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PetSafe FroliCat® Automatic Cat Teasers - Review

Some of you may have already noticed that we are slightly obsessed with our latest furry bundle Arya as she only joined our pack a few weeks ago. She loves nothing more than playing and though we like to oblige, we can’t spend our entire day doing it! 

Being a 16-week old kitten, life is a never-ending source of wonders and everything can turn into a toy which is a joy to behold ... However this means we also lost countless toilet rolls and tissue boxes to random attacks whilst small items fall off edges making a big thump above our heads throughout the day.

Our friends at PetSafe Australia surprised us with a sample box of their latest 
FroliCat® cat automatic teasers and who better to put cat toys through their paces than an irrepressible kitten with the attention span of a fruit fly! If something can hold her interest for more than 5 seconds, then it will surely please a discerning kitty of any age ... 

Arya dutifully worked her way through her list starting with the animal kingdom: 
the FroliCat® RoloRat Automatic Cat Teaser then the Fox Den Toy Automatic Cat Teaser for daytime play sessions, keeping the Zip Automatic Laser Night and the Multi-Laser Toy for dusk/evening playtime when she gets a second wind, just before her bedtime.

We found all four cat toys could not be easier to set up and they use either 3 x AA or 3 x AAA batteries. You can easily swap between toys if you’re only going to use one or two that day. 

#1. FroliCat® RoloRat Automatic Cat Teaser
As the name would indicate, RoloRat is an automatic cat teaser that resembles a large mouse complete with ears, whiskers and tail that rolls around whilst making clicking noises.

Simply press the power button on its nose to turn it on but be prepared to be greeted by zombie-like red eyes beaming right back at you! Our local bush mice look a bit different but since Arya is an indoors only cat, she’ll now think that all mice look and sound like this!

Whether your cat plays with the toy or not, it automatically turns off after 10 minutes and you're supervising play, you can switch it off any time.

RoloRat appears to roll around randomly as it changes directions multiple times. When its path is blocked by furniture, this toy will redirect itself after a few seconds.

There’s also a “Play-While-You-Are-Away” mode which gives your cat 3 play sessions (10 min each) at two-hour intervals. If you’re satisfied that your cat (or resident dog) won’t be damaging, this is a great way to break up their day if you’re going to be away for hours.

Arya appeared definitely engaged as she played ambush from behind curtains or jumped from the top of the bed or window sill to paw her mouse, its wriggling rotating tail being her favourite part! Unattended and turned off, she has pushed it off the furniture a few times so she definitely goes back to it during the day. 

#2. FroliCat® Fox Den Toy

The Fox Den cat teaser uses 3 x AA batteries and turns on by pressing the side power button. It features the same options for one-off session (10 minutes) or you can activate multiple play sessions over a four-hour period.

The main difference using the “Play-All-Day” mode is that the Fox Den has an active motion sensor: this means it can trigger the toy during rest time if motion is detected within 90cm-1.2m in front of the toy (where the tail appears).

Arya was wary at first because the clicking noises are quite loud but being a bold and confident kitten, she soon came around ... The swish of that fuzzy fox tail (resembling a lot our own dog’s tail) was just too enticing, especially when it totally disappeared from sight. 

Arya: "Where did that tail go and where is the rest of that curious animal?"

She was definitely intent on grabbing that tail and being curious, she did stick her little paw right into the opening so for the time being I would only use this one under supervision … 

A 10 minute play session is actually quite long for a young kitten so using this toy only once a day will make it even more special! This is perfect practice to catch our dogs’ tails in the future and they're bound to be impressed …

#3. FroliCat® ZIP Automatic Laser Light

First, a word of caution regarding operating these and all laser light toys. 
You should never look directly into them or the reflection as laser radiation is emitted. This toy is to be kept away from small children and should be used under strict supervision with your pets

Before you get started, please note the Zip Automatic Laser Light for cats does require being placed on a flat hard level floor or it won’t work. 
This little laser toy uses 3 AA batteries and starts as soon as you press the power button after one beep. It will roll around the floor in a random motion, displaying a single laser beam behind it for 10 minutes before powering off.

The best time for Arya to play with her 
FroliCat® ZIP cat toy is late at night once our dogs have retired to their quarters so that she can enjoy the full run of the lounge and our undivided attention. However thick carpet is not the best place to operate this toy … On the other hand, if we set it up in our cat's room, it makes a bit of noise bumping into the wardrobe and furniture so this was not ideal either!
We could see Arya getting very focused on catching that little red dot at times and she did get a little hyped up so I would probably let her play with this once a day to let some steam off before bedtime!

Price & Where to Buy 

You find all the PetSafe 
FroliCat® interactive cat toys (as well as advice on choosing the right one for your pet) on their website.

RRP: $47.99 (
FroliCat® RoloRatFroliCat® Fox DenFroliCat® ZIP or FroliCat® Multi-Laser Toy) at

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