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Cherish Pet Food for Cats & Dogs Launches in Australia

Advanced Pet Care of Australia is an Australian owned pet food & supplies manufacturer based in Perth, Western Australia and was founded in 1993. Since then we have been manufacturing pet supplies and supplying markets around the globe with high quality premium products. Everyone at Advanced Pet Care of Australia is an animal lover, so we can guarantee that we never compromise on quality and this is why we are excited to bring you the Cherish Pet Food range.

Cherish Pet Food has been created from the ground up by one of Australia’s leading pet nutritionists Emeritus Professor Nick Costa. Professor Costa has spent his life teaching nutrition and biochemistry to veterinarians at Murdoch University and has also consulted and sat on boards for some of the biggest names in the animal health care industry.

Cherish is an all natural pet food using hormone free chicken and Tasmanian salmon as the major protein source which makes up over 80% of the protein in the range. They are also our number one ingredient which means they are main ingredients in the pet food. Coupled with these meat protein sources is the ancient grain, sorghum which is gluten free, low GI and contains zero GMO, making the Cherish range suitable for households that value gluten-free, sustainable pet foods.

Cherish has a focus not only on sound scientific nutrition for the wellbeing of the body but also on good brain health across the entire range with the addition of our hero ingredient, COCO MCT™

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), have been scientifically proven to promote / improve good cognitive function, especially in senior dogs. So whether it is at the puppy/kitten stage making them more alert and easier to train, the adult stage making them happier and more active or at the senior end of the spectrum slowing down the onset of doggy dementia (canine cognitive decline), COCO MCT™ is a vital ingredient and sets Cherish apart.

We then have added just the right amount of super foods such as turmeric, chia seeds, chick peas, apple, cranberries, blueberries and tomato as well as essential vitaminsminerals with trace minerals such zinc also present in chelate form and essential oils and you have a quality super-premium pet food that will be extremely nutritious for your four-legged family member.

With over 90% of ingredients being sourced from Australian farmers you have an Australian made, owned and majority sourced premium pet food. Cherish also comes with an 100% palatability guarantee.

Cherish has the feline of the family covered with an all life stage Complete Cat which has 35% Protein and 15% Fat and comes in a 3kg or 8kg size.

Cherish also comes in three canine age ranges:

✔️ Playful Puppy which has 32% Protein and 17% Fat
✔️ Amazing Adult which has 28% Protein and 15% Fat and
✔️ Super 7 Years+ which has 29% Protein and 14% Fat.

The Cherish dog food formulas are all available in a 3kg, 8kg or 15kg size.

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: from $28.99 (3kg) to $110.99 (15kg). Cherish has been designed to be affordable for all households wanting a super premium pet food.

To find out where you can find Cherish, please go to to find a stockist. 
You can follow Cherish Pet Food on Facebook or Instagram.

Cherish: Nourishing Mind, Body and Spirit.

MEDIA RELEASE, 19th August 2019

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