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Are you Victoria's Biggest Cat Lover?

Cal Wilson’s quest to find Victoria’s Biggest Cat Lover

In a bid to match more Victorians with their happily fur-ever after, The Cat Protection Society of Victoria is celebrating all things love this February.

In a move that’s sure to get hearts purring, the Cat Protection Society of Victoria, with the help of their newest ambassador Cal Wilson is on the lookout for Victoria’s Biggest Cat Lover, someone who is hopelessly devoted to all things moggie.

The popular comedian’s very own love affair has started with a purrfect little Torti that she recently adopted from the Society.

“I went to The Cat Protection Society and ‘accidentally’ adopted a sister for my other great furry loves Pirate and Barnable. Her name is Kipper,” she said. I know that I’m a crazy cat lady, and cannot wait to see who else loves their furry friends as much as I do!”

“To show your love and passion for our feline friends the Society is searching for Victoria’s Biggest Cat Lover. I’m in a pretty good position to win, but I challenge other crazy cat people out there who think they may live and breathe kitties more than I do to enter!” Cal said.

The Shelter’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Rachel Bitzilis said the hope was that the campaign would encourage Victorians to celebrate all things cats and to consider adopting their own four-legged friend.

“The search was created to help celebrate the amazing role that cats can play as companion animals and raise the profile of cats as pets,” she said.

“We hope that this will encourage people that may be considering cat ownership to think about adopting from our Society at a time when adoption applications are low and adult cats are spending more time than ever before at our Shelter.”

“Sadly the demand for pets has significantly reduced over the last year. We are finding this is because many Victorian families adopted pets during the pandemic so don’t have a need to currently add to their families and also because of the escalating cost of living,” Rachel said.

The winner of Victoria’s Biggest Cat Lover will not only receive bragging rights to this fur-lusterious title but some incredible prizes too.

“Finalists will be invited to the Society on March 3 to a party hosted by Belle Jackson from Nova 100’s Breakfast Team where the winner will be announced,” she said.

“The overall winner is not only given the title but will also win themselves and their furry bestie(s) a swag of prizes including a professional photoshoot and a year’s supply of pet food by Royal Canin.”
This month, the Society has also launched a Kitty Tinder, matching people to their purrfect feline friend.

“We are making it as easy as possible to start a love affair this month. Regardless of your preference, orientation, experience, and lifestyle, we are confident we can help you find your feline soulmate. The profiles of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes who are available for adoption at our Shelter are online. You can check them out here and if you find one that takes your fancy you can book in for an adoption ‘meet and greet’ speed dating appointment,” Rachel said.

Victoria’s Biggest Cat Lover Search is now open and closes at 5pm on Tuesday 28 February

It is open to all cat lovers who live in Victoria and applications can be submitted via 

MEDIA RELEASE, 14th February 2023

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