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World Cat Day 2019 - August 8

Feline good on World Cat Day

Petbarn is reminding Australians about the importance of adopting feline friends in celebration of World Cat Day this Thursday the 8th of August.

A recent survey by Petbarn found that 60% of Australians would consider adopting a cat*, and Petbarn COO, Scott Charters, says that while there is no better day to adopt a cat or kitten into the family than World Cat Day, it's important Aussies think adoption year-round.

“World Cat Day should serve as a positive reminder to Aussies that there are many cats and kittens who are still looking for their loving forever home.

“Raising awareness and encouraging more Australians to adopt a cat is a huge focus for Petbarn, so celebrating this day is not only about appreciating all the wonderful qualities of cats, but it’s also about ensuring that all of our feline friends are being taken care of…

Our aim is to find as many perfect pairings as possible any day of the year so that these rescue animals can find a family and a home,” says Scott Charters.

Charters believes that education is the most important factor in convincing Australians to consider adopting a cat or a kitten. “Cats make wonderful pets for a number of reasons. They’re affectionate yet independent, they’re renowned for their companionship, their playful nature and their self- sufficiency, and they would ultimately make a great addition to any family.

Our kitten Arya adopted from Petbarn Belrose in May 2019

“All cats and kittens up for adoption through Petbarn are vaccinated, microchipped, desexed and health checked to ensure they get the best start possible in their new home. 

If you decide to adopt one of our wonderful felines, just know that you are inviting a new best friend into your home that will love you for the rest of your life.”

Like any day, if you happen to find your new best friend on World Cat Day at Petbarn, you will be able to go through the pet adoption process at participating stores

Otherwise if you are not quite ready to adopt on the spot, you are welcome to return anytime throughout the year.

Petbarn have adoption partners large and small, such as the RSPCA and Cat Haven. Importantly, while the adoption fee is collected by Petbarn, 100% is returned to the charity. Since 2012, the Petbarn Foundation has worked with animal rescue organisations to save more than 42,000 pet animal lives nationally.

Petbarn is ecstatic to announce the continuing success of their pet adoption program, offering year- round adoption at 147 locations across Australia.

To find out more about pet adoption, please visit the Petbarn Adoption page and to find out if your local Petbarn store has cats available for adoption, you can use the RSPCA website to search for cats and kittens available for adoption near you.

*Taken from a Petbarn 2018 Pet survey in which approximately 3000 Australian pet owners were surveyed.

About the Petbarn Foundation

Petbarn established the Petbarn Foundation in June 2012 to actively support pet welfare programs (including its Pet Adoption Centres) and its partner shelters through numerous fundraising activities. In Australia, over the last financial year the Petbarn Foundation has raised over $1 million dollars for local animal charities.

With a focus on enriching the lives of pets and the people who love them, the Foundation is built around a “Five R’s Philosophy”:
- Reduce the number of pets that are euthanised each year
- Rescue pets in crisis and encourage Australians to think of adoption first
- Rehabilitate pets with behavioural issues to ensure they can remain part of a loving family
- Responsible pet ownership
- Relieve some of the stresses, strains and hardships people face through the calming influence of pets

For more information, please visit

About Petbarn 

At the heart of all they do, Petbarn are putting more care in pet care. Petbarn is Australia’s leading pet supplies retailer, giving care to pets of all shapes and sizes – from dogs, cats, fish and guinea pigs, through to snakes and lizards. Petbarn has everything a pet could need from nourishing food, stimulating toys, to grooming and even pet insurance services, which allows pet parents to provide the very best care they can.

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MEDIA RELEASE, 7th August 2019

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