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Pet Greens Fresh Supplements for Cats - Review

Two months ago an interesting press release landed in our inbox: Sydney company Pet Greens was now delivering farm fresh pet supplements of potted pet grass and potted catnip directly to the door of pet owners. 

Our kitten Arya had only been with us for a little over a month so we were still focused on getting her settled in and accepted by our dog pack. Sourcing fresh greens was not on the agenda but this concept definitely piqued our interest and we were very keen to trial the Pet Greens supplements once she was a little older. 

Home delivery of fresh meals has been a growing trend for humans and in the past 2 years, there has been an explosion of similar offerings for our pets, ranging from home cooked and raw meal options to entertainment and gifts packs!

Why provide fresh green supplements to your pets?

Long before she arrived, it was decided that our new kitten Arya would be an indoor only cat.

We live right next to a regional park which means we enjoy wild native birds visiting our deck and backyard as well as the occasional snake (!) and a large goanna also ventured on our lawn last summer. But our vet also cautioned that local stray cats pretty much all carry the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), easily spread from cat to cat though bite wounds. If we were in any doubt, this solidified our opinion that unfortunately for Arya the great outdoors would only be enjoyed through the windows …

I clearly remember as a kid watching my first cat munching on fresh grass in the garden and our dogs also occasionally enjoy tearing up some fronds. Aside from the pure enjoyment factor, these pet greens are also beneficial to our pets' health because they’re rich in vitamins (
A, B, C, E and K to give your pet the vitality they need to get through their day) plus minerals, antioxidants and other great nutrients.
The Pet Greens plants we received were naturally grown and harvested in NSW. Our delivery included a choice of both Pet Grass and Catnip freshly potted plants which are pesticide free, high in protein and rich sources of Chlorophyll which is great for helping boost your pet’s health.

Dr Katrina Warren and her Maine Coon Leo are brand ambassadors for Pet Greens and commented “for cats, especially those who live indoors, Pet Grass offers a form of environment enrichment. It allows us to ‘bring the outdoors in’ and gives cats something to graze and nibble on at their leisure, encouraging natural behaviour. Pet Grass provides cats with insoluble fibre that can help with digestion and hair balls.”

Pet Grass is also suitable for a wide range of domesticated pets including dogs, rabbits, lizards, guinea pigs and birds. 

Our Pets' experience with Pet Greens

In our house, we found that only our kitten Arya was interested. 

Our male Malinois Porthos did have good sniff on delivery day (he does this with any box so he's clearly missed his vocation as a Customs detector dog) but he quickly moved on. 

Despite placing a couple of plants on the floor within our dogs’ reach, they expressed no interest in chomping on either the pet grass or catnip in the first 8 days when the plants were at their freshest. Realistically, they have easy access to the backyard and during winter the lawn is not mowed regularly, so they are able to source fresh grass tips mornings and evenings. 

If your pet is hesitant to try Pet Greens initially, you could pinch some fresh tips and add these to their food at meal times. We decided that our kitten Arya was quite capable of deciding what she’d like to eat so we left that choice up to her and she dived right in as soon as our plants arrived!
Some days she was really into it: getting the pots out of the drawstring bags they’re delivered in (this keeps the soil from going everywhere if your pet is a little terror) was definitely on her list but she did not completely wreck the plants. She would just snip off a few tips and then move on to something else … 

Maintaining the plants lush and fresh for as a long as possible will make a huge difference in your cat’s interest levels. Keep your greens away from direct sunlight (not a window sill!) and heat sources in winter and also well ventilated. You only need to place them on a saucer to water twice a week so that the soil is just damp but not too wet or they’ll wither quickly…

Depending on where plants were placed, our pet grass still looked quite good after three weeks, whilst the catnip did not fare so well.

You have a range of options available but would recommend the trial pack (1 Pet Grass, 1 Catnip Plant) to decide what your pet is mostly into. 

Arya clearly loved playing with and chomping the pet grass, always choosing that option first whilst she appeared much less interested in the catnip plant.

Once you've worked out what your cat enjoys the most, you can order either 2 Catnip or 2 Pet Grass potted plants separately. 

We received excellent customer service from Pet Greens from the placement of our order to its delivery (24 hours in the Sydney metro area) and they followed up shortly afterwards to see if everything was received in good order.

If you have a multi-cat household or other small pets (especially guinea pigs, rabbits or even birds or lizards) you may get a lot more value out of a single delivery.

If your cat lives indoors permanently, this is definitely one of the many things you could do to provide your cat with  mental enrichment so why not give Pet Greens a try as a special treat? Your cat (and other pets) may absolutely love it! 
Currently available across NSW, VIC and QLD, the Pet Greens will roll out nationally soon.

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $19.95 as a one-off for 2 Pet Greens plants (mix of Pet Grass + Catnip or two of the same) at 

NB: You’ll save 10% if you order fortnightly order and 7% on a monthly order.

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