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Top 10 Cat & Dog Names in 2022 in Australia

It’s that time of year again. Pet Insurance Australia has compiled the list of the top pet names trending in 2022. With some all-time favourites topping the list once again.

“It’s lovely to explore these lists every year to see the current trends with pet names,” Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia says. “It’s great to see some classic names topping the lists alongside some unique choices, while some names are clearly making a comeback in 2022.”

For our feline friends, we have some very interesting names, such as ChinoAngelBiscuit, and an old one making a resurgence – Audrey.
While for dogs - Ziggy and Murphy make an appearance for the very first time, while popular names such as LunaBella, and Archie are still topping the charts. 

These names are for pets born in 2022, so it gives us a really good snapshot of the current trending names Australians are choosing to name their beloved fur babes.”

Top Tips for Choosing your Pet's Name

✔️ Does the name carry well when you call it out?
✔️ Consider two-syllable names that are easier to hear for our pets.
✔️ Have a few names ready and see which one your pet best suits.
✔️ Choose a name that will suit your pet as they age.

“Taking the time to find the perfect name for your pet is always best advised,” Crighton says. “And also considering will this name suit my dog when they are a 45kg dog? Choosing a good solid name that you will love as your pet changes from a cute puppy or kitten is always recommended.”

Out of the thousands and thousands of PIA pet insurance policies sold across 2021, here are the rankings for pets born this year:

Top 10 Female Cat Names

1. Luna

2. Pepper 

3. Maple 

4. Winnie

5. Angel 

6. Audrey 

7. Baby 

8. Biscuit 

9. Candy 

10. Charlotte 


Top 10 Male Cat Names

1. Ollie 

2. Archie 

3. Charlie 

4. Chino 

5. Floyd 

6. Loki 

7. Sam 

8. Snowy 

9. Teddy 

10. Ziggy 

Top 10 Female Dog Names 

1. Luna 

2. Daisy 

3. Bella 

4. Ruby 

5. Coco 

6. Molly 

7. Nala 

8. Lola 

9. Winnie

10. Maggie 

Top 10 Male Dog Names

1. Milo 

2. Teddy 

3. Archie 

4. Charlie

5. Buddy 

6. Murphy 

7. Ollie 

8. Alife 

9. Leo 

10. Ziggy 

MEDIA RELEASE, 29th November 2022 


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