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Wagalot launches Mix & Zap Kitty Cat Cake

Wagalot Brands is so proud of our dog treats and incredibly excited to now be able to share the joy with our feline companions. 

Our Mix & Zap Kitty Cat Cake has just been released and we’ve been overwhelmed by the response from cat lovers” said Alice Needham – co-founder of Wagalot Brands – an Australian manufacturer of (until now) dog treats!

“The journey to create this kit has taken many years, as all we had ever heard is how fussy cats are! We didn’t give up though and now cats Australia-wide can have their birthdays celebrated in style. 

The kits even come with a platter to serve it on – just write in their name for those Instagram pics. “

It’s so simple to make in the microwave or oven and the kit has everything you need for the paw-fect birthday celebration.

This tuna flavoured cake mix and decorating kit is purr-fect for celebrating your cat’s next birthday!

RRP: $17.99Available at Petbarn stores and online or ask for it at your favourite pet store. 

MEDIA RELEASE, 4th April 2024

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