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Cat Lovers Book Club - August 2019

This August 2019 selection of the Cat Lovers Book Club has something for everyone: from a photographic anthology of our feline friends spanning 6 decades to a book that throws light on the highly controversial issue of indoor and outdoor cats, a guide to entertaining your cat and some light-hearted fiction. There are also some fabulous illustrated books for the younger cat lovers.

Photographs 1942-2018
by Susan Michals, Reuel Golden (Editor), Walter Chandoha (Photographer)

Purr-fect! A career-spanning retrospective of the 20th century's greatest cat photographer.

On a winter's night in 1948 in New York City, young marketing student and budding photographer Walter Chandoha spotted a stray kitten in the snow, bundled it into his coat, and brought it home. Little did he know he had just met the muse that would determine the course of his life. Chandoha turned his lens on his new feline friend-which he named Loco-and was so inspired by the results that he started photographing kittens from a local shelter. These images marked the start of an extraordinary career that would span seven decades.

Long before the Internet and #catsofinstagram, Chandoha was enrapturing the public with his fuzzy subjects. From advertisements to greetings cards, jigsaw puzzles to pet-food packaging, his images combined a genuine affection for the creatures, a strong work ethic, and flawless technique. Chandoha's trademark glamorous lighting, which made each cat's fur stand out in sharp relief, would define the visual vocabulary of animal portraiture for generations and inspire such masters as Andy Warhol, who took cues from Chandoha's charming portraits in his illustrated cat book. The Cat Book leaps into this genre-defining artist's archives. 

Across colour studio and environmental portraits, black-and-white street photography, images from vintage cat shows, and more, this is a fitting tribute not just to these beguiling creatures but also to a 98-year-old photographer whose compassion and appreciation for animals can be felt in each and every frame.

Hardcover, 296 pages
Publisher: Taschen Books, 23rd July 2019

Price: $68.75 from

Why our cats belong indoors

by John L. Read

During the last century, global domestic cat numbers rocketed past 200 million, along with a surge in cat diseases and numbers of feral cats and sick, injured and malnourished cats. Cat shelters are overflowing. Hundreds of thousands of cats are euthanised every year by despondent animal welfare workers. Misplaced sentimentality, sometimes promoted by corporate greed of cat food companies, has exacerbated this situation through promoting irresponsible feeding of strays.

Ecologist and author John Read has travelled the world consulting cat experts and collating the most recent science. In Among the Pigeons he balances the allure of indoor cats with the animal welfare, human health, and conservation issues they create when allowed to roam. 
But he also presents solutions, from breeding ideal indoor pet cats to development of humane and targeted tools to control feral cats.

Warnings about the damage wrought by free-ranging cats have been largely denied or overlooked but we ignore these issues at our peril. For our own mental health and endangered wildlife worldwide, time is running out.

Paperback, 366 pages
Publisher: Wakefield Press, 6th May 2019

RRP: $34.95 at

by Denise Seidl

Do you have a cat that snootily turns up his nose if you try to involve him in a game? Or perhaps your cat is a loner, reluctant to interact with you? Maybe you think that cats simply don't play games and are impossible to train ...? Then think again, as this book will introduce you to the games that your cat will love to play, and have great fun doing so! 

To determine precisely what games will most appeal to your cat, there's a definition of each type of cat personality, and how best to interest him or her in the activities that the book contains. 

Fabulous action shots describe every game in detail, plus there’s an explanation of how playing with your cat will strengthen the bond between the two of you. The hunting instinct - explains why cats need to play • A-Z rules of rules on how to interest your cat in playing games • Different types of cat personality: discover your cat's, and test his intelligence! • Games for loners AND team players • A checklist of everything you need for the games • An in-depth description of each game • Fantastic action shots to match each description • Cat toys to buy and to make yourself • Solving behavioural problems with games and fun • Physical fitness and mind activity are linked – train both with single exercises.

Paperback, 128 pages
Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd, Imprint: Hubble & Hattie, 15th September 2011

RRP: $28.00 at

Berkley Prime Crime

by Sofie Kelly

The charming Minnesota town of Mayville Heights is hosting a music festival, and the whole place is bustling with musicians and tourists. Kathleen is looking forward to taking in some fabulous performances-and her two cats, Owen and Hercules, are looking forward to taking in some fabulous sardine crackers. But then the trio stumbles across a dead body by the river.

The victim is a close friend of a well-known cabaret singer set to perform at the festival-and the two happen to look incredibly alike. Who could have wanted to harm the dead woman? Was it a case of mistaken identity?

As accusations abound and suspicions swirl, Kathleen, Hercules and Owen will put their abilities-both mundane and magical-to the test, and lay down the paw.

Paperback, 320 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books, Imprint: Berkley, 6th August 2019

RRP: $13.50 at



The Inspiring Tale of Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen

by Susan Schaefer Bernardo, Courtenay Fletcher

This is a picture book biography of artist Théopophile-Alexandre Steinlen, the creator of iconic French "Chat Noir" posters.

When Antoinette notices a little bronze cat in the window of her favorite Parisian antique store, she begs the shopkeeper Monsieur Arvieux and his clever cat Noir to tell her all about the artist. Steinlen moved to Paris in 1881 to pursue his artistic dreams, ultimately creating not just the iconic Chat Noir posters but also more than 700 journal illustrations, famous posters, sculptures, cartoon strips and paintings. 

Many of Steinlen's artworks feature cats, his favourite subject. Delightful verse, a sweet sprinkling of French vocabulary, and lovely illustrations by the award-winning team of author Susan Schaefer Bernardo and artist Courtenay Fletcher bring art history to life.

More than just a biography, The Artist Who Loved Cats is a celebration of art, inspiration, and following your heart to create a life that you love!
Hardcover, 32 pages
Publisher: Inner Flower Child Books, 6th June 2019
For Ages: 6 - 7 years old

Price: $29.25 from

by Peter Bently, illustrated by Jim Field 

When Alfonso the cat hears there’s a boat coming into harbour carrying its largest ever catch, he hatches a plan. It’s brave! It’s bold! And it involves a ghost pirate ship, some rather gullible fishermen, and cats … LOTS of cats. 

With an infectious rhyming text and laugh-out-loud illustrations, this book is set to become a firm favourite for fans of life on the high seas.

Paperback, 32 pages
Publisher: MacMillan Children’s Books, 8th August 2019
For Ages: 3-5 years old

RRP: $14.99 at

by R. F. Kristi

The Inca book series is based on the escapades of an energetic Siberian cat named Inca who considers herself a great sleuth. This book finds our super cat detective embroiled in the world of art thieves. 

Inca and her family are awakened one night by a disturbing phone call; someone has stolen a painting from Aunt Florence! Now, Missy and the cats must go to Provence to help find the culprit and get back the stolen painting before the opening night of the art exhibition. They'll need all the help they can get to recover the painting and clear Aunt Florence's name. Inca will have to call her friends, old and new, to help solve this case. 

But when the case gets more confusing, will they still find the culprit? Or is Inca in over her head? Read all about the tantalising tale of Inca and company solving a mystery in Provence, France. 

Inca the Siberian kitty, the main character, exemplifies the intelligence and cunning of our feline friends, and is a sure-footed and strong-willed leader. Readers will surely admire Inca's grace and wit as they follow the detective cat's adventures in these unexpected tales of redemption. This book series will appeal to children who have a natural love for animals. The book is equally great for cat and dog lovers, who will enjoy seeing the personalities of their favourite members of the animal kingdom shining through.

Format: Paperback, 90 pages
Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers, 30th April 2019

Price: $19.25 at

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