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Petbarn is Celebrating 50,000 Pet Adoptions & Counting!

Petbarn has announced 50,000 successful in-store pet adoptions across Australia. The milestone was achieved in conjunction with over 20 adoption partners, who have worked tirelessly to give animals a second chance and find their forever homes.

Clearly a nation of pet lovers, 61% of Australian households are pet parents but sadly hundreds of thousands of unwanted pets are still being surrendered to animal shelters every year.

Since partnering with RSPCA NSW and opening its first Adoption Centre in 2012, Petbarn has helped re-home thousands of rescue dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and rabbits on behalf of animal shelters nationwide.

Scott Charters, Chairperson of the Petbarn Foundation said; “In 2012 we removed the sale of all puppies, dogs, rabbits, mice and guinea pigs from stores and instead established a partnership with RSPCA NSW to deliver our first Petbarn in-store adoption centre, before rolling out the initiative nationwide with 22 animal rescue partners.

“Through our 153 Petbarn and City Farmers Adoption Centres across Australia, we are able to give even more animals a loving home. Our unique network provides housing, specialised food and trained professional teams that care for the animals until they are re-homed.

“As well as rehoming animals in need, the Petbarn Foundation has raised more than $13 million and worked with over 200 rescue organisations to deliver a better life for pets and their owners. 50,000 adoptions is an amazing achievement as we continue to raise awareness about the many benefits of adopting a pet,” Mr Charters said.
Anna & Firley is another Petbarn Adoption success story. Watch their video here

In addition, no rescue animal is sold by Petbarn or City Farmers for profit and 100% of the adoption fees go back to the adoption partners to further support the cause. 

To celebrate the milestone, Petbarn commissioned a nationwide survey of Australian dog and cat owners [1], to find out more about the perception of adoption and showcase the positive difference pets can make to the lives of Aussies.

In encouraging news for furry friends, 56% of Australian pet owners would prefer to adopt over purchasing a pet from a breeder or store, with 66% admitting they would feel good about helping an animal in need when adopting.

The good news kept coming, as pets were cited as positively supporting their owner’s mental wellbeing, particularly through the recent lockdown which has led to many people working from home. 62% of those surveyed agreed that their pet has become a lifeline through lockdown whilst 89% said having a pet at home while working has provided them with companionship and improved their mental health (87%).

Charters said reaching the 50,000-adoption milestone was testament to the positive impact pets have on mental and physical health.

Maya & Luna - Watch their story here
“Animals are incredibly important companions to so many Australians, with 88% of Aussie pet owners agreeing their pet is part of their family

This can have a real impact when it comes to managing stress and improving mental health. 

Studies show having a pet gives you a purpose and increases social activity, physical activity, and endorphins, with petting an animal proving to lower blood pressure and reduce stress,” Mr Charters said. 

Steve Coleman, Chief Executive Officer of RSPCA NSW said although this is a monumental moment for RSPCA, it is imperative to continue to work with Petbarn and partners to bust the myths around the types of animals that need a new home.

“We are so proud of how far this initiative has come, from launching eight years ago with RSPCA NSW, to how it has evolved into a national campaign to support animals. Adoption pets make for forever pets and that’s a message we want to reiterate to people looking to introduce a four-legged friend to the family.

“Aussies can rest assured that all adoption pets undergo a behavioural test, a comprehensive vet check, and have been de-sexed as part of the adoption process. In all cases, dogs and cats are microchipped, treated for internal and external parasites (such as worms and fleas), had their initial vaccination, and dogs are treated for heartworm,” Mr Coleman said.

To celebrate the milestone, Petbarn worked with customers, rescue partners, and team members to create a series of videos that showcase how pet adoption has changed lives. 

Pet adoptions are available at 153 Petbarn and City Farmers’ centres across Australia. 

For more information,

Petbarn Survey of Australians on Pet Adoption

  • 33% of Australian dog/cat owners are worried adopted animals would have behavioural and/or health issues.
  • 51% of Australian dog/cat owners feel it’s sustainable and responsible to adopt a pet.

Australians and pet companionship through lockdown
  • When having to return to the workplace, it’s their pets that Aussies will miss most (66%) compared to spending time with family (59%), the ‘bed-to-desk’ commute (44%) and working in pyjamas (39%).
  • 94% of 55+ year-old dog / cat owners agree that companionship has been a benefit of having a pet at home while spending more time at home during lockdown.
  • 77% of Australian dog / cat owners agree that improving physical health through exercise is a benefit of having a pet at home while spending more time at home during lockdown.
  • 64% of Australian dog/cat owners agree their bond with their pet has become stronger during lockdown.
  • NSW and ACT are the greatest pet lover states, with 70% of dog/cat owners saying they will miss spending time with pets when they go back to work, followed by 66% in VIC & TAS, 64% in WA, 56% in QLD and 49% in SA & NT
[1] Survey of 1,000 dog & cat owners living in Australia surveyed by Colmar Brunton, on behalf of Petbarn, in June 2020.

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With over 52 co-located Petbarn and Greencross Vets under one roof, both aim to provide the best resources and services for all animals and pet parents in one central and convenient location.

MEDIA RELEASE, 20th July 2020

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