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Pet Circle releases Christmas gifts to spoil your cats

Christmas gifts to spoil your cats so they don’t get into mischief around the house

Pet Circle has released its range of Christmas gifts for pets including some adorably festive and tasty options to keep them immersed for hours.

The festive range includes a variety of items to add to your pet’s Christmas wishlist, from cuddly companions to delicious delights for your dog, cat and small pets.

Dogs will love scoring a treat everyday from the Rosewood Luxury Deli Advent Calendar Dog, enjoy digging through the ZippyPaws Holiday Zippy Burrow Donut, and tossing around the FuzzYard Cookie Kringle Puppuccino and Cookies.

Cats can indulge in the Rosewood Christmas Dinner Cat Stocking, chase the FuzzYard Cat Toy Elf and Santa Bellies Rope, and will look stylish in the FuzzYard Bowtie Tree Rex.

Small pets can even get in on the action with the Rosewood Patchwork Reindeer Gnaw Small Pet Toy and Rosewood Christmas Wreath Small Pet Toy.

Pet Circle Head Vet Dr Tegan Lever says that distracting your pets with pet specific toys and treats during holiday celebrations can help keep them out of harm’s way.

“There are many hazards around the house during the holidays that can pose a risk to our furry companions, so try to keep them away by containing them to a safe place in your house and keep them occupied with a treat or toy,” said Dr Lever.

“Give your pets their own treats when eating your holiday spreads and make sure human food is out of reach including, ham and fatty offcuts which can sometimes cause pancreatitis, grapes, sultanas and raisins often found in cakes and mince pies which can cause kidney failure in cats and dogs, bones which can cause blockages and fractured teeth, and macadamia nuts, chocolate, onion and garlic which are toxic.”

“Also be mindful of your pets around Christmas decorations and your own presents. They can often become too curious about new items in the home and ingest them, including children’s toys, tinsel, beads, string, ribbon, baubles, and Christmas lights. 

If ingested, these objects can get stuck in your pet's digestive tract and they’ll require immediate surgery. To avoid this, clean up promptly after you unwrap your gifts and move them to a safe place.”

Order your pet treats and toys with Pet Circle in the next week to receive your delivery before Christmas. 

Western Australian stock and deliveries are being affected by rail network disruptions and may be delayed, so please check estimated delivery times when ordering from

MEDIA RELEASE, 1st December 2022

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