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Cat Lovers Book Club - April 2019

This is the April 2019 edition of our Cat Lovers Book Club with a selection that should please cat lovers young and old.

One cat's journey to discover home is where the heart is 
by Dion Leonard 

Lara the Runaway Cat tells the story of Gobi, the loveable pup who followed Dion Leonard across a gruelling 155-mile trek across the Gobi Desert, and her mischievous cat sister, Lara, who runs away from her family, seeking a courageous adventure and different life.

Lara doesn't realise how good she has it in her home in Edinburgh with her owners, Dion and Lucja, and of course her sister, Gobi. If she's being honest, she's jealous of Gobi's fame and the international attention she has received ever since Dion found her. Okay, Gobi may have survived an ultra-marathon across the Gobi Desert, but it's not as if Lara doesn't earn her fresh prawns! She dreams about the day when she can go outdoors and see the world, discover new friends and be free to make her own name.

But Lara's wishful thinking gets the better of her as she takes a leap into the unknown and is forced to decide between her loyalties to her family and need to experience an adventure to rival Gobi's. Join Lara in her eventful travels from Edinburgh to France, Beijing to Australia, where she is faced with challenges that will change her life forever.

Following on from the astounding real-life story of Dion Leonard, this fictionalised tale is a must-read for animal lovers everywhere.

Paperback, 288 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, 29th January 2019

RRP: $24.99 at

The Ultimate Guide to Life with Your Cat
by Jackson Galax

This comprehensive cat care guide from the star of the hit Animal Planet show "My Cat from Hell", Jackson Galaxy, shows us how to eliminate feline behavioural problems by understanding cats' instinctive behaviour.

Cat Mojo is the confidence that cats exhibit when they are at ease in their environment and in touch with their natural instincts—to hunt, catch, kill, eat, groom, and sleep. Problems such as litter box avoidance and aggression arise when cats lack this confidence. Jackson Galaxy's number one piece of advice to his clients is to help their cats harness their mojo. 

This book is his most comprehensive guide yet to cat behavior and basic cat care, rooted in understanding cats better. From getting kittens off to the right start socially, to taking care of cats in their senior years, and everything in between, this book addresses the head-to-toe physical and emotional needs of cats—whether related to grooming, nutrition, play, or stress-free trips to the vet. 

Paperback, 224 pages
Publisher: Penguin Putnam Inc, 15th October 2017

RRP: $29.99 at 

Tales From the Heart 
by The Cat Protection Society of NSW Inc. 

A glorious tribute to our feline friends, this book is the perfect gift for any cat lover! 
Combining delightful photographs with stories ranging from the hilarious to the poignant, Feline Friends captures all that is so fascinating, entertaining and endearing about that most independent of pets. 

From cats who "adopted" their owners to malnourished strays who visited with a human just long enough to entrust them with their kittens, from loving companions brightening the old age of their devoted owners to little bundles of fur given as a child's first pet, this book celebrates them all. 

Each story and photograph has been sent in to the Cat Protection Society of NSW Inc. and appears for the first time in this collection. 

Hardcover, 184 pages
Publisher: Exisle Publishing eBooks, 1st November 2012 

Price: $20.00 in store or online from, Amazon and Fishpond.

by Merryn Erin 

For fans of Grumpy Cat, there's a new famous cat in town! 
Bailey, No Ordinary Cat is a special cat with a growing fan base with videos that have been shared by Good Morning America, ABC News, CBS News, and more. 

What makes Bailey more addictive than catnip? In addition to his adorable expressions and his hilarious, heartfelt antics, Bailey has a penchant for doing things that are characteristically uncat-like things: taking bubble baths (and enjoying them), sitting attentively in a chair and being read to (for hours), getting a "pet"-icure, and his unending patience while co-raising his human siblings Abby and Hannah ...

If you have a cat you know how independent they are. 

Bailey, No Ordinary Cat celebrates the unique quirky spirit of this unforgettable feline through four-color photographs and captions from the voice of Bailey himself. 

Cat lovers will be delighted to peek into the life of their favourite celebrity cat with the huge eyes, huge heart, and a huge personality to match!

Hardcover, 128 pages
Publisher: HCI, 1st April 2019

RRP: $29.95 from 


by Corinne Fenton, illustrated by Craig Smith 

This is a delightful and heartwarming picture book about Matthew Flinders's cat, Trim, from best-selling creators Corinne Fenton and Craig Smith.
Trim was a cat born for adventure ...

This is the true story of a courageous, mischievous and fearless cat called Trim, who sailed with Matthew Flinders on his voyages to map the coastline of Australia and beyond.

From best-selling creators Corinne Fenton and Craig Smith, this charming picture book brings Trim's story to life.

Hardcover, 32 pages
Publisher: Allen & Unwin Australia, 1st April 2019
For Ages: 5 - 8 years old

RRP: $24.99 at 

by Ruth Symes, illustrated by Marion Lindsay 

A witch, a cat and a lot of magic!

Bella Donna's favourite cat has always been Pegatha, who loves to sleep on Bella's bed and follow her around like a little shadow. 

But when Pegatha goes missing, Bella discovers that Pegatha is no ordinary cat . . .

Beautifully illustrated throughout by winner of the Egmont Best New Talent award, Marion Lindsay.

Paperback, 192 pages
Publisher: Templar Publishing, 7th January 2019
For Ages: 5 - 8 years old

RRP: $14.99 at

by Caroline Magerl

Maya and Cat is an inspiring picture book about friendship and resilience from one of Australia’s most renowned author–illustrators.

On a roof, as wet as a seal, as grey as a puddle, Cat was rumbling, a rumbly purr. 

What does Cat want most? Feather boas? Pretty pink shoelaces? A boatful of fish under a tiny tin sail – or perhaps something much more valuable? 

Affectionate and evocative, Maya and Cat follows a child’s kindly impulse to an unexpected conclusion.

The perfect book for preschool-aged children who love being read to, and the parents, grandparents and teachers who love sharing stories with the children in their care.

Hardcover, 40 pages
Publisher: Walker Books Australia, 1st August 2018

RRP: $26.99 from 

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