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Australia's Top Trending Cat & Dog Breeds in 2021

Paws up if you think dogs and cats are the best? 

To celebrate our love for our furry friends, new study findings* from Hill's Pet Nutrition Australia reveal the nation's most popular dog and cat breeds right now.

* Findings from research analysing over 163 million Google searches to conclude cat choice and over 368 million Google searches to decide dog pup-ularity.

The annual research found that Australian interest in bringing home a new canine companion is high, with a whopping 29.6 million Google searches made across the last year surrounding 
‘dog adoption’ and ‘getting a new dog’.[1]

A 2021 study [3] into pet ownership across the pandemic has found that 47% of Australian households now include a dog (4.6 million) with 19% of Australian dogs being obtained during the pandemic. This overall figure shows a 7% increase in households with a dog since 2019 and is projected to only grow further. 

What's more, 30% of Australian households now include a cat (3.03 million) and 4.9 million Google searches were made over the last year surrounding ‘cat adoption’ and ‘bringing home’ a new feline companion - a steady 5% year on year increase.[2]

It’s clear more people are looking to or have recently, given a new pet a loving home, as pets can help decrease stress, improve health and support emotional wellbeing.

Does your four-legged friend feature in the current top trending cats and dogs across Australia?

Top Ten Trending Cat Breeds:

1. Maine Coon

2. Bengal
3. Ragdoll
4. British Shorthair
5. Sphynx
6. Persian
7. Siamese
8. Norwegian Forest Cat

9. Burmese
10. Siberian

Top Ten Trending Dog Breeds:

3. German Shepherd
4. Rottweiler
5. Cavoodle (down from #1 in 2020)
6. Pomeranian
7. Bulldog
8. Shiba Inu

It’s official! ‘Loki Golden Retriever’ and Cruella Maine Coon take the crown as Australia’s top trending dog and top trending cat (#1 breed and name). 

These are the most searched-for breeds with top names referencing rogue protagonist and ‘God of Mischief’ from the recent smash hit Marvel movie, as well as lead character Cruella de Vil from classic Disney film, The Hundred and One Dalmatians.

[3] Animal Medicines Australia 2021

MEDIA RELEASE, February 2022

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