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1 Feb 2020 to 30 Nov 2021 - Feline Medicine ISFM (Distance Education)

Are you a veterinarian who wants to gain the special skills required for those tricky feline patients?

An unwell cat poses many unique challenges to the small animal practitioner and the difference between managing canine and feline patients (in both the art and the science of veterinary medicine) is well recognised.

This course is designed to reinforce, deepen and broaden your knowledge of feline medicine in a practical, interactive and enjoyable way. In addition, it will provide you with valuable information to make your practice more ‘feline friendly’.
This course is now delivered online (2 x 2-Day Workshops, 1 per year) over 2 years instead of one to enable busy veterinarians to manage this course.

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from 2 February 2020 - Kitten Kindy (NSW)

The behaviours your kitten learns in their formative months can stay with them into adulthood, so if you teach them how to behave when they’re a kitten, you will have the cat you’ll love sharing your life with - forever.

During Kitten Kindy the feline specialists from Cat Protection Society NSW will cover a range of topics including:
• What is normal feline behaviour?
• What is essential to good health and wellbeing?
• How to handle your kitten
• How to prevent unwanted behaviours, and
• How to correct unwanted behaviours should they develop

Where: Cat Protection Society NSW, 103 Enmore Road, Newtown, New South Wales, 2042

Cost: $30.00Bookings are essential are spaces are limited.

Please call on (02) 9519 7201 between 9am-4pm Monday to Friday or call (02) 9557 4818 on weekends to book.

February 15, 2020 - Craft Club (NSW)

If you live in Sydney, the Cat Protection Society NSW next Craft Club get together is on Saturday 15th February 2020, from 12pm – 2.30pm. 

This is a great chance to chat to like-minded cat lovers over a crafty project or two. Wool, fabric and needles are supplied or you can bring your own 🧶🧵 

Bookings are essential, please call on (02) 9557 4818 or email to book your spot!

April 16, 2020 - RSPCA Animal Welfare Seminar (VIC)

Feline Futures: Exploring Humane Domestic Cat Management in Australia

This 2020 Animal Welfare Seminar will explore the future of humane domestic cat management in Australia.

Widespread humane and effective management of owned, un-owned and semi-owned cats remains elusive, despite significant effort and investment of resources by some stakeholders to address the issue. Are stricter laws the best solution or can we do more collectively through better communication and collaboration?

RSPCA’s Animal Welfare Seminar 2020 will bring together diverse stakeholders from government, industry, animal welfare, academia, cat owners/carers and the wider community to share knowledge and experiences to identify key challenges and opportunities to achieve more humane management of domestic cats.

When: Thursday 16th  April 2020

Where: Mantra Bell City, 215 Bell St, Preston, Victoria

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April 20-24, 2020 - Future Vet Kids Camp (NSW)

The Future Vet Kids Camp is for the aspiring veterinarian in your child.

Is your child fascinated by animals? Do they adore their own pet or long to have one? Have they ever expressed an interest in possibly becoming a veterinarian one day?

Fun and educational, Future Vet Kids Camp is just the place for your child to explore all things furry, fuzzy, four legged, creepy, crawly, feathery or scaly! 
These 5-day camps are for children aged 9-16.

When: Monday 20th through Friday 24th April 2020, from 9:00am to 3:30pm during the school holidays.

Where: Newington College, Stanmore, NSW

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Any time - Cat Psychology & Training (Online)
This Animal Psychology home study course will help you understand cat psychology and apply that knowledge to manage and influence the behaviour of your cats.
  • Cat communication - domestic and wild cats
  • Cat behaviour training - domestic cats
  • Cat behaviour
  • Cat business management 
Course duration and pace: 100 hours of self paced study. Start the course at any time and study at a pace to suit you. Take 12 months to complete the course with as much or as little tutor guidance or support as you need.

Course Code: BAG222
Qualification: Statement of Attainment

Cost: $647.90 (inc. GST) at

Any time  - Responsible Cat Ownership Course (Online)
The Responsible Cat Ownership Course gives you some basic information about your legal responsibilities as a cat owner.

It will also help you be a better companion to your cat, teaching you about the best food, how to keep your pet entertained, dealing with scratching and yowling, and making sure your cat stays safely at home.

The course covers three main topics:
Section 1 – Rights and responsibilities
Section 2 – Cat welfare and management
Section 3 – Cat behaviour

You can do this course online in your own time by downloading the training manual:
Responsible Cat Ownership Training Course Manual (PDF - 2.7 MB)
Responsible Cat Ownership Training Course Manual (WORD - 64.3 KB)

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An integrative approach to behaviour cases with Dr Kate Lindsey (Free Podcast)

Dr Kate Lindsey is a veterinarian who has had a lifelong fascination with animals and their behaviour. After feeling confused and uncomfortable with the high rates of euthanasia due to behavioural reasons seen in veterinary practice, Kate pursued further studies in this field and founded Kalmpets in Perth, WA. 

Dr Sarah Howard discusses with Dr Kate Lindsay emerging research in the field of behavioural medicine and the crossover between canine and human mental illnesses. We then jump into the specifics of how she uses diet and supplements to aid in the management of her cases.

To listen to this free podcast, click Pure Animal Podcast (Apple Podcast)
Are you running an educational course or seminar aimed at cat owners or pet professionals in Australia?

Why not send us an email with all the details to be listed (free) in our next round-up?

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