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Petz Park Launches Cat Supplement Range

Petz Park are a Sydney based brand that specialise in supplements for pets. After perfecting and completing Australia’s best supplement range for dogs, they recently ventured out into the cat health world too.

They pride themselves on creating formulas that actually work for any age or breed of cat, using high amounts of active ingredients and carefully crafted formulas.

After learning that a whopping 27% of households in Australia own a cat, it was about time someone looked after their health!

The Petz Park cat supplement range launches with Hip + Joint, Probiotic and Urinary + Kidney.

1) Hip + Joint:

Designed to address joint related problems in cats, such as arthritis, using ingredients that help to increase mobility and reduce pain.

2) Urinary + Kidney:

Cats with UTI are at risk of fatality if left untreated. This supplement is for those that experience urinary tract infections often or want to support optimal urinary tract function.

3) Probiotic:

For every cat wanting to maintain normal gut health and easy digestion using a 100% natural and certified organic formula.

What are Petz Park Cat Supplements?

All Petz Park health care supplements are made in Australia and are in powder form.

They are easy to use and can be simply sprinkled on top of wet or dry food or even mixed in with different snack options!

Each supplement is designed to tackle common ailments in cats and better their overall health and wellbeing.

What ingredients are used?

Every formula is carefully crafted and pushed to the limit whilst staying safe to ensure that optimal results are achieved. Every active ingredient is used for a purpose and inactive ingredients are kept to an absolute minimum.

All supplements are created alongside a team of experts under veterinary supervision.

How do you know if your cat needs supplements?

Petz Park believe in being proactive, that’s why every supplement is perfect for any age and any breed of cat. Use these tasty powders as a preventative rather than a solution to ensure your cat lives many more than nine lives!

Petz Park Tip: 

If your cat doesn’t show signs of any ailments, we recommend always using a Probiotic to ensure their gut health is looked after. This is the origin of many diseases in cats and it’s important to keep it well balanced!

How much does your cat need each day?

Most cats need just one scoop per day! It’s important that we follow recommended dosages for each supplement as every formula has a specific mg to kg ratio for safety and effectiveness. Each product may also vary with recommended dosages so always check the back of the pouch for dosage tables.

Price & Where To Buy

RRP: Starting at $23.95 (approx. 60 scoops per pouch) at

Like and connect with Petz Park on Facebook at or
Instagram at

MEDIA RELEASE, 14th December 2021

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