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Cat Lovers Book Club - April 2020

Now more than ever, home is where our pets are. We may be forced to spend a lot more time inside over the coming months so why not use this time to read a few more books and disconnect from the world?

We put together our top picks of inspirational and educational book releases for cat lovers of all ages. So grab your favourite cuppa and settle in for a great read...

The complete guide to selecting, training and caring for your rescue cat

by Tom Colvin

The perfect read before you bring your rescue pet home, For the Love of Cats is a witty and informative book on all things feline-related. 

Featuring over 250 stunning pictures of cute cats, this resource illustrates the many facets of their personality, provides tips on training, and explains the best ways to care for a rescue cat. 

Know how to give them the life they’ve always wanted as you flip through the pages of this books that’s as adorable as it is enlightening.

Paperback, 224 pages
Publisher: I-5 Publishing, 1st December 2019

Price: $23.75 at 

Veterinary Tales
by Austin Donnelly

Around the globe, from Ireland, the UK and onto Australia and New Zealand, the author, Irish veterinarian and animal lover, Austin Donnelly, takes us with him on an amazing journey full of encounters with all sorts of animals. 

From a Galway postman that raises a nest of robins in his mail van, to a naughty adolescent alpaca in Tasmania causing all kinds of mischief, the stories are full of surprises and there are lots of laughs along the way. This is a perfect gift for anyone who understands that animals are people, too, and appreciates the special bond between animals and their dedicated owners.

Expect a whole range of animal species and human characters, from a county Galway postman that accidentally disturbs a nest of robins in a post box and goes on to raise them in his van, to a naughty adolescent alpaca causing all sorts of mischief, not to mention meet one of the meanest old farmers- wreaking havoc and handy with a rifle, she'll leave you quaking in your boots.

Paperback, 342 pages
Publisher: Orla Kelly Publishing, 14th March 2020

RRP: $29.99Available internationally through all good book stores and online via Amazon Australia at

by Rachel Wells

The follow-up to the smash-hit bestseller Alfie the Doorstep Cat, Alfie's back - and more adventurous than ever!

Edgar Road used to be your typical London street; a road full of people who barely said a word to one another. Then Alfie came along - a big grey ball of fur who changed the lives of every family he met, and brought a community together.

But now a new family have moved into Edgar Road and they, more than anyone else, need Alfie's help. Can he bring light to their darkest times? Or is it already too late to stop them from falling apart?

Warm, uplifting and inspiring, this is a book to remind us how a pet can change a life. 

Paperback, 336 pages
Publisher: Harper Collins UK, 4th February 2020

RRP: $24.99 at


A Purr n' Bark Pet Shop Mystery
by T.C. LoTemplo

Shell and her two furry sidekicks must cat-ch a killer to save their pet shop.

Crishell "Shell" McMillan sees the cancellation of her TV series as a blessing in disguise. The former actress can now take over her late aunt's pet shop, the Purr N' Bark, and do something she loves. 

While getting the shop ready for re-opening, Shell is asked to loan her aunt's Cary Grant posters to the local museum for an exhibit. She finds the prospect exciting-until a museum board member, who had a long-standing feud with Shell's aunt, votes against it. When she discovers the board member dead in the museum, Shell becomes suspect number one. Can she, her Siamese cat Kahlua, and her new sidekick-her aunt's Persian Purrday-find the real culprit, or will her latest career go up in kitty litter?

Paperback, 312 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications, U.S. 8th August 2019

Price: $28.75 at  


Cats Movie Tie-in
by T. S. Eliot, illustrated by Rebecca Ashdown 

Now a major motion picture. The poems by T. S. Eliot that inspired the movie Cats.

Cats! Some are sane, some are mad and some are good and some are bad.

Meet magical Mr Mistoffelees, sleepy Old Deuteronomy and curious Rum Tum Tugger. But you'll be lucky to meet Macavity because Macavity's not there!

In 1925 T.S. Eliot became co-director of Faber & Faber, who remain his publishers to this day. Throughout the 1930s he composed the now famous poems about Macavity, Old Deuteronomy, Mr Mistoffelees and many other cats, under the name of 'Old Possum'. 

In 1981, Eliot's poems were set to music by Andrew Lloyd Webber as Cats, which went on to become the longest-running Broadway musical in history and is now a film starring Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Rebel Wilson, Jennifer Hudson, Jason Derulo, Francesca Hayward and James Corden.

Paperback, 128 pages

Publisher: Faber and Faber, 3rd December 2019 
For Ages: 9 - 11 years old 

Price: $14.50 at

Facts at Your Fingertips
by DK 

Discover essential facts and stats about cats - of every breed, shape, and size.

A true cat-alogue of more than 100 feline breeds and cross-breeds adorn the pages of this mini-encyclopedia, which packs a whole lot of information into your pocket!

Along with a photo of each breed, discover the facts and stats of each cat, including its size, where the breed originated, colours and markings, and unusual features or behaviours. 

You'll soon be able to tell apart a Burmese from a Siamese; a Rex from a Sphynx and a Manx; and an American Shorthair from a British Shorthair. You will also discover a lot about colours and patterns. Did you know that tabby cats and tortoiseshells are not breeds, but colours within breeds? Plus there are pages introducing cat anatomy and behaviour; and the book finishes with fun facts.

The style of the Pocket Eyewitness series is perfect for all children, from reluctant readers who can easily digest the key points through to budding vets and cat-lovers of all shapes and sizes who want to know more about the best pets on the planet.

Paperback, 160 pages
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd, 21st January 2020
For Ages: 8+ years old

RRP: $9.99 at 

by Tohby Riddle

A delightful story that celebrates the wonders of the Moon, the curiosity of cats and the precious beauty of Earth.

The astronaut's cat is an inside cat.
And she likes it like that.

The astronaut's cat is an inside cat - on the Moon! But she dreams about the strange outside world - and the mysterious blue ball that rises into the ink-black sky . . .

A wonderfully whimsical, funny and surprising story of a very unusual 'inside cat' - by one of Australia's finest picture-book creators. Perfect for readers who are intrigued or inspired by the landscapes of the Moon and the Earth - or fascinated by the inner life of cats.

Hardcover, 32 pages
Publisher: Allen & Unwin Australia, 31st March 2020
For Ages: 4 - 8 years old

RRP: $24.99 from all good bookstores or at

by National Geographic Kids

If you’re stuck for ideas to keep kids entertained at home during the school holidays, this is it!

Kids will have double the fun with 2,000 stickers and cool content about cats and dogs.

This bind-up of Cats and Dogs combines two super-cute, fun-filled sticker books in one It's chock-full of information about kids' favourite furry friends: kittens, puppies, different breeds of cats and dogs, behaviours, pet care, and much more.

With a colourful design and loaded with tons of games and activities--such as mazes, matching, drawing, and counting--kids are sure to love these pages of 2,000 stickers.

Paperback, 112 pages
Publisher: Penguin Random House, Imprint: National Geographic Kids, 24th March 2020
For Ages: 4 - 8 years old

Price: $25.90 at

50th Anniversary Edition

by Judith Kerr 

Share in fifty years of a really remarkable cat…

A very special fiftieth anniversary edition of the very first adventure of Mog the Forgetful Cat, in a cased board book format perfect for little hands!

Fifty years ago, everyone's favourite family cat, Mog, first got into trouble for her forgetfulness, and she has been loved ever since for her funny and warm-hearted escapades.

From Judith Kerr, the bestselling author of The Tiger Who Came to Tea, the beloved Mog stories still delight children all over the world. This special anniversary edition of Mog the Forgetful Cat celebrates this unforgettable cat's very first adventure, and for the first time is in a beautiful cased board book format, perfect for small hands!

The perfect gift for families, boys, girls, fans of Judith Kerr, and anyone who has ever known or loved a cat.

Board Book, 38 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, 24th February 2020
For Ages: 4+ years old 

Price: $12.95 at

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