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IKEA launches UTSÅDD pet range in Australia

Meet UTSÅDD: the new IKEA collection that aims to brighten up the home life of cats, dogs and pet-loving humans

IKEA is launching UTSÅDD, a lively pet collection developed with input from veterinarians, pet product experts, and an exigent panel of cats and dogs, to ensure the relevance of each product. 

The playful collection of 29 products is based on research on the daily life, behaviours and preferences of cats and dogs at home, and focuses on four different activities: eat, sleep, play and hide.

With UTSÅDD, IKEA seeks to simplify and brighten up life at home with pets by bringing joyful products that are easy to clean, resistant to everyday use and seamlessly blend into any home. UTSÅDD will be available in Australia beginning April 2024.

Cats and dogs are an essential part of the life at home of many people. More and more families choose to welcome four-legged, furry members and, like their human relatives, they have needs to be met. 

IKEA set out to develop a playful collection that considered the needs and wants of cats and dogs and their families, all while prioritising safety. After a two-year journey and obtaining sign-off from a panel of cats and dogs, UTSÅDD is finally ready to make its debut in pet-loving homes across the world.

“At IKEA, we believe that pets are family. Our goal was to develop a collection of products that our cats and dogs love and that their human parents can feel good about and truly enjoy having as part of their home,” says Julia Rosenberg, Product Design Developer at IKEA of Sweden AB.

UTSÅDD was developed around the four most common activities that cats and dogs carry out around the home – eat, sleep, play and hide. The collection is designed to make these activities enjoyable and easy to manage for both pets and humans.

  • Colourful food bowls and a double-sided anti-slip placemat help minimise mess during mealtime. The bowls are ceramic and, therefore, heavier and less likely to move around, and the placemat helps keep them in place. They also come in multiple sizes and are dishwasher- and refrigerator-safe.
  • A soft blanket and cushy beds help provide comfort and reduce anxiety during snooze time while blending seamlessly into the home. They come in different options, materials and sizes, are machine-washable and some are water repellent.
  • Allen key- and bone-shaped toys invite hours of fetching, chewing, and searching for treats. The toys, which are made from natural rubber and fabric, were carefully designed to be durable and robust, yet gentle on teeth and gums.
  • A modern tent and a rattan-made house make hiding deliciously cosy for cats, and a style-approved addition to any space. UTSÅDD also includes an updated version of the LURVIG range that blends nicely into the KALLAX shelving unit.

Prioritising Pet Safety

Pet safety was considered and prioritised at all stages of the development of UTSÅDD, and from as many aspects as possible.

“We formulated protocols and risk assessments based on our research, evaluations of previous pet collections, and input from our partner veterinarians and pet product experts. Our protocols include periodic chemical, mechanical and physical safety tests on all UTSÅDD products,” says Julia Rosenberg.

Additionally, all UTSÅDD products carry a label with symbols that aim to provide clear and user-friendly safety messages. These messages state, for example, that the owner should always be present when the pet is using the product, or that a product should be thrown away if it breaks. “We urge customers to read and become familiar with the safety label on UTSÅDD products,” concludes Julia Rosenberg.

The UTSÅDD collection will be available in Australia starting April 2024.

For more information or to view the entire UTSÅDD range, you can visit the IKEA website.

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