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Adopt Different this National Pet Adoption Month - March 2023

Adopt Different and give a pet most in need a brighter future

With 1 in 5 families acquiring a new dog or cat [1] to add to the family unit in recent years, the Petspiration Foundation (formally PETstock Assist) is encouraging Australians to Adopt Different this National Pet Adoption Month by considering a pet most in need, with more than 7,400 [2] animals currently looking for a forever home.

Sherralea Cassidy, Petspiration Foundation’s Charity and Events Lead, says the charity is on a mission to have cats, large dogs, adolescent dogs and bonded pairs that can’t be separated, adopted as they remain the most vulnerable in 2023.
“All pets deserve a safe and loving home, and National Pet Adoption Month is the perfect opportunity to meet pets searching for a new family,” says Sherralea.
Natural disasters, increasing living costs, inflation and access to housing [3] are impacting pet ownership and leading to surrenders of pets. PetRescue Founder and Director, Vickie Davy, is seeing great dogs coming into rescue care, ready for a new home, even if some training is needed.

“The fact is that only a small percentage of pets are surrendered due to their behaviour which - like any animal - can be negated through dedicated training,” says Vickie.

Animal Behaviourist, Dr Kate Mornement, says, many rescue pets have been house pets in the past and are already toilet trained, with basic manners so you’re not starting from scratch - it’s about reinforcing the existing desired behaviours and building on these.

Owner Isabelle playing with Aldo the cat - Credit (all): Eugene Hyland

“There are so many options when it comes to adoption. Cats are wonderfully intelligent animals, fantastic for any size home, and can be easily trained (just like dogs) using positive reinforcement,” says Kate.

“I also encourage would-be rescue pet owners not to be put off by a large dog because you think it will need more exercise, as it is very much dependent on the breed, age and individual personality of the dog. For those concerned about being in the office and leaving their pet, a bonded pair could be the answer as they have each other for company.”

Adoption Month Ambassador, Jacqueline Felgate visits pets in need at Second Chance Animal Rescue

The Petspiration Foundation exists to strengthen the rewarding bond between pets and people and has found homes for more than 13,000 rescue pets since its inception in 2007.
6.9 million Australian households [4] currently are pet owners.

Animal lovers are encouraged to visit in March to find a pet that needs a forever home. 

On Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 March head to selected PETstock stores to meet rescue pets available for adoption or fostering. Visit

[2] PetRescue Australia
[3] & [4] Animal Medicine Australia’s 2022 report

About The Petspiration Foundation

The Petspiration Foundation (formally PETstock Assist) is a registered charity that exists to strengthen the rewarding bond between pets and people, empowering a better future for both.

Since its inception in 2007, The Petspiration Foundation has raised more than $7.7 million to date, found homes for more than 13,000 rescue pets and donated more than $181,000 to support flood affected areas in 2022.

The Foundation is contributed to by the fundraising initiatives of all Petspiration brands, donations by business partners and employees as they come together for the pets that inspire us. 100% of funds raised go towards its charitable partners and projects with all operating costs covered by the business. 

MEDIA RELEASE, February 2023

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