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Cheerble Board Game all-in-one toy for cats

Keep your cat happy with Cheerble Board Game while you are away

Cheerble, the most backed pet toy brand in crowdfunding history, will start producing its third product— a brand new all-in-one toy for cats—after its next successful campaign on Kickstarter.

With the pandemic forcing all of us to stay at home, we have come to realise the distressing effect of self-isolation. Reunions with friends, picnics in parks, cups of coffee in cafes, parties and going to the movies have all turned from sources of available fun into far-away dreams. 

Well, that’s almost exactly what our cats feel when we leave them alone for a long time, within the four empty walls of our homes. In fact, it is proven that up to 40 percent of cats get depressed as a result of boredom and loneliness.

Like humans, they also have this natural need for entertainment. Every time we leave them alone, they start missing us and all the fun we bring to their life. But working, sleeping, cooking, doing the dishes, reading and watching Netflix often ‘steal’ from us most of the time we could devote to our furry friends. As a result, we see bored, lonely, and unhappy kitties, seeking to scratch our furniture and ruin our rooms to somehow get rid of their stress.

The Cheerble company—the most backed pet toy brand in crowdfunding history—has finally found an ideal solution for busy cat parents and their playful cats. After running 2 successful campaigns and delivering thousands of Wicked Bones and Wicked Balls to happy pets, they made yet another brilliant debut on Kickstarter with their brand new interactive Cheerble Board Game, getting 100% funded in only 1 hour.

Inspired by the feedback of the backers, the latest findings in feline psychology and years of experience in developing smart pet toys, the Cheerble Board Game has been designed to satisfy cats’ natural instincts, ensure endless hours of play and help them overcome boredom and loneliness when their cat parents are away.

The 3-in-1 toy is a great place for the cat to play, exercise, scratch and nap. Setting it up is faster than any meow. Simply push the button on the ball to adapt it to their cat's energy level, and there you are! Give your kitty a slow and gentle roll to warm up, or challenge them with some active madness that even the most athletic feline will have a hard time catching!

To do this, the curious paws will have to chase the tiny jumpy ball with cool LED lights, through the maze of interesting holes on the Playboard before the fluffy ‘prey’ becomes theirs. And once they’ve caught it, rest assured that no matter how much your furry friend batters, chews or scratches it, its synthetic fabrics will hold up.

“The story behind this toy started with making a simple ball for my cat,” says Hannah Huang, COO of Cheerble. 

“After turning it into a smart bundle of joy, we developed a whole game, hoping to deliver happiness to thousands of smart and playful cats.” In fact, the ball is really smart: it doesn’t need to be controlled by any app and can even escape obstacles.

With its automatic obstacle avoidance system it bounces from any tight spot, never leaving your cat alone.

But this doesn’t mean that once cat parents get home they will find an exhausted kitty!

The Intelligent Companion Mode strikes a perfect balance between the fluffy’s exercise and nap, stopping after every 10 minutes to give them a 30-minute rest for a sweet nap on the felt cover.

And when the kitty is energised again with its inner lion awakening inside, they can give freedom to their claws on the built-in Scratch Pad instead of the cat parent’s furniture. 

Tantalising the wand with its feather pom on the Playboard is yet another option the little hunter will love. 

Being lightweight and portable, the toy can be conveniently placed in any corner of the house, giving your fur friend every reason to be happy and engaged.

With its long list of smart features designed to satisfy your cat’s natural instincts and whims, the Cheerble Board Game is definitely an all-in-one solution for busy cat parents and curious paws.

Price & Where to Buy

Cheerble Ball is available in two colours (Grey or Red)

RRP: from AU$51.00 at

The 3-in-1 toy can be pre-ordered on the campaign’s Kickstarter page with up to 45% off. Estimated delivery is August 2020 (anywhere in the world).

MEDIA RELEASE, 11th June 2020 

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