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Cat Lovers Book Club - September 2022

Welcome Happy Healthy Cat Month, our inspiration for this September 2022 selection of the Cat Lovers Book Club with our top picks for cat lovers of all ages this spring.

Speak Their Language, Decode Their Quirks, and Meet Their Needs

by Liesbeth Puts

A standout easy-reference guide to cat care and psychology—filled with irresistible photos! 

One reason cats fascinate us is that they are so unlike us: Their ears, more than eyes, show their feelings. On our laps, they are purring lovebugs; on the prowl, they are fearsome apex predators—with territorial instincts to match. 

This makes it hard for us humans to understand our cats as well as we love them. Thank goodness feline behaviourist Liesbeth Puts is here to help!

120 colour photos throughout and detailed chapters on bonding and rivalry among cats, stopping problem behaviours, sure-fire toys and games, when to see the vet, caring for older cats, and more!
Go inside the feline mind and decode what our cats really want in life.

Paperback, 224 pages
Publisher: Affirm, 31st August 2022

Price: $21.25 at

by Tanya Smith

Organizing the home can be difficult, especially when you're being watched or judged by one or more cats. Learning to make indoor cats feel at home doesn't have to be intimidating. As avid people watchers and home observers, many indoor cats get into mischief as they explore their surroundings.

With this book, you can learn to utilize various features of the home to provide fun setups for your cat family. If you're a cat parent looking for ways to add safety and entertainment for indoor cats while adding convenience for humans, this book is for you.

Providing picture-filled illustrations, apartment-friendly tips, and simple do-it-yourself instructions, this book shows how you can:

✔️ Learn ways to add comfort, safety, and entertainment features for indoor cats
✔️ Organize the kitchen, bedroom, living room, workspace, and bathroom areas in a cat-friendly manner
✔️ Create window setups that can work for both mellow and energetic cats
✔️ Find products that can be useful in keeping plants, electrical cords, and other potential hazards hidden from indoor cats
✔️ Use apartment-friendly techniques when making the home suitable for cats
✔️ Make it easy for cats to not only observe humans that inhabit the home, but also sit in comfort as they stare at the neighbours
✔️ Check out our instructional videos and e-book to help you find and use products that can help you start catering to your cat family at your convenience

Intended for both new and experienced cat parents, this book is designed to teach easy-to-follow tips and make shopping easy as you create a cat-friendly home.

Paperback, 132 pages
Publisher: Catering to Cattitude, 1st August 2022

RRP: $40.25 at

BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Shelter Medicine
Principles of Health and Welfare in a Multi-animal Environment

by Rachel Dean (Editor), Margaret Roberts (Editor), Jenny Stavisky (Editor)

This brand new manual provides a practical guide on how to deal with various clinical situations that arise when working with cats and dogs in a shelter environment. The first part of the manual describes the principles of shelter medicine and population health. 

The second part covers the prevention, management and control of disease in a shelter environment. 

The final part provides information on working with people in the shelter environment.

Paperback, 384 pages
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (UK), 21st December 2018

Price: $110.50 at

by Sofie Kelly

Librarian Kathleen Paulson and her inquisitive cats find themselves in a jam when a musician turns up dead, in the newest instalment of this New York Times bestselling series.

It's summer in Mayville Heights, and Kathleen Paulson and her detective boyfriend, Marcus, are eager to attend the closing concert of the local music festival. The concert is a success, but then one of the band members is discovered dead shortly after it. At first it's assumed the death is a robbery gone wrong, but Kathleen suspects foul play-and she's certain that she, along with her trusty side-cats, Owen and Hercules, can help solve the murder.

Before his death, Kathleen had noticed the victim in the library researching his genealogy, and when she and Marcus take a closer look at the man's family tree, they begin to think a previous death of one of his relatives now seems suspicious. The more Kathleen thinks about it, the more this murder feels like it could be an encore performance. Kathleen and her cats will need to act fast and be very careful if they want to stay off of a killer's hit list.

Paperback, 304 pages
Publisher: Penguin Group USA, 23rd August 2022

Price: $15.99 at

A Celebration of Feline Charm in Japanese Art and Haiku

by Aya Kusch

No one captures the graces and idiosyncrasies of cats quite like the painters, printmakers, and haiku masters of Japan. From the Edo to the Shōwa period, many artists turned their gaze toward an unlikely subject: their small feline companions.

 Closely observed portraits in words and ink elevate the everyday adventures of cats: taking a nap on a Buddha statue's lap, daintily eating a rice ball, courting the neighbour's cat.

This curated collection of poems, prints, and paintings will leave you inspired to cultivate the serenity and wonder embodied by these creators – and by the cats themselves. 

Presented as a sweet, jacketed paperback with thoughtful design touches, this volume includes each poem in both English and Japanese.

Paperback, 156 pages
Publisher: Chronicle Books, 25th June 2022

Price: $26.50 from


by Barbara E MossEmily Cornell du Houx (Illustrator)

For all cat lovers. Goblin is not an ordinary cat. He appears to be like most cats; he can't talk human-speak, he doesn't wear boots or carry a sword or walk on his hind legs, and he would rather scratch up furniture than wear a showy hat or people clothes, but he does possess something unique: a knack for finding adventure. 

Somehow Goblin manages to get himself knighted, save lives, solve crimes, reveal a secret plot, and change the destiny of a struggling medieval village. Join this unusual, twenty-pound tomcat in seven tales of adventure and mystery as he becomes the centre of extraordinary events. 

Experience the sights, sounds, and realities of Medieval Europe through true-to-life descriptions of knights, castles, town life, religion, and the hardships and successes of daily life in the Middle Ages. Meet Goblin and friends, and be prepared for a story that will make you want to do as the cats do and say "Mrrt!" (Illustrated by hand.)

Hardcover, 336 pages
Published: 7th June 2022
For Ages: 9 - 12 years old

Price: $42.75 at

A Small Cat's Big Adventure

by Megan Wagner Lloyd

When her cherished Ma Millie falls ill, a timid housecat ventures into the wild to seek help in this adventure about love, loss, and finding the truest version of ourselves.

A warm, cosy lap. The toasty smell of baking bread. Tasty food served in a bright-blue bowl. These make Haven’s life as an indoor pet heaven. All thanks to her beloved human and rescuer, Ma Millie. But when Ma Millie becomes too sick to care for her, the cat’s cosy life is turned upside down, and Haven decides she must seek out another human for help. Anything for Ma Millie! Her vow pulls her out of her safe nest into the shadowy forest and down unfamiliar and dangerous roads. 

When her first plan fails, Haven meets a wilderness-savvy fox who volunteers as an ally, and their perilous journey together brings some victories. But Haven finds herself pitted against creatures far wilder than she ever could be, testing her strength and spirit to their limits. Will her loyalty to Ma Millie—and her newfound confidence in herself—be enough to help Haven see the quest through to its conclusion? Can she stand up against the fierce predator that is tracking her every move?

Hardcover, 144 pages
Publisher: Walker Books Australia, 16th August 2022
For Ages: 8 - 12 years old

RRP: $37.25 from

by Corina Jeffries

Cats are some of the oldest-known companions to humans. 

Throughout history and across the world, they were seen as both magical creatures and as bad luck. This book explores different breeds of modern cats as well as their ancestors. 

Readers will learn about how ancient Egyptians revered cats, as well as how Morris the Cat became a TV star. 

As they learn fun facts about cats, readers will also follow step-by-step instructions to draw their own cats. These clear, accessible instructions are perfect for beginning artists with a love for cats.

Paperback, 24 pages
Publisher: Windmill Books, Series: We Can Draw, 15th August 2022
For Ages: 8 - 11 years old

RRP: $33.25 at

Atlases of Animal Companions

by Jana Sedlackova, Helena Harastova, Giulia Lombardo (Illustrator)

How many cat breeds are there? Let's find out! This book belongs to all cat lovers!

Did you know that some cats don’t have five fingers, but six? We are not pulling your whiskers, it’s true!

Whether you have your own pet at home or whether you just like these adorable little rascals, read this illustrated cat atlas, which will introduce you to the most interesting, lazy, cuddly, and wild cat breeds in the world, from the common European tabby to the silky-haired Persian cat and the unusual Lykoi. And don’t worry, that one over there isn’t a tiny werewolf, it just looks like one.

And if you enjoy bedtime stories, don’t forget to cuddle up in bed and immerse yourself in the Meow News, a newspaper that comes with the atlas. It contains many stories, interviews, and news from around the world of renowned feline celebrities, as well as lesser-known cat heroes and heroines.
"Atlas of Cats is an excellent entertaining reference of cat breeds. The book features a huge variety of breeds, fun facts, and stories about famous cats throughout history. The illustrations are adorable and whimsical. A perfect book for a young cat lover!" 
Hardcover, 108 pages
Publisher: Albatros Media, 11th August 2022
For Ages: 6 - 9 years old

Price: $29.95 at

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