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Pet Circle Curious Birthday Cat Box - Review

In our experience, cats are not the most excitable creatures past the kitten stage!

Arya is certainly a difficult one to please as we discovered after going all out for her first Christmas back in 2019 with a variety of puzzle games, cat treats, even a new cat fountain! As a result of her lack of enthusiasm we pulled right back the following year and she did not seem to notice either…

However her third birthday - 28 in human years - is a big milestone when she's meant to be fully developed physically and behaviourally so here's hoping this ushers in the age of reason! We decided to celebrate this occasion properly with a birthday party, with our Malinois the only VIP guests in attendance.

Our friends at Pet Circle did suggest we trial their special Curious Birthday Cat Box, a variation on the regular subscription Curious Box and we thought that with a bit of luck, Arya may turn up for it because she jumps on the table for any box delivery!

What is in Pet Circle’s Curious Birthday Cat Box?

This Curious Birthday Box is packed with the purr-fect mix of birthday-themed toys and delicious healthy treats, an all-in-one box delivered to your door (within 24-48 hours if you live in a metro area).

Unlike a regular Curious Box where the theme will change every 6 weeks to ensure you / your pet have a complete surprise, you know exactly what to expect with this Curious Birthday Cat Box so if you understand your cat’s personality, likes and dislikes, this really takes the guess out of it!

The goodies selected for this Curious Box - from fun toys to the delicious treats from premium brands – have all been tried and tested to receive the final meow of approval from feline testers.

Our Curious Birthday Box for February 2022 contained:

✔️ Kong Occasions Birthday Teddy worth $13.99

This cute little teddy toy is part of the KONG
® Cat Occasions range. It is designed to encourage kitties to play with two soft targets (teddy and balloon) to encourage and reward "capture-and-drag play". The crackle and the catnip are hiding in the balloon side. With its light weight you can toss it across the table or floor for kitty to chase and attack!

✔️ Rufus and Coco Fling Chase Cat Toy, worth $9.99

This lightweight and multisensory cat toy (two really) comes with feathers, ribbons, bells in a riot of colours. It is suitable for both independent play but also “stalk and chase” type games with your cat. Just watch out for your fingers as they’re  quite short (35cm-40cm) and most kitties are lightning fast and go for the kill! Did you know that your cat is genetically 95.6% similar to a tiger? 

✔️ Fuzzyard Cat Toy Donuts - worth $9.95

Your cat will have a “Hole” lot of fun batting around these adorable donut plush toys. This toy features internal crinkles to entice your cat to play, and the addition of catnip should make it irresistible (to most cats). We don’t think Arya cares much for catnip…

They're smelly and they're crunchy, they're all together scrummy that Fishy family!

✔️ Rufus and Coco Reel Fish Cat Treats, worth $13.00

Rufus & Coco Reel Fish Crunchers are a natural and scrumptious treat your feline will absolutely adore. Packed with 70% protein, minerals and Omega 3, these whole fish treats are full of crunchy goodness. They are suitable for cats and kittens (and dogs too!),and are proudly sustainably sourced. These natural fishy treats are a real kitty pleaser!

✔️ Inaba Churu Pops, pack of 4 – Tuna recipe (this varies)- worth $4.99

A household name in Japan, INABA are experts in formulating delightfully tasty and healthy treats for your cats to enjoy. These juicy and tasty Churu® Pops treats are made with 100% pure and natural wild tuna are also high in moisture needed by felines for good health. 

Simply tear open a tube and give it a little squeeze to feed these grain-free, preservative-free treats by hand. You can also spread some on a Licky Mat or use as a tasty topper on wet or dry food. The jelly-like texture makes it extra juicy!

Our Verdict on the Curious Birthday Cat Box

Like a wizard, a cat is never late,  nor is she early,
she plays precisely when she wants to!
Even if your cat is like Arya, notoriously fussy yet inquisitive, there’s a lot to love about this offering from Pet Circle. 

The overall quality of all items was very high and definitely exceeded our expectations for that price point. The total value of the items was $52 versus the one small price of $24.95.

If you have multiple cats or kittens, there’s bound to be something to excite one of them, not to mention the fact that your pet gets not one but two large boxes to explore, lie in and play with!

If you have a “blended family” including cats and dogs, why not treat them to something special too? There's a Curious Box for your small dogs, big dogs and even a special selection for tough chewers!

Price & Where to Buy: 

Pricing: $24.95 as a one-off (RRP: $40.00) for the Curious Birthday Cat Box at

Want to know why some many pet parents LOVE the Curious Box? Follow Pet Circle's Instagram for recent customer photos, giveaways, and more!

Disclaimer: A complimentary Curious Birthday Cat Box was provided by Pet Circle in order for us to complete this review

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