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Turning Up the Heat This Kitten Season!

An influx of felines is flooding shelters across Australia

More than a quarter of Aussie households have a cat, but one in 10 cats are not desexed despite state requirements.

In just two years, a single pair of cats could result in 20,000 kittens, with a third sent to shelters due to lack of resources and support from owners.

With shelters receiving close to 600 cats each week, Australians are being urged to desex their cats to prevent unwanted litters being sent to shelters and rescues.

With more than a quarter (27%) of Australian households having at least one cat [1], cat owners are being urged to take proactive steps to prevent unwanted kitten litters this kitten season.

With the days getting longer and warmer, cats naturally ‘come on heat’ and breed, resulting in shelters taking in an influx of unwanted kittens and cats. In fact, shelters can receive close to 600 cats each week [2], with some of the kittens needing 24-hour care and bottle feeding [3].

Despite being compulsory in some states and strongly encouraged in others [4], it is estimated that one in ten cats are not desexed [1], which concerningly can lead to a single pair of cats breeding up to 20,000 kittens in just two years [5].

With a third (33%) of cats and kittens being sent to rescues and shelters because owners cannot cope with the constant care and attention these kittens require [5], animal rescue advocates are encouraging responsible cat ownership, urging those who haven’t already to de-sex their cat or kitten.

Sasha Gusain, Founder of Waldo’s Friends – a not-for-profit aiming to support local shelters find homes for rescue animals and to educate Australians on responsible pet ownership – says that pet shelters are facing an even bigger crisis than ever before.
“Shelters are overflowing with animals that owners were not prepared for. If more pet owners were responsible and desexed their cats at the recommended seven months of age, it would ease the load on local shelters,” Ms Gusain says.
Cat ownership has been growing over the years among Australian households. However, more than 30,000 cats [2] are still being sent to shelters per year with 20% of them being euthanised [6].

With the influx of cats and kittens in animal shelters, Australians who are considering getting a cat are encouraged to adopt or foster now.

With resources like training guides and shelters findersWaldo’s Friends educates pet owners about how to reduce unwanted kitten litters and promote responsible pet ownership across the nation.

Sasha Gusain is the founder of Waldo's Friends, a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2018.

Drawing from her own pet adoption experience and her background in SEO and Marketing, Sasha created Waldo's Friends with the aim of raising awareness and education of animal foster care and adoption, and to help local local animal shelters find forever homes for their rescues.

MEDIA RELEASE, 24th October 2022

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