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Lort Smith 2020 Cat Calendar: Raising funds for Animals in Need

Cool cats band together to raise funds for animals in need

Four fab felines have formed an alliance with dogs, mice, birds and more to star in Lort Smith’s 2020 fundraising calendar.

Each kitty has their own special story of bringing colour to the lives of the special person in their life.

Gorgeous British shorthair, Romulus, was surrendered to Lort Smith with a broken hip sustained from a nasty fall.

Following meticulous surgery, and an intensive six weeks of physiotherapy, Romulus made a full recovery and found a fantastic forever home.

“After a busy day working, my stress level immediately reduces when I open the door to find him waiting patiently for me,” says his carer Andrew. Romulus can be found on Instagram (@romulus_webcat) playing with toys or simply looking darn cute!

Lort Smith 2020 Calendar stars Romulus (Left) and Olive (Right)
The fabulous Lort Smith Backyard Hero Panel’s Choice winner and calendar cover queen, Olive, proves that team cat is going viral; and once you have the fever, you won’t be able to shake it!

Olive’s proud carer, Cynthia, adopted her from Lort Smith last August. “Olive is adorable, cuddly, friendly, and amazing to be with,” said Cynthia, “she has converted me to team cat.”

Gorgeous Molly’s carer is one of Lort Smith’s dedicated volunteers. The calendar’s Ms. July is a low maintenance cat. Dressed permanently in a tuxedo, she loves nothing more than to sit in the window watching the birds fly by. 

Lort Smith 2020 Calendar stars Molly (Left) and Valentine (Right)
Former resident Valentine was happy to come back to Lort Smith for the calendar shoot – and to visit the adoption team who cared for him while waiting for his forever family.

If you are an animal lover, you will adore the Lort Smith 2020 calendar. Starring cats, dogs, reptiles, mice, birds and even wombats, the calendar celebrates the array of animals that vets treat every week at Australia’s largest not-for-profit animal hospital.

All profits raised from the calendar go direct to Lort Smith’s work, caring for sick, injured and vulnerable animals, and the people who care for them.

Calendars are available now for $15 (plus postage) 
online at

They can also be purchased from the Hospital at 24 Villiers Street, North Melbourne.

About Lort Smith

Lort Smith is the largest not-for-profit animal hospital in Australia, delivering essential and life-saving services to sick, injured and vulnerable animals. Each year our team of more than 60 vets and 110 nurses provide quality care for around 25,000 animals. Lort Smith rehomes approximately 850 animals each year and operates a number of community outreach programs which have a significant social impact on the community. Lort Smith receives no ongoing government funding.

MEDIA RELEASE, 19th November 2019

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