using a clean cloth and avoided hard scrubbing then just let our carpet and rug to air dry which takes a bit longer in winter!

It was a long-lasting result so there was no need to go over a second time but you may need to for a stubborn older stain. So far, our dog hasn't been used that spot again, he's now moved his efforts to the poop deck!

We’ve only a handful of accidents to date but knowing we can get on top of all incidents quickly with minimum fuss and no lingering smells is a huge relief. 

RRP: $24.95 at

3) Toy & Bowl Sanitiser
Arya: "I'm offended Mum, I am not the dirty one in this house!"

When it comes to cleaning Arya's bowls and some of her toys, we normally wash them along with our dishes so we must admit we did not worry about any toxic residues in the past...

The Good Scruff Toy & Bowl Sanitiser is of course a safer way to kill germs and will remove slime and grime from pet’s dishes and their favourite toys with a quick spray directly on the surface.

Simply wipe with a clean cloth and allow to air dry before use.
It will work to safely clean and sanitise not only plush toys but also rubber, neoprene, ceramic, stainless steel and other items that may come in contact with your dog’s or cat's mouth. 

All products are packaged in environmentally responsible packaging. The cleaner bottles are all 500ml and are 100% recyclable and refillable to help reduce your carbon footprint. 

RRP: $24.95 at

4) Patio Cleaner & Deodoriser 

If you have a puppy or dog (or even a cat) that toilets on a balcony, deck or in a courtyard, I'm sure you're not a fan of those lingering stains and smells when you want to use your outdoor space with guests?

As with all Good Scruff products, the Patio Cleaner & Deodoriser will break down the stains and eliminate odours living your outdoor living areas smelling great so you can get back to enjoying the day! 
Porthos: "I hope you're not expecting me to do all the scrubbing?"

The Patio Cleaner & Deodoriser can be used on most outdoor surfaces, e.g. concrete, stone, artificial turf, hardwood, and other floor surfaces unaffected by water. 

It is very economical with each litre making up to ten litres of ready-to-use cleaner! Thoroughly apply your diluted mix (using a watering can or sprayer) onto the surface and you can scrub with a bristle brush to loosen particles if needed. For the best results, you could spray the stained areas first with the Urine & Odour Destroyer.

After 10 minutes, simply wash away with a water hose and use a squeegee (or sponge) to direct excess liquid to drain. Allow the area to dry naturally and completely before letting anyone back in the area. 

However if your pet does not have any other options for toileting, you will have to use this product regularly!

RRP: $34.95 at 

Our Experience with the Good Scruff Range 

Where were these products when we welcomed our puppy Conner home 
back in early 2007? We were clueless about puppy toilet training and the first few weeks we gave him an all-access pass to all areas of the house, whilst we went off to work for the whole day!

We are lucky now that all the dogs have full access to a grass backyard and we're usually around to let them in and out (and back in again!) so we haven’t had many accidents in the house after our two rescue dogs settled in 5-6 years ago. 

But our senior dog now forgetting his house training and a contrary junior cat have shown us that life with pets can be very messy!

Thanks to Good Scruff, we feel we no longer have to compromise: we can have a clean(er!) house whilst not having to expose our pets (and ourselves) to harsh chemicals.

Where can you find the Good Scruff range?

Trade enquiries / wholesale orders are welcome so why not contact the team here?

You can order online at and follow Good Scruff on Facebook at  or on Instagram at
Talking Tails: What tales does your cat have to tell?

Pay absolutely no heed to the dog lovers who claim cats aren’t expressive and are impossible to gauge. 

How a cat is feeling and what they’re thinking are all expressed through their ears, eyes, body posture and, above all else, their tail. 

Perfect-Pet Books looks at the unique ways in which cats communicate with the world around them and asks the question: “What tales does your cat have to tell?”

It takes time to learn cat tail language, just like any other foreign language. Taking the right steps to ensure a cat has the perfect kitty paradise before they are brought into the home will help build a healthy, long-lasting relationship. Perfect-Pets Books have a collection of essential guides with useful information to help cat owners give the best care possible to their beloved pet.

The collection of cat essential guides includes: 
✔️ Cat Care the Essential Guide
✔️ First Aid for Cats
✔️ How to Kill Your Cat (free eBook available to download): covers the top issues that can endanger a cat’s life from a diverse range of hazards.
✔️ Which Cat? An Essential Guide to Britain’s 20 Most Popular Breeds. 

Cats are an enigma that have captured the hearts of people for thousands of years. Their mysterious personalities and adorable looks have made them an incredibly popular pet. 

In the UK, supposedly a nation of dog lovers, more households 25% own cats than dogs. In the US, that figure is nearly half, at a staggering 47%. 

In Australia, a nation of animal lovers, cat ownership is at 27%. It is certainly clear, that Western society is definitely ‘cat crazy’ but there are still uncertainties about the way in which cats communicate with us.

Cat tail language can seem a little complicated, but thankfully animal behaviourists have done exhaustive research to help pet owners understand it. Carlo Siracusa of the University of Pennsylvania - School of Veterinary Medicine gives a few words of wisdom. He says: “You have to take the whole body into account when reading tail signals.”

“The napping cat with the tapping tail, for example, is “relaxed overall but paying attention to something happening around him, a sound or movement.” Siracusa adds: “If he really is sleeping a moving tail could mean he’s dreaming.”

The way cats use their tails is extremely expressive. A cat that’s about to pounce on a toy or is otherwise focused on something may slowly wave their tail, while a lashing or flicking tail signals that the cat is agitated. 

If a cat bonds with another cat, the two cats may intertwine their tails. A cat may also curve their tail around its owner if they feel the bond is close enough. On a calm cat a straight-up tail with a hooked tip is a friendly greeting, while an aggressive cat may just have its tail straight up. 

A fearful cat will have an arched back and its tail up and puffed, like the infamous black cat depiction used at Halloween.

Understanding cats becomes much easier once we learn how they communicate, and it’s well worth taking the time to do that. 

From identifying an illness sooner to picking up on their mood and identifying situations that cause them distress or pleasure, owners can care for their cats much more effectively when body language is understood. A feline companion is sharing so many emotions and messages with their owners all the time and picking up on these signals is vital to the longevity of happiness in the home.

To learn more about Perfect-Pets Books and to view the extensive range of books for cats and dogs, please visit:

MEDIA RELEASE, 1st July 2020 from Need 2 Know Books
Where would you rather be on a cold winter's day other than in front of a cosy fire or heater reading a great book? We hope you'll find some inspiration in this July 2020 selection of the Cats Lovers Book Club.

Reflections on the Death of Pets
by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

A heartfelt exploration of human grief after the loss of a pet by the New York Times bestselling author of Dogs Never Lie About Love.

Our society is still learning how to dignify the relationship between a pet and their human with proper mourning rituals. We have only recently allowed the conversation of how to grieve for our non-human family members to come front and centre. 

In examining the special bond between pets and their people, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson validates the grief that we feel when a special pet dies. Lost Companions is full of poignant stories about dogs, cats, horses, birds, wombats and other animals that beautifully illustrate the strong bond humans form with them. 

A heartfelt exploration of human grief after the loss of a pet, Lost Companions is a thought-provoking book on pet loss. Masson takes a personal approach, allowing readers to explore their own responses, suggesting ways through and out of grief, as well as meaningful ways to memorialise our best friends.

Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Murdoch Books, 2nd July 2020

RRP: $29.99 from all good book stores and online.

by Nik Forster

This is the story of Pie Whackett, a domestic cat accidentally transported to a rainforest in Queensland; she must learn to survive in the wild and protect her kittens from predators, floods and most dangerous of all, man.

The two adversaries faced each other, the one a five-foot reptile capable of evil, though nonvenomous bite, adept at suffocation of its prey; the other a small brown Burmese cat. All memories of recent encounters with goannas, dingoes or bull ants vanished as she was transformed into a lethal spring armed with fang and claw ready to battle anything that threatened her kittens.

Paperback, 116 pages

Dandiprawn Productions, 19th November 2019

Price: $22.00 from


The Ultimate Collection
by Hugo Ross

When you think of cats you see them snuggled up by the fire, playing with string, cleaning their whiskers, or curled up on someone's lap. You don't think of them paw-deep in snow! But this fantastic new collection captures just that. In this stunning compilation, see cats as you've never seen them before.

From tortoiseshells to tabby cats, feisty felines to curious kittens; whether they're up trees, under cars, or buried up to their necks, these cats are truly at their most majestic when they are in the snow.

With more than 100 beautiful photographs and hilariously entertaining captions, Cats in Snow is a unique and heart-warming insight into the life of our regal furry companions.

Hugo Ross is a photographer and a volunteer at his local pet rescue centre.

Hardcover, 144 pages
Publisher: Black and White Publishing, 27th October 2016

RRP: $29.99 from

An easy step-by-step guide for learning to draw cats and kittens
by Anja Dahl, Jessica West (Translator)

Pencil Drawing: Cats allows beginning artists to dive into learning how to draw cats of all shapes, sizes, and poses in graphite pencil and charcoal.

With its intuitive design and approachable instruction, Drawing Cats for the Beginning Artist is the perfect resource for new artists to learn the basics they need before moving on to more complex drawing subjects.

Sit down with your graphite and charcoal, and dive into learning how to draw cats in a variety of poses. This books is filled with tips and techniques on the fundamentals you'll need to be successful in drawing these fine felines, including an introduction to tools and materials, arranging a composition, using the grid method, and practising gesture drawing for mastering skill.

There are also full-colour photographs for easy reference as you learn to draw different kinds of kitties, such as the Russian Blue, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, Siamese Cat, and the household tabby.

Paperback, 112 pages
Publisher: Walter Foster Publishing, 24th October 2018

RRP: 24.99 at


by Janet LawlerEla Smietanka (Illustrator)

Willy's an indoor cat who dreams of becoming an outdoor cat, but his parents tell him that indoor cats and outdoor cats are different for a reason. 

When he sees the outdoor cats having tons of wintery fun, he decides to sneak out and join in! Willy and his new outdoor friends soon learn that labels are meaningless in the face of friendship.

Great for story time with its bouncy rhymes and Everykitten characters.

Hardcover, 32 pages
Whitman & Co., 1st September 2019
For Ages: 4 - 6 years old

Price: $31.25 from 

by Holly Webb

From best-selling author Holly Webb comes this classic heart-warming winter tale…

Bel feels apprehensive about spending the lead-up to Christmas with her grandma at Lamont House, a sheltered housing complex converted from a grand Victorian home. 

The mansion is beautiful, but eerie, too with its moving shadows and odd noises. One night, Bel is sure she sees a cat wandering across the grounds, even though there are no pets allowed. She follows its footprints through the snow and is transported into the past. Here, she discovers Charlotte, a Victorian girl her own age. 

Charlotte's little sister, Sara, is very ill. Charlotte has been searching for Sara's cat, Snow. She hopes the reunion with her pet might make Sara better. Bel is desperate to help find Snow, but the cat is nowhere to be found, and time is running out...

Paperback, 160 pages
Publisher: Little Tiger Press Group, 4th October 2018

Price: $17.90 at

by Daphne Stammer

Clyde is the true story of author/illustrator Daphne Stammer's adopted cat. Through beautiful narrated illustrations it tells the sweet story of their happy life together.

Twenty-five years ago, Daphne took in a homeless cat that became her perfect pet. She painted him, and those paintings became a one-of-a-kind handmade book. 

Z Girls Press, with the magic of digital technology, captured the magic of the one-of-a-kind handmade book now available for parents to share the love of animals with their children.

This true story is a testament to the healing power of love. Not only did Daphne's love provide a warm, comfortable home, food, and good health to Clyde, but he filled Daphne's life with joy as you can see in the book. 

She beautifully captured his playful cat ways, from begging for food, to chasing his tail, to taking up residence in an empty box.

This sweet book will delight children and adults alike.

Paperback, 34 pages
Publisher: Z Girls Press, 6th October 2018
For Ages: 3 - 10 years old

Price: $23.75 at

by Mary Calhoun, illustrated by Erick Ingraham

What kind of cat would go sliding off on skis, and who would believe it anyway? 

When the family accidentally leaves Henry, their sassy Siamese, behind at the ski lodge, he takes matters into his own paws in this beguiling adventure.

Paperback, 40 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins, 1st September 1986
For Ages: 4 - 8 years old

RRP: $15.40 at
Pros and cons of office pets: how to develop an inclusive pet policy 

June 22 was Take Your Cat to Work Day® (also called #MeowMonday), a furry tradition established by Pet Sitters International over two decades ago.

"With restrictions easing and offices beginning to re-open after the worst of COVID-19 has hopefully passed, I believe we shouldn’t be prepping our pets for our return to work and their return to isolation." says 
Anneke van den Broek from pet care brand Rufus & Coco. "Instead, I would urge employers to reconsider their pet policies."

Many pets have been purchased or adopted during COVID-19. In fact, 1.5 million people logged on to animal adoption site Pet Rescue in March-April, and the RSPCA have seen huge spikes in adoption rates across the country. They will likely suffer separation anxiety and struggle to adjust to an unfamiliar routine as we return to work. 

Rufus & Coco have a beloved office cat Coco and believe everyone should be able to experience the joys of pets at work. 

So, I spoke with my friend and founder of HR FundamentalsLisa Donohoe, about the pros and cons of office pets and how offices can successfully develop and implement a pet policy at their work. 

She shares, “I’ve drafted a pet policy before with people on both sides of the fence; I think a pet policy is a great idea, as it sets the standards of behaviour. 

Where we’ve seen issues in the past is with dogs that aren’t well trained and the issue becomes ‘who cleans up?’ ‘how well is it cleaned up?’ and so on. With our clients who do successfully have pets in the office, they typically have only a few older dogs in the office who sleep a lot and cause minimal disruptions.” 

Here are some pawsome benefits of office pets: 

1. People take much needed breaks 

We aren’t robots and need to take breaks throughout the day in order to manage our health and do our best work. Pets can act as a prompt for people who might otherwise eat lunch at their desk on a busy day. They need to be taken out for toilet breaks and fresh air, as do we! 

2. Pets are proven to be good for mental and physical health 

Having pets around helps reduce our stress and anxiety levels by lowering our heart rate and stress hormones. Dogs can reduce stress and loneliness for seniors, with one study finding that nursing home residents felt much less lonely after spending time alone with a dog than when other people joined in the visit. 

Physical contact and affection can lower your heart rate. One study found that a few minutes of stroking our pet dog prompts a release of a number of "feel good" hormones in humans, such as serotoninprolactin and oxytocin

Another study found petting a dog for just 18 minutes raised levels of immune system antibodies in college student’s saliva. 

3. Pets encourage socialisation 

Office pets are great for a friendly office culture. They encourage connection and community and are great conversation starters! They are great for bonding and help us meet new people. With greater social connectedness, comes greater self-esteem. 

Watch out for possible cat-astrophic consequences:

1. Allergies 

Sadly, some people are allergic to pets. If these people aren’t consulted before pets are brought into the office it can create problems, possibly even legal ones. 

2. Mess 

Office pets need to be well trained pets and owners need to be clearly accountable. Drafting a pet policy that requires pets to have had training, limits the disruption they can cause and clarifies the responsibilities of owners is essential! 

3. Injuries 

Fortunately this is uncommon, however pets can pose a risk. Size, behaviour and physical restrictions for where they can be at work should all be considered, with the safety of staff a priority. 

Lisa from HR Fundamentals shares, “What is really key is the communication and consultation with those people who office pets will impact, to make sure their voices are heard.” 

And of course, when considering office pet policies, everyone working in the space needs to be considered. Allergies can be an issue as can fears of pets or simply a dislike of them in your space. 

One initiative I’ve heard of, is a feedback box where everyone can share their thoughts about welcoming pets in the office. This way it is anonymous and everyone’s voice is heard. No one wants to be the person at a meeting preventing pet lovers from having their furbabies by their side! 

Another potential way around this would be having pet-friendly days coincide with flexible work days, so that those who don’t like pets can work from home on the days pets come in. 

We hope from this pandemic to see more offices developing flexible policies for pets at work, or workers allowed at home with their pets more! 

Happy International Take Your Pet To Work Day 2020!

written by Anneke van den Broek, founder and CEO of Rufus & Coco - June 2020 

About Anneke van den Broek 

Pet Advocate and Founder and CEO of Rufus & Coco - Australia’s most awarded pet care brand - Anneke van den Broek has built a globally successful business supporting pet owners and giving back to animal charities and not-for-profits. 

Anneke van den Broek CEO of Rufus & Coco and her dog lying on a beachRecognised as one of Australia’s 50 most influential women entrepreneurs by Rare Birds, Anneke is also the recipient of the 2012 Anita Prabhu Women in Business Award and in 2016 was inducted into the Business Woman’s Hall of Fame. Running a ‘Women of EO’ (The Sydney faction of the global Entrepreneur’s Organisation) forum, she mentors high growth startups, helping them to build multi-million-dollar businesses. Growing up, her father taught her from a very young age that she ‘could do anything if she tried,’ and that she did. An early entrepreneur, at eight years old she was breeding and selling mice to her local pet store for 40c each. 

A successful career in marketing and management followed and at 23, she was single-handedly running 300 David Jones fashion shows across Australia each year. She went on to become the Marketing Director for Blackmores and held senior positions at Apparel Group and Bonds. During these years in corporate, she went back to study to complete an MBA, knowing that ultimately, she wanted to start her own business. 

She grew up in a house where if you didn’t get to the couch first the dog would take your spot and quickly recognised the growing trend of people treating their pets as part of the family. Having owned more than 40 pets in her life, when the opportunity presented itself to launch a business, she chose an industry she knew she could remain passionate about for years to come. 

In 2008, pregnant with her first child, she launched Rufus & Coco, a ‘best of breed’ pet care brand offering fashionable, affordable, natural and quality pet care products unlike anything that was available at the time. With great passion and persistence, she has taken Rufus & Coco from a startup to the largest privately-owned pet business in the pet accessories category selling into grocery in Australia. 

Rufus & Coco are Australia’s most awarded pet care brand, receiving seven business awards for innovation. 

Photo Credit (all images): Rufus & Coco (supplied)