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20 Christmas Gifts for Cats & Cat Lovers

It's looking a lot like Christmas everywhere we look! 

If like us, your cat brings love and comfort to your life this is the time of year to show them how much you care by spoiling them a little (or a lot)! Since Arya's arrival a few months ago, we spotted some wonderful gift ideas bound to make any kitty happy on Christmas morning.

It’s like a Rubik’s Cube for your cat. Except with food. It’s the Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree, and, according to the cat lovers at Habitat Pet Supplies, it’s the ideal Christmas gift for curious kitties.

Because cats are hunters at heart, the Food Tree is designed to stimulate their natural instincts. 

Just pour a little of your cat’s favourite dry food into the top of the Food Tree and your cat will be totally intrigued. But to get to their tasty treats, your cat will need to reach through the holes in the side to knock the treats down to the next level.

Once your cat’s mastered the Food Tree, you can rotate the middle disc to make it more challenging. For even more fun, combine with other goodies from Catit’s Senses range to create the ultimate in feline entertainment!

RRP: $43.99 from

There are lots of cat tunnels but this one was our personal pick when we searched for our own cat because of its colourful scheme, its length (90cm) plus there’s a peephole halfway down to add variety to those hide and seek games!

Both you and your pet will enjoy hours of entertainment with the Bliss Colourful Crinkle Tunnel for Cats

Your feline friend will absolutely love the crackly texture and sound she makes every time she runs through this spacious cat play tunnel. The crinkly fabric covers the length of the cat tunnel, both inside and out. That way, every inch of this tunnel is lined with fun for your feline. 

Kittens and adult cats alike will love running through the cat tunnel from end to end, napping under its shady cover or playing with the ball at the end. Whether snoozing or sneaking, lounging or lunging, your kitty will absolutely adore this multi-purpose cat toy.

Price: $22.95 (90cm) at 

The Fox Den Automatic Cat Toy by PetSafe is one of Arya's favourite things! 

After installing the batteries, turn the toy on with the press of a button, and it will begin flipping the fuzzy fox tail around, encouraging your cat to stalk and pounce on it before it disappears into its den.

After 10 minutes of playtime, the toy will automatically shut off to let your cat rest, and it can be turned back on at any time. There's also a “Play While You Are Away” mode, which turns the toy on for 10 minutes every two hours. While in this mode, the motion sensor is activated, automatically turning the toy on when nearby movement is detected.

By encouraging your cat to exercise and providing mental stimulation, this toy helps keep your cat happy and healthy. The FroliCat® range includes many toys so your  cat can pounce on his favourite things: mice, red dots, string or cheese?

RRP: $49.99 from

This is a really cool foraging toy for cats. It’s different to the typical treat ball, whilst also being fairly light and not too difficult for our feline friends plus how cute are they?

The orange cat figure appears on each design, you can slide him around to block part of the opening in the side of the toy to adjust the difficulty.

The normal opening is on the lower part of each toy and it bobs back and forth on its weighted base. 

Each design has a small opening in the top of the toy too, the Sunflower design has the largest opening and food can also come out of this if your keen cat pushes it around far enough!

RRP:$16.50 at

Kitties just want to have fun … and the
Fishing is Fun Play Station by Animals Benefit is specially designed to stimulate their intellectual curiosity and give them a physical and mental workout!

The tunnel has a bell and feather mobile features to shadowbox perfectly placed portholes to climb in and out of! The fish tail has a cool scratch patch for kitty to stretch his claws and there's a secret spot under the fish scales to hide treats.

Coming with its own ribbon fishing rod to lure kitty in plus a squeak spot at the entrance, this creative fish-shaped maze will really make fishing fun this Christmas!

This educational play centre will appeal to kittens and cats and is available in 4 colour combinations: Pink Grey (featured), Pink Yellow, Blue Yellow, Yellow Grey.

RRP: $69.95 (including free shipping and a complimentary collar) from

Compared to dogs, there are few options for cat subscription boxes but this Kitty Foraging Starter Box by Crazy Critterz Toy Box did grab our attention! 

Suitable for both kittens or adult cats, it is designed to get your kitty foraging for its food. This improves their quality of life and helps keep the weight down too!

Included in this box are:

  • A Sticky Fish for wet food smearables
  • A Treat Dispensing Mouse with fabric outer -great for cats claws to throw around!
  • A Busy Buddy Twist and Treat
  • Cat Treats and other goodies
  • Access to video tutorials to get the most out of your toys 
Problem or undesirable behaviours in your cat could stem from boredom, stress and frustration so this mixed box will deliver lots of entertainment over the Christmas holidays and beyond!

RRP: $35.00 at

We are huge fans of Jojo & Lola's Jerky Chompers for our dogs who have sampled many of their creations over the years so we can't wait for our cat to discover them too!

The KittyCat Chomper Can is available with either pink or aqua ribbon and is hand decorated with a heart tag and a jingle bell. We can also personalise the tag with your cat's name.

Inside you'll find a sampler mix of Jojo & Lola's four fishy KittyCat flavours:

✔️ Salmon & Chicken
✔️ Tuna & Chicken
✔️ Mackerel & Chicken
✔️ Chicken & Rainbow Trout

You can customise with your favourite ribbon colour: Pink or Aqua and don't forget to enter your pet's name for the tag!

Enjoy free shipping (for Australian orders) from Dec 2 - Dec 8.

RRP: $15.00 at

Here’s a fresh idea for your cat! Farm fresh pet supplements of potted pet grass and potted catnip from Pet Greens via online subscription and delivered from the farm direct to your door!

Especially for those kitties that live indoors, Pet Greens brings the outdoors in and gives your cats something to graze on at their leisure. Even for those with outside, fresh blades of grass are hard to come by in the heat of summer!

Pet Greens are fresh, unprocessed and 100% gluten free.

You can choose a combination of Pet Grass and Pet Catnip or two of the same plant based on your cat’s preference. If you don’t have green thumbs, why not give this a try?

RRP: $19.95 as a one-off for 2 plants at

For anyone’s who ever travelled the world in a Kombi Van, you can now recreate this experience at home for your kitty. The cutest thing we’ve seen this year!

This Kitty Kombi Van from Sydney designer Mak & Co Australia is available in two colours (blue or yellow) and designed with windows and open doors for interactive play.

Artificial grass, a pet cushion or a towel can be used for the base of the Kombi van. Or buy their own handmade reversible heavy duty scratching base which should provide up to a year’s worth of cat play. 

Made using an eco-friendly material called Reboard, designed to last many years. 

The Kombi Vans are curated to last for years and have been tested to hold up to 70kg of weight. Not sure about Arya but we want one!

RRP: from $225 or $245 (with base) from Mak & Co Australia Etsy Shop 

This cardboard scratch laptop designed by the cool cats at Suck UK is for the geeky cat in your life.

Does your kitty feel left out while you are busy on your laptop? Now everyone can be on Facebook, even your cat! 

"Putty Tat" will love getting her claws stuck into the irresistibly scratchy cardboard keyboard (and it will keep her from tearing up your furniture). If you want to upgrade the operating system or install new applications, simply print a new screen on paper and slide it inside.

A great gift for your nerdy cat or the crazy cat person in your life.

RRP: $59.95 from

Funky Cat is an Australian family business who design luxurious cat including deluxe cat scratching posts and poles, cat towers and many custom options, that are made to last and will complement your home interiors.

This Christmas, give your cat the gift of climbing, clawing and chasing their friends all in the safety of your own home with a Funky Tree

Cats will love getting their claws into the sculptured yet flexible carpet posts, which will resist even the most vengeful kitty scratching!

Depending on your budget you can spoil your kitty with a gorgeous Stump, a Giant Hollow or a 2m Funky Wall!

The large flat ‘leaves’ are made to mimic the branches of a tree, teaching your cat to leap from one branch to another with the reward being a comfortable padded cushion at the top to rest on. The Trees are fully carpeted, including the base, to protect your polished floors. 

All cats find trees irresistible, but a Funky Tree is a tree they can’t get stuck on!

Please note all prices are ex Melbourne pick-up and do not include delivery.

RRP: from $349 (135cm featured is $599) at

This large modular cat climbing wall by Krispet makes a cat's environment a place filled with fun and also fulfills their natural curiosity for exploring. 

Breaking through traditional design, it integrates modular hanging accessories like a cat box, cat passage, cat stairs and 5- step cat ladder on a vertical wall. 
The modular design of cat wall shelves not only extends the spaces for cats but also reduces the oppression which is caused by narrow living space. Easily mounted on (or dismounted from) the hanging tracks directly, it is easy to take down for cleaning or to change positions.

Made for use in commercial shelters, all the pine components are clear-coated and are non porous. Cats love the activity but we also love the contemporary look!
Available in Blue, Green, Orange, White & Wood Colour.

RRP: $1900.00 (180cm) at 

The Föra Blanket by Polish brand Labvenn is designed for dogs, but at 70cm x 50cm it was too small for our Belgians so it was hijacked by our cat Arya. She just loves lazing around on this soft fluffy blanket even on a hot day!

The double-sided blanket is made of a blend which perfectly imitates natural fur and it looks just as beautiful on either side. 

You could pair this elegant and fashionable item with a matching Labbvenn bed but for us it works simply thrown on the bed or on top of a chest of drawers.

There are two stylish colours Silver or Cappucino to choose from to match your décor.

RRP: $75.00 from

Who said stylish walk wear was just for dogs?

If your cat is a budding explorer but lives indoors, you’ll need to train them as young as possible to wear a collar or harness with a lead but if your cat is keen, The Soapy Moose range offers irresistible designs.

This Reversible Harness (for cats and dogs) by The Soapy Moose features a very stylish Llama & Cactus Design on the neoprene front side with Navy & Yellow & White Zig Zags on the mesh reverse side !

Available with a matching Leash and Collar. Now, your cat is dressed to impress!

The range comes in a wide range of sizes (XS to L)

RRP: from $33.50 at

Do you know someone who could do with some new socks? These are not ordinary socks!

With the MonthlyMeow sock subscription you can give the gift that keeps on giving! Surprise a cat lover with a pair of original cat socks every month, for as long as you choose.

These comfy cotton socks fit all adults, ranging from a women’s size 6 to a men’s size 15 foot. Each design is created by the FeedMeSocks team in Brisbane, so you can guarantee that the cat lover you’re buying for won’t already have these socks!

You can choose a monthly payment subscription ($10/month), or purchase an upfront “gift subscription” plan for 3, 6 or 12 months.

There’s even an option at checkout to choose which day you want the first pair to be sent!

RRP: $10/month from

Dictionary page gifts from Decoris Designs are quirky and unique. 

These eco-friendly and upcycled original 50-year old dictionary pages provide an interesting background to the printed images and will definitely be a conversation starter. 

Decorate your home with wall prints that are as unique as you are or light up your night with a beautiful lantern. The soft warm light shining through the vintage pages will give any room a lovely mood setting. Their fun luggage tags make a great Christmas stocking filler.

With so many designs available, you’re bound to find a gift to suit or why not just treat yourself?

RRP: $5.00 - $30.00 at 

Share your love of all things cat with these beautiful Cat Coasters from Purrth
the Perth cat café!

Because mirrors reflect their environment, the coasters will naturally take on the colour scheme and vibrance of your home, making them a perfect match to any decor.

They’re designed, laser cut then sanded and polished and it’s all made in Australia with love. 
Each set comes with one of each of the four designs: Happy Cat, Meow, Kitty and Paw.

You can choose from Silver, Rose or Gold. These coasters make a Christmas present and will look purr-fect on your tables this festive season!

RRP: $25.00 at

The LOQI Cats Luggage Cover, featuring artwork by Stephen Cheetham, will bring bliss to baggage claim and how easy will it be to spot? 

You're bound to get giggles at check-in time and you may want to go for an extra spin of the luggage carrousel upon arrival! You'll earn miles and miles of smiles with this LOQI luggage cover, with a different design on each side.

This is an eco-friendly and fun alternative to those ugly plastic wraps at airports.

This cover will fit most medium size luggage (max heights 58cm-65cm). There's also a version for dog lovers!

RRP: $39.95 at

Launched in Australia this year, the SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder Connect is a lot more than a pet tech gadget. It is a wonderful tool to monitor how much and when your cat eats, sending real time updates to your phone. 

It features integrated scales so you can provide an accurate food portion at every meal once you’ve set up your pet’s profile in the app.

Over time, you’ll gain an understanding of your cat’s unique feeding patterns making it easier to spot any changes that could signal health issues.

Using your cat’s identification microchip, the SureFeed
® Microchip Pet Connect only allows the authorised pet to access the food in the bowl, great for multi-pet households. 

It works with all types of food (dry, wet or raw) or a mix when using the double bowl configuration. 

RRP: $229 (SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect); $119 (Sure PetCare Hub) at

The PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra self-cleaning cat litter box means you can leave the tray alone for 3-4 weeks at a time. Simply plug in the box and watch it work. 

The automatic rake system sweeps waste into the covered compartment 5, 10, or 20 minutes after your cat uses the litter box. The timer will reset if the safety sensors detect that your cat has re-entered the box. 

The health counter lets you track how many times your cat has used the litter box to quickly identify possible health problems.

The special crystal litter, packed in a convenient disposable litter tray, is 5 times more effective at reducing odour than clay or clumping litters. The privacy hood helps keep the litter in the box.

Your cat will always have a clean, fresh-smelling litter box, and you'll enjoy a home that's effortlessly odour-free for your Christmas visitors!

RRP: $239.99 at 

It’s not just kids that love jigsaw puzzles! They’re a great family activity during the school holidays when you decide to take a break from your social media feeds …

This 1000-piece Mad Catter’s Tea Party Puzzle (48 cm x 68 cm) by Gibsons will entertain and challenge you with adorable kitties who are certainly making the most of this mad tea party! 

With topsy turvy tea cups and oodles of sweet treats, there’s plenty of food for everyone to enjoy!

RRP: $29.95 from

This set of 16 charming Christmas cards features festive photos of some of the lovely felines from the Cat Protection Society NSW.

These 8 different designs are the result of a collaboration between design superstar Kaz Childs and photographer extraordinaire Mark Face.

Size: 10.5cm x 14.7cm

RRP: $12.00 (pack of 16) at

We hope some of these gift ideas will inspire to spoil your feline friends or yourself this Christmas!

If you're sharing your life with dogs too, don't forget to browse our 2019 Christmas Gift Guide for Aussie dogs with 23 pawsome ideas and special offers!

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