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Paws Connect opens first pet wellbeing concept store in Melbourne

Australia's first pet wellbeing concept store launches in Melbourne 

Paws Connect, Australia’s first pet wellbeing concept centre, recently launched in Melbourne bringing together the very best animal experts, natural therapies and products to support happier, healthier and longer lives for our much loved pets. 

Located in Port Melbourne, Paws Connect was created by Jenny Vulcan, who lost her beloved boxer Jazz ten years ago after a life-long battle with complex medical conditions. 

Throughout Jazz’s lifetime, Jenny spent countless hours researching, networking and running across town to seek out a variety of specialist health practitioners and products to improve Jazz’s quality of life. 

She has now brought all of that knowledge and expertise together in the one location for pet owners to be able to support their beloved pets with anxiety issues, those getting on in years, or just for when your fur baby isn’t at the top of their game. 

“Pets have become an integral part of our lives and at Paws Connect we connect pets and their owners with natural options and therapies that are gentle, minimally invasive and aim to treat the root cause of the imbalances and not just the symptoms. 

“When Jazz was sick, my mission was to get the right health care for her and I can now offer other pet owners the ability to access the best care for their loved pets all in the one location.” 

“We don’t replace your vet; they are an incredibly important part of your pet’s wellbeing. Instead we offer a range of natural alternative therapies and products that can make a huge difference to a pets wellbeing,” said Jenny.

Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, with more than 62% of Australian households owning a pet and including 4.8 million dogs and 3.9 million cats in homes across the country. 
(Source: January 3, 2017).

Jenny says that the Paws Connect specialist practitioners are passionate about caring for pets when they aren’t at their best. 

Our focus is on cats and dogs and we can assist with key problem areas include calming anxious pets, who bark, pull on the lead, jump or cower when exposed to something unusual or new, or leave your backyard looking like a bomb site.” 

“We can also help pet owners navigate the tough time of caring for an ageing pet as they slow down, experience pain or stiffness in their joints and when making the hardest decision of all, when is the right time to say goodbye.” 

“I have seen first-hand how dogs can benefit from water therapy in the same way humans can and our Hydrotherapy Treadmill can assist those with mobility issues from surgery or degenerative joint disease, help build fitness, or as part of a weight reduction program,” said Jenny. 

Natural products and therapies will also be on hand to help pets with allergies, itchy skin conditions as well as car harnesses, pet calming sprays, pet first aid kits and more for those who want to travel safely with their pets in the car on outings or holidays. 

Paws Connect has assembled a highly skilled group of specialist practitioners including Caroline Pope, Australia’s most recognised and well known Animal Communicator for over two decades. 

Caroline is also an expert in Craniosacral Therapy and the NES Health System to accelerate the healing process. 

The team also includes Dani Simmonds, a medical scientist for 29 years before venturing into animal therapy and rehabilitation for dogs; Sue Martin, a small animal naturopath, who uses a combination of Oriental Medicine/Shiatsu and Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy, Myofunctional Therapy/Massage, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine and Penny Fitzgerald who after a 20-year career in the corporate sector became a qualified kinesiologist for both pet parents and pets. 
Paws Connect is committed to reducing their environmental paw print and having a positive social impact and will offer custom made dog coats made in Melbourne, collars made by Kenyan women that could be considered “wearable art”, cat beds made by a village women in Nepal and pet toys made from upcycled denim or non-toxic natural fibres as well as supporting local artisans. 

Paws Connect is a proud supporter of Pets of the Homeless

Location: Paws Connect, 326 Bay Street Port Melbourne, Victoria 

Website: 03 9676 2007 
Insta: pawsconnectmelbourneTwitter: @pawsconnectmel1 ;

Facebook: @pawsconnectmelbourne

MEDIA RELEASE, 14th November 2019

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