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10 Winter Warmers for your Cats in 2019

If you are starting to feel cold and uncomfortable as the weather gets cooler, then chances are your cat is likely feeling the same way! Luckily, there are a number of simple ways you can keep kitty safe and warm this winter.

If your cat is usually outdoors, please ensure they have access to a safe and warm outdoor shelter, preferably off the ground or you could install a pet door to ensure so they can come in at any time.

If you have a senior cat or one suffering from arthritis, the cold weather can make their joints stiff and uncomfortable. Jumping up to their favourite nook will now be more difficult so you could provide a step up using another piece of furniture or buy / make a pet ramp.

If your kitty normally sleeps on the floor, this is the time to move your cat’s bedding higher up away from cold hard surfaces to avoid drafts and maybe throw in an extra blanket !

Another great way to help keep kitty warm is by using an enclosed oil-filled radiator heater in your cat’s den. During last week’s cold snap, we did this for our kitten Arya and every time we checked up on her, she was lying on the warm carpet right next to it!

Probably one of the biggest dangers for cats in colder months is their eagerness to seek heat sources in weird and wonderful places, which may include your closet or your car. Cats love going to sleep on top of the engine or the tyre of a parked car so always check where kitty is before starting up your car!

Few parts of Australia see freezing temperatures during winter but if you’re using anti-freeze in your area, watch out because its sweet taste is particularly attractive to cats and extremely dangerous as it causes kidney failure.

To inspire you to create a cosy nook for your kitties this season, we went on the hunt for the latest cat winter accessories.

 This winter create the cosiest hideout in P.L.A.Y.'s Horizon Pet Teepee

This colourful pet teepee brings the calmness of nature indoors to create the pawfect zen place for your pet to relax and unwind.

Lightweight and simple to assemble with four 100% natural pine wood supports, ergonomic foam cushion with furniture-grade craftmanship and even-basting stitching ensures years and years of use. 

The Horizon Teepee is one of P.L.A.Y’s most popular items and perfect for cats to curl up and chillax! Designed for easy set-up and ultimate comfort, these colourful cat and small dog teepees will add a look of natural beauty to any home.

RRP: $114.95 from

This is THE cat bed of all cat beds! Designed for the quarantine services of Australia for use in their feline facility. The brief was big … with washability (for obvious reasons) and durability being most important of all. 

The Cat Bed by Snooza is special in many ways: it can be inverted, reversed and converted, is fully machine washable and extra durable. It is made using luxurious mock lambswool and dependable soft polar fleece. With flexible plastic strapping to keep it open or rolled down as you please. 

Use this bed in its tunnel form with the mock lambswool inside or out, rolled into a pod or turn it into a cuddly round bed. This ultimate cat bed is also great for small dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and rats. 

It is available in one size and two colours: Brown or Natural.

RRP: $59.90 from 

Winter is here and this Lux Fur Arctic Igloo is the perfect throne for your cat or kitten to be pampered on. 

Featuring soft and luxurious fabric, this cat igloo will keep your indulged kitty warm and comfortable through the cold. With its removable cushion, they can enjoy the sheltered, cosy igloo as a whole or lay on the padded cushion separately in front of the fire. 

This snuggly portable igloo can be relaxed in anywhere around the house and will ensure that all moggies feel like royalty this winter.

RRP: $119.99 from and in stores.

The Premium Cat Cave is only one of the many chic yet affordable Happy Tails pet accessories, now available at Bunnings Warehouse.

The soft yet sturdy cat cave is the perfect hideaway, with a dark interior to give your cat the privacy they crave.

This ‘Premium Cave’ takes things up a notch, containing a reversible cushion and made from sturdy foam-infused walls with a faux jute finish, it looks great around the home. It has a non-slip base so it can be placed virtually anywhere.

At 40cm x 40cm, this larger model will suit both a playful kitten or your adult cat.

RRP: $30.00 from or in stores.

The Harmony Hexagonal Cat Basket offers ultimate comfort for your cat to climb, burrow and curl up into during those cooler winter months. 

The bolster walls provide added security and comfort. Cradling your pet in six angles of softness thanks to its hexagon shape, this cat basket is lined with piped Sherpa that provides added comfort and warmth. 

RRP: $49.99 from or in stores.

Designed in Australia, Pet-Mats are the latest in heating pads for pets, utilising carbon fibre technology. 

This results in a more economical heating device for keeping your pet warm, particularly beneficial if your animal is very young or old, sick or suffers from arthritis.

The latest model includes a thermal cut-off so you can simply switch on your Pet-Mat™, and leave it on. 

They come in 3 sizes: Small, Medium & Large.

RRP: from $94.50 at

This purrrfect sweater by PurringPyjamas is the one thing your four-legged friend would definitely love to have this winter! It is purrrfect for all the nudists out there, but will also keep the furry ones toasty warm throughout the cold season. 

The sweater in the photo has a cute paw button as a decoration (‘cause who doesn’t love soft kitty toe beans?), but there are 6 different button options available. 

This very warm and stretchy sweater is made of wool, which becomes fluffier and softer with each wash, and it’s available in 15 different colours! 

It can also be made without sleeves, in case your kitty wants to show off those hard-earned biceps (or lasagna ones – anything goes!). 

This cosy sweater is 100% handmade in Finland and is available in many sizes, starting at kitten and going up to very large cats (15kg+). 

RRP: $45.38 – $63.20 (free priority shipping worldwide) at

Crochet Cat Sweater - 'CandyShop' design
The 'Schroedinger' crochet cat sweater is modelled by Schroedinger the cat!

This sweater is designed with individual arm holes to keep your kitty nice and comfortable in colder temperatures. This particular creation is contoured to fit a feline's body perfectly and is made with 100% acrylic wool for durability. 

As each cat is different, the 'Schroedinger' sweater is made to order depending on neck, chest and stomach measurements of your furbaby, to ensure a snug but comfortable fit. 

With 19 colour options to choose from, you can pick your cat’s favourite colour! 

RRP: $20.00 ($7.60 shipping anywhere in Australia) at

Remember, don’t leave your pet’s jumper on once they are in a heated indoor environment as they may over-heat under all those layers!

Give your cat a front row seat to their favourite scenery with a K&H EZ Mount Bubble Pod

It’s the ultimate resting spot for your feline friend! This is a safe and supportive resting area that gives your pet a fun and relaxing spot to cat nap whilst they enjoy the outdoors through the window. 

This Pod is designed with a bubble window for more viewing pleasure for your kitty, and there is a side opening for easy entrance. Cosy and comfortable, this feline resting spot comes with a K&H Kitty Pad for extra comfort in the Pod. 

The K&H EZ Mount Bubble Pod (in Green or Tan) delivers the perfect cat napping place all winter long! 

Measuring approx. 69cm x 51cm x 19cm, the strong suction cups ensure that the Pod stays in place and supports your pet (up to 27kg in weight). 

RRP: $109.95 at

Meow & Me Cubeez are adorable little characters that will soon become your feline’s new best friend. For those who like to team with the theme, there’s an adorable penguin perfect for winter play time. 

Featuring a plush cube shaped body and a feathered crown these toys are perfect for chasing around or curling up to to escape the winter chill. 

Meow & Me Cubeez come in a range of bright colours, giving your cat not only the cuddliest winter friend but also the most stylish. This little friend from the Antarctic will help keep your cat or kitten all snuggled up and entertained this winter.

RRP: $9.99 from or in stores. 

Because your pet’s average body temperature is higher than ours, this should give you even more reasons to snuggle up to your kitties during the winter months.

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