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Most Popular Cat Breeds in 2024 in Australia

Pet Insurance Australia
has been busy collating the top cat breeds for 2024 with some of the most adorable purring machines making the list.

“We’ve seen a big rise in the number of cats now obtaining pet insurance to give a clear picture of what feline friends Australians are now adopting into their homes,” shares Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia

“However, as much as many might think that a purebred would be topping the list, it’s actually our humble Domestic Shorthair that takes out all three categories – most popular, most popular female cat and most popular male cat.”

1. Domestic Shorthair

These fabulous felines are the ultimate mixed-breed marvels, rocking a short coat in various colours and patterns. From solid shades to tabby stripes and tortoiseshell splashes, they're like a rainbow of kitty cuteness! 

Physically, domestic shorthairs are the definition of sturdy and muscular, with bodies built for cuddles and playtime galore. Their rounded heads and perky ears give them an adorable, approachable look, while their eyes twinkle with mischief in every shape and colour imaginable. 

But it's not just their looks that make them paw-some – their personality too! These kitties are as adaptable as chameleons, fitting right in whether they're living the high life in a bustling city apartment or chilling out in a cosy countryside cottage.
“They're affectionate, friendly, and known for their resilience – these cats are built to last, bringing joy to their families for years to come.”

2. Ragdoll

The Ragdoll cat is a purr-fect blend of charm, fluffiness, and affection! These cuddly giants are known for their striking blue eyes that can melt even the coldest hearts. Picture a cat with silky, semi-long fur that feels like you're petting a cloud – yep, that's the Ragdoll for you! But it's not just their looks that make them stand out. Ragdolls are as gentle as a summer breeze, with a temperament as sweet as candy. They're the kind of cats that will flop into your arms like a ragdoll (hence the name!) and purr contentedly as you shower them with love.
“The Ragdoll will happily learn tricks, play fetch like a pro, and even respond to their names with a chirp or meow. Plus, they're great with kids and other pets, making them the ultimate family companion.”

3. British Shorthair

Imagine a cuddly teddy bear brought to life – that's the British Shorthair in a nutshell. With their sturdy build and plush coats in various colours and patterns, these cats are a treat for the eyes and the heart. But it's not just their looks that make them unique. British Shorthairs are calm and collected, like the James Bond of the feline world.
“They're not clingy, but it's a moment to cherish when they grace you with their presence. They have a playful side that adds a touch of whimsy to their regal personality.”

4. Maine Coon

These majestic felines are as big as they are beautiful, with luxurious fur and tufted ears that give them an air of regal elegance. 

Physically, Maine Coons are the definition of impressive, with large, muscular bodies that make them look like they could take on the world (or at least a few extra treats!). Their thick, water-repellent fur comes in various colours and patterns, from classic tabby stripes to stunning tortoiseshell blends. 

But it's not just their size that sets them apart – their personality too! Maine Coons are known for their friendly and sociable nature, often following their owners around like loyal companions. They're playful and affectionate, making them the purr-fect cuddle buddies for lazy days on the couch.
“And let's not forget their intelligence – these cats are whip-smart and love a good puzzle or game to keep their minds sharp. Plus, they're great with kids and other pets, making them the ultimate family cat.”

5. Ragdoll Cross

These captivating kitties result from a delightful blend between the affectionate Ragdoll and another fabulous feline breed, creating a cat with a unique blend of traits that will leave you in awe. Physically, Ragdoll Cross cats boast the perfect mix of striking features and luxurious fur that's simply irresistible to the touch. 

With a delightful array of colours and patterns, each Ragdoll Cross cat is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, reflecting the rich tapestry of their heritage and adding an extra dash of charm to their already captivating presence. But it's not just their stunning looks that make them stand out – their delightful personalities, too! Ragdoll Cross cats inherit the sweet and gentle nature of their Ragdoll ancestors, infused with their unique touch of charisma and charm. These cuddly companions are the epitome of affection, happily snuggling up with you for endless hours of love and warmth.
“These clever cats are quick learners and love nothing more than showing off their skills with a playful game of fetch or a dazzling array of tricks. Plus, they're fantastic with kids and other pets, making them the perfect addition to any loving family.”

6. Tabby

These fabulous felines are like the artists of the cat world, painting a picture of delight with their unique coat patterns and playful personalities. Physically, tabby cats are a sight to behold, with their coats boasting a mesmerising array of stripes, swirls, and spots as individual as a fingerprint. 

From classic mackerel stripes to intricate ticked patterns, each tabby cat is a work of art in their own right, showcasing the diversity and creativity of Mother Nature. But it's not just their looks that make them special – their spirited personalities, too! Tabby cats are known for their playful and outgoing nature, always ready for a game of chase or a cosy cuddle session on the couch. They're the life of the party, bringing joy and laughter wherever they go with their boundless energy and irresistible charm.
“These cats are quick learners and love nothing more than solving puzzles or mastering new tricks to impress their adoring fans.”

7. Bengal

These magnificent felines are like a glimpse of the jungle brought right into your home, with their striking appearance and spirited personalities. 

Physically, Bengal cats are a sight to behold, with their sleek coats adorned with bold and beautiful rosettes, spots, or marbled patterns that mimic the mesmerising markings of their wild ancestors. 

Their coat colours range from golden and orange hues to silver and charcoal, adding an extra touch of exotic allure to their stunning appearance. 

Plus, they are super adventurous! Bengal cats are known for their love of exploration and play, and they are always on the lookout for the next exciting adventure.
“They're the ultimate adventurers, ready to climb, jump, and explore every nook and cranny of their environment with fearless curiosity.”

8. Russian Blue

These exquisite cats are like a breath of fresh air, with their shimmering silver-blue coats and piercing green eyes, Russian Blue cats are a vision of sophistication, with their plush, double-layered coats that feel like velvet to the touch. Their distinctive silver-blue fur has a lustrous sheen that catches the light most mesmerisingly, making them look like they've just stepped off the pages of a fairy tale. 

Russian Blue cats are known for their quiet elegance and mysterious allure, often likened to the enigmatic allure of a Russian ballet dancer. They're the strong, silent type, preferring to observe their surroundings with a watchful eye rather than seeking the spotlight.
“They are very smart cats, known for their loyalty and devotion to their human companions, forming deep bonds that last a lifetime.”

9. Sphynx

These extraordinary felines are like little aliens from another planet, with their hairless bodies and wide-eyed expressions that are equal parts adorable and intriguing. 

Physically, Sphynx cats are a sight to behold, with their soft, wrinkled skin that begs to be touched and their large, bat-like ears that give them a distinctive appearance. 

Their lack of fur means they come in various colours and patterns, allowing their natural beauty to shine in all its glory.

“Sphynx cats are known for their mischievous antics and outgoing nature, always ready for a game of chase or a snuggle session on the couch. They're the ultimate lap cats, happy to curl up with you for hours and soak up all the love and attention you can give.”

10. Scottish Fold

These adorable cats are like living, breathing teddy bears, with their signature folded ears and sweet, round faces that will melt your heart. Physically, Scottish Folds are a sight to behold, with their unique folded ears that give them an endearing and distinctive appearance. But it's not just their looks that make them special – their sweet and affectionate personalities, too! 

Scottish Folds are known for their gentle and loving nature, always ready to curl up in your lap for a cosy cuddle session or follow you around the house like a loyal companion.
“They're the ultimate snuggle buddies, bringing warmth and comfort wherever they go.”

What is the difference between a Domestic Shorthair and a Tabby Cat?

A tabby cat and a domestic shorthair differ in their coat pattern and breed classification.

A Tabby refers to a specific coat pattern rather than a breed. Tabby cats can be of various breeds, including Domestic Shorthair, Domestic Longhair, and specific purebred breeds like the Maine Coon or American Shorthair. Tabby cats are characterised by their distinctive striped, spotted, or marbled coat patterns. These patterns can include classic tabby (stripes), mackerel tabby (narrow vertical stripes), spotted tabby (spots), and ticked tabby (agouti hairs). Tabby cats can have short, medium, or long hair.

A Domestic Shorthair Cat is a term used to describe mixed-breed cats with short coats. Domestic shorthairs can come in various colours and patterns, including tabby, solid, tortoiseshell, calico, and more. While some domestic shorthairs may have a tabby coat pattern, others may exhibit different patterns or be solid-coloured.

“A tabby cat refers to a specific coat pattern seen in various breeds, while a domestic shorthair is a mixed-breed cat with a short coat that may or may not have a tabby coat pattern.”

Top 10 Female Cats:

1. Domestic Shorthair
2. Ragdoll
3. Maine Coon
4. British Shorthair
5. Tabby
6. Scottish Fold
7. Bengal
8. Ragdoll Cross
9. Sphynx
10. Burmese Cross

Top 10 Male Cats:

1. Domestic Shorthair
2. Ragdoll
3. British Shorthair
4. Ragdoll Cross
5. Maine Coon
6. Tabby
7. Russian Blue
8. Bengal
9. Burmese
10. Devon Rex

MEDIA RELEASE, 21st February 2024

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