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15 Christmas Gifts for Cats & Cat Lovers in 2020

Here is our 2020 list of the best gift ideas for the most important family members but also the most difficult one to please: your cats! 

Plus we have many suggestions to spoil all the cat crazy mums and dads this year.

Spoil your kitty this Christmas with unique Aussie-made eco-friendly toys and accessories from Melbourne-based brand, Queenie’s Pawprints, founded by a dedicated pet lover and animal advocate, Marianna Delray. 
Home to premium quality designer accessories for cats & dogs, stylish handmade pet apparel, eco-friendly toys, unique handmade collars, comfy pet beds, hand-felted cat caves and more.

Whether you're searching for a unique Christmas present for your kitty or a nice gift for a cat loving friend, you'll find it here. 
Their collection is handmade in Australia, using sustainable materials, and each piece can be customized to suit any cat’s size and character. 

The company will donate 15% of the profit from every sale to support animal rescues. 

Use your unique code CATLOVER2020 to receive 15% off your entire Christmas order.

RRP: $15 - $85 at

100% handmade and personalised in Australia, this purrfect Personalised Gift Pack for your kitty is already pre-stocked with Christmas treats from Santa Paws. 

The IdPet handmade personalised sack is made from soft to touch and quick to dry Polyester with easy close drawstring cotton piping, as well as 100% Australian dehydrated fish treat satchel and 2 Christmas hat red and green mice toys.

Available in Small (20cm wide x 24cm high) or Large (30cm x 38cm). 

Please allow 5 - 7 days for delivery, with the last express delivery leaving December 15

RRP: from $34.95 at

Looking for a fun and fashionable cat carrier bound to catch people’s attention? Look no further than this cool and trendy Space Capsule Cat Carrier by Furrytail

Featuring an exciting sphere shape that looks great even when placed inside your home. Use it as a sleeping lounge for your pet inside your room or as a pet carrier for car travel.

The comfy carrier handle allows you to easily carry the capsule without having to use both your hands. Inside, the removable pillow is cosy and soft to keep your cat comfortable during transport.

Measuring 38cm x 38cm x 40cm, it comes in two colours: Frost White or Oxygen Blue.

RRP: $119.00 at

Looking to sleigh your cat’s Christmas presents this festive season? 

PETstock’s Scandi in the Snow range has something for every feline!

To keep your cat moving, scratching and playing all day long, the Scandi 3 in 1 Play/Swat/Scratch pole is the purr-fect present to spoil your cat with this Christmas.

Featuring earthy colours and a mix of textures, the on-trend scratch pole will make the perfect feature in any fancy feline’s home this Christmas.

RRP: $34.99 available instore and online now from while stocks last.

Cats are hunters by nature but as we found out, it's hard to get a kitty to work for her supper!

The Catmosphere Food Ball is a unique treat dispenser should stimulate your cat's curiosity. Fill it with your cat's favourite treats and the dispenser creates an unpredictable roll engaging your cat to chase it. 

It's a bit trickier than the standard food ball. The food / treats sit in the clear sphere for your cat to see but they don’t just freely fall out of an opening as happens in easier designs. 

Your pet will need to get some food into the opening at the bottom and then tip the ball to let the reward out.  

Available in Pink or Black

The Tok Tok Cat Tower with Climbing Board is a minimalist floor to ceiling cat tree, sure to delight your kitties!

This fun design is purrfect for scratching, stretching, jumping, climbing, sleeping in the hammock, relaxing on perches and of course watching over you.

You can easily adjust to any ceiling height between 2.20-3.80m using the spring mount system. 

No drilling is required to ensure no wall damage - especially if you are renting- yet the tower will withstand a heavy load (pillar constructed from 45mm robust steel).

Made from safe and durable materials, this Cat Tower (available in other configurations) would be a g
reat addition to any size house but it works really well in small size apartments since it isn’t bulky.

RRP: $889.00 from

Cats are not dogs so they do not like to eat out of dog bowls. It is uncomfortable when their whiskers have to touch the sides of a narrow or deep bowl designed for animals with a snout.

These beautiful Meow Chow Cat Bowls are designed by Cat Café Perth, just for cats.

The perfect proportion of medium width (13.5cm across) and shallow depth (only 3cm) to ensure an easy enjoyable eating experience for your kitty.

The Meow Chow Bowls come standard with beautifully glazed coloured ceramic; for an additional $10, they can also laser etch your cat's name. 

Choose from Flamingo PinkForbidden Green or Aegean Blue

RRP: $39.00 at 

Time to get those tails wagging this Christmas with these Burbia Cat Lovers & Dog Lovers Tea Towels: the perfect gifts for family and friends this festive season!

Their purrfect Cat Lovers Tea Towel showcases many of Australia's and the world's most popular cat breeds. From the much loved Australian Mist to Abyssinians, Ragdolls, Russian Blues and many more. 

Australian-made and screen printed onto 100% linen, the Dog Lovers Tea Towel features classic Aussie breeds like Kelpies and Cattle Dogs, Labradors, Retrievers, the beloved Bitza and breeds from all over the world. 

RRP: $24.95 at

Animales Online specialises in unique animal-themed items for adults, kids and pets. They are the exclusive Australian Stockist for these popular brands:

Chala Bags, California, USA - High quality vegan bags, wallets and key charms featuring Cats, Paw prints and more fun designs. Prices range from $25 - $145.

MilaDesign with a Smile, Nuremberg, Germany – Hand-painted Ceramic Tableware and Collectibles. Prices range from $5 - $50.

For these and more fun gift ideas, visit 

This would be the purr-fect towel this summer for a cat lover!

This gorgeous Round Beach Towel from Get Catty is covered in kitties of almost every breed and has a fringed edge. 

Purr-fect for relaxing by the pool or a trip to the beach. Don't leave it out at home though as you cat may want to use it as a bed!

Made of highly absorbent microfibre, it is l
ightweight and easy to carry around. Size: 150cm in diametre.

RRP: $39.95 at

Meowy Catsmas Season is here and so are these tree-mendous Catmas Cats accessories, 100% designed and handmade in Perth by Purrth.

You will definitely "sleigh" the silly season with these cute brooches or earrings available for a limited time only.

There is Snow-way Yule go through the Meowy Season without some purrfect Catsmas Glitter

Just like everything else at Purrth, part of all proceeds will go to support animal welfare at Cat Haven WA.

RRP: $19 -$29 at

For an a-meow-zing game of cards, look no further than the Cat Lover's Playing Cards from Ridley's Game

With 54 hand-drawn cat breed illustrations, it comes packaged in a beautifully illustrated tin box. 
RRP: $17.95

Another top pick are their "I Do As I Please" Women's Socks by Blue Q (shoe size 5-10). You know what? I get away with it because I'm cute as a button! RRP: $20.95

Plus you'll find ideas for homewares, calendars, puzzles and quirky gifts when you browse the Christmas Collection.

Best of all, there’s free shipping on orders over $100

The SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder Connect is a wonderful tool to monitor how much and when your cat eats, sending real time updates to your phone. 

It features integrated scales so you can provide an accurate food portion at every meal once you’ve set up your pet’s profile in the app.

Over time, you’ll gain an understanding of your cat’s unique feeding patterns making it easier to spot any changes that could signal health issues.

Using your cat’s identification microchip, the SureFeed
® Microchip Pet Connect only allows the authorised pet to access the food in the bowl, great for multi-pet households. 
It works with all types of food (dry, wet or raw) or a mix when using the double bowl configuration. 

RRP: $289 (Microchip Pet Feeder Connect with Hub) at

The PetSafe® Simply Clean® Self-Cleaning Litter Box is an innovative, automatic litter box that stays fresh and clean without scooping. 

The quiet, slow-moving conveyor system sifts the litter and removes waste every 30 minutes, making one full oration every hour and a half.

Waste is carried off to the covered bin, keeping it out of sight while reducing odour. The replaceable carbon filter acts as a second layer of odour defence.

The system is whisper-quiet and the LED light will assure you that the system is running and giving your cat a carefree, clean litter box.

RRP: $269.99 at 

JEKCA is a Hong Kong based company that sells life-sized models of cats and dogs that are constructed from building blocks similar to LEGO bricks. 

JEKCA is a simple brick locking system, which makes all the models sturdy and permanent. 

When fully assembled, the sculpture will actually resemble a life-size cat. You can choose from 19 cats in many colours including specific breeds (Bengals, Persians, Ragdolls etc.) and in a range of positions! 

Requiring a fair bit of patience to put together following detailed instructions, these 3D cat models will mostly appeal to kidults!

RRP: from $90.00 at

Looking for a jigsaw puzzle with a twist this Christmas?

299 Cats (and a dog) is a great game for avid puzzlers, families, kids and pet lovers that will provide hours of fun!

No two shapes are the same and each piece is a cat - except that there’s a dog hiding in there, you’ll just have to find him!

It comes with charming illustrations by Lea Maupetit and is presented in a sturdy and attractive box perfect for gifting and storage. 
Price: $24.25 at

This charming and beautifully-written book about cats and the women who love them would make a perfect Christmas gift! You'll love the soft black velvet binding and illustrations.

Cats and women share many traits: beauty, elegance, sensitivity, affectionate natures, a knack for nurturing, and a love of the luxurious. 

Cats are loyal to those who love them but couldn't give a toss about what others think. They don't suffer self-esteem issues or worry if they're overweight. And then, there is that enviable air of mystery, that slinky walk… oh to be a cat! They're the ultimate totem of female strength.

In The Divine Feline, Belinda Alexandra details her own experiences with cats, describing the relationship between women and cats throughout history and solving some behavioural and philosophical issues in a whimsical and practical way. Viva la cat lady!

RRP: $35.00 from all good book stores and online from   

Love your dogs too? Don't forget to check out our 2020 Christmas Gift Guide for Aussie Dogs with 24 ideas and exclusive offers to our readers. To spoil your dog loving friends (and yourself), we have also curated a list unique gift ideas in our Best 2020 Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers.  

Merry Christmas from our pack to yours!

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