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Win 1 of 4 FroliCat® Automatic Cat Teaser Toys

Cats sleep an average of fifteen hours a day but when they're awake, it's usually in the middle of the night and they need to tell you all about their adventures ... 

For those midnight sessions when you really don't feel like getting involved, the PetSafe FroliCat® Automatic Cat Teasers are there to save the day - or your night!

Whether you're working from home and need to reclaim your desk space or you're worried about your cat getting bored or anxious if you're away for long hours, interactive cat toys help keep your kitty physically active and entertained for hours!

All four cat toys could not be easier to set up and use either 3 x AA or 3 x AAA batteries. 
Easily swap between toys if you’re only going to use one or two that day. 

Depending on your cat's age and personality, you're sure to find one to suit:

1) RoloRat Cat Toy
This automatic cat teaser resembling a large mouse comes complete with ears, whiskers and tail and will make your cat drool!

It rolls around randomly whilst making clicking noises and changes directions multiple times. Even when its path is blocked by furniture, it will redirect itself after a few seconds.

2) Fox Den Cat Toy

Without contest, this was definitely Arya's favourite toy as a kitten and it was on high rotation for a couple of months...

The Fox Den Cat Toy teases your cat with a very realistic fox tail. The sly fox hides in his den, waiting to shake his fuzzy tail at your unsuspecting cat! 

Both the FroliCat™ Rolorat and Fox Den Toy Automatic Cat Teasers offer a "Play-While-You-Are-Away" feature allowing you to set play sessions for your cat while you are not there.

3) FroliCat® ZIP Automatic Laser Light

"Missed it by THAT much! Sorry, kitty you need to try again!"
First, a word of caution regarding operating all laser light toys. You should never look directly into them or the reflection as laser radiation is emitted. This toy is to be kept away from small children and should be used under strict supervision with your pets

Most cats love the challenge of catching the red dot! The FroliCat™ ZIP Automatic Laser Light rolls around the floor in a random motion, displaying a single laser beam behind it for 10 minutes before powering off. Once your cat gets the hang of this game, you can look forward to lots of blurry pictures...

4) FroliCat® Multi-Laser Toy

If you have multiple cats, the FroliCat® Multi-Laser Toy is the one for you! Get all your cats involved in chasing after two lasers rotating in a 360 degree, random pattern. For convenience (and safety), the toy will turn off automatically after 15 minutes of play time.

Discover these and more options at

"Arya, can I take one away now? No, mine all mine!"

*** Win 1 of 4 
FroliCat® Automatic Cat Teaser Toys ***
Total Min. Prize Value: $200. One toy per winner. Choose from:

How to Enter:

1) Like our post (15/08/20) AND our Facebook page
2) Like the PetSafe Australia page at
3) Comment "what is the worst mischief your cat ever got up to when bored? AND which toy would you like to win?" (photos/videos welcome) via the Australian Cat Lover Facebook page 


1. This Competition opened on Saturday 15th August (4pm) and closed on Saturday 29th August, 2020 (midnight A.E.S.T.).

Congratulations to our 4 winners: T. Gray, E. Lee, S. Langlais, T. Lamb (via Facebook).
Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your prize directly from the company.
2. To Enter, Like our post (15/08/2020) + Tell us "what is the worst mischief your cat / kitten ever got up to when bored? AND which toy would you like to win?" via the Australian Cat Lover Facebook page 
3. This Promotion is a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winner.
The entries will be judged by the Australian Cat Lover team. The winning entries will be selected based on the most creative, informative or useful statement.
4. Please note you MUST LIKE BOTH our Facebook page and the PetSafe Australia page to be eligible for a prize.

5. Entrants in the competition can only enter once.
6. Prizes not claimed within 48 hours will be redrawn.
* Entry into the competition is deemed acceptance of all terms and conditions.

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