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Cat Lovers Book Club - November 2020

Welcome to this November 2020 selection of our Cat Lovers Book Club.

Whether you're already looking with these Christmas presents for your cat loving friends or yourself, we have lots of suggestions for you this month.

A chic cat lady's guide to woman's best friend
by Belinda Alexandra

A charming and beautifully-written gift book about cats and the women who love them, from internationally bestselling novelist Belinda Alexandra.

Cats and women share many traits: beauty, elegance, sensitivity, affectionate natures, a knack for nurturing, and a love of the luxurious. 

Cats also embody the feminine dark side, with a tendency towards neurosis and fear of change. Then there are the qualities that a cat possesses which women long to emulate: fighting fiercely to protect herself, never saying yes when she means no, and being unafraid to claim the best seat in the house for herself. 

Cats are loyal to those who love them but couldn't give a toss about what others think. They don't suffer self-esteem issues or worry if they're overweight. And then, there is that enviable air of mystery, that slinky walk… oh to be a cat! They're the ultimate totem of female strength.

Belinda Alexandra, writer and ardent cat lover, makes no apology for celebrating the special bond between women and their cats. 

In The Divine Feline, she details her own experiences with cats, describing the relationship between women and cats throughout history and solving some behavioural and philosophical issues in a whimsical and practical way. Viva la cat lady!

Hardcover, 280 pages
Publisher: Murdoch Books, 3rd November 2020

Price: $35.00 from all good book stores and online from

The True Story of the Amazing Dog Who Rescues Cats

by Colin Butcher

This is the heartwarming story of the man-and-dog team behind the United Kingdom Pet Detective Agency - how Colin, in need of a new lease on life, rescues Molly the dog, and how Molly in turn rescues many more beloved lost pets.

As a veteran of the Royal Navy and long-time police officer, Colin Butcher was no stranger to dangerous situations. But a career in uniform can wear anyone down, so, in 2003, Colin left the force to start his own private detective agency, specializing in helping reunite people with their missing pets. 

And yet, despite his hundreds of successes, there were still heartbreaking cases where Colin couldn't find the missing on his own. He knew he needed a partner.

When Colin first met Molly, his friends doubted that she would be up for the job. Where Colin was battle-tested, Molly was young and inexperienced. She was wilful, wayward, and stubborn. But Colin could tell that Molly was unusually charismatic and intelligent. He decided to take a risk and bring on Molly for training.

Yes, Molly is no ordinary deputy, but a black Cocker Spaniel, and this is no ordinary detective agency. Trained by the top canine behavioural experts at Medical Detection Dogs, Molly can find missing cats - who are uniquely skilled at eluding humans -by detecting a unique scent signature, and she has been wildly successful.

The work is not always easy. Molly has faced hardships ranging from a near-fatal snakebite to the challenge of winning over Colin's girlfriend, Sarah. But through it all, Colin and Molly share an enduring love and affection. More than a working relationship, Molly is part of the family. Together, they are the Sherlock and Watson of missing pets.

Paperback, 336 pages
Published: 13th October 2020

Price: 30.50 from

Wit and wisdom from Curious Zelda, purrfect for cats and their humans
by Curious Zelda

This is the first book from Instagram social media star @CuriousZelda

'Curiosity is more than a desire to discover. It's a lifestyle, and a purr-vilege. It's hours of observing a fly on the wall. It's entering the sock drawer just before it closes. It's sniffing the lampshade one more time . . .'

Such is the wisdom of Curious Zelda: social media star, agony aunt, yoga teacher, cat. In The Adventures of a Curious Cat she gives insight into her view of the world and dispenses unparalleled wisdom. 

Zelda explains, in her unique voice, how to handle humans, how to communicate with furniture, and most importantly how to live a life curiously. 

It's the ultimate self-help guide for any cat, or indeed, their human.

Zelda was adopted by Matt in 2014 following an intense staring match at the rescue shelter. She charmed him with her weird habits and permanently spooked expression, which he couldn't resist documenting online. 

Paperback, 192 pages
Publisher: Hachette Australia, Imprint: Sphere, 8 December 2020

RRP: 17.99 (available for pre-order) at

A Magical Cats Mystery

by Sofie Kelly

In the twelfth instalment of this New York Times bestselling series, a reality TV crew has come to town and brought librarian Kathleen Paulson and her two magical cats more than their fair share of real-life drama.

Spring has come to charming Mayville Heights, and with it, some Hollywood glamour. The little town is abuzz because a season of the popular American Bake-Off TV show is filming there. Librarian Kathleen Paulson is working as an advisor on historical facts for the show, local restaurants are providing catering for the camera crews, and Kathleen’s faithful felines, Hercules and Owen, are hoping there is a cat treat challenge. 

But then Kathleen finds one of the contestants dead on set. She has solved many-a-murder with help from the supernaturally gifted Hercules and Owen, and with the whole town on tenterhooks, the talented trio will have to have all paws on deck to chase down this killer. 

Hardback, 304 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia, Imprint Berkley, 8th December 2020

RRP: $45.99 (available for pre-order) from all good book stores and online at

An illustrated guide for truly understanding your cat

by Yuki Hattori

Advice on caring for your cat with hundreds of helpful, cute illustrations!

Cats are so mysterious. What makes them climb into tiny spaces? Why do they sleep that much? And, most of all, how can we give them a good life?

What Cats Want is an introduction to all the basics. Cats may seem low-maintenance but thoughtfulness about where you put their water, how warm or cool they like to be, what name to choose and how to groom them properly will make a life-changing difference.

Dr. Yuki Hattori is an expert with years of experience and a deep love of cats. His advice comes with little illustrations showing exactly what to look for - including charts showing how to interpret their different meows, the direction of their whiskers and the way their tail is pointing!

With understanding, affection and respect, your cat will be more healthy and contented - and you'll feel happier too.

Hardcover, 160 pages
Publisher: Bloomsbury, 3rd September 2020

RRP: $24.99 at


A Comics Collection

by Matt Tarpley

Welcome to Cat's Café, a neighbourhood coffee shop where all are welcome! 

Based on the popular web comic, Cat's Café introduces readers to the adorable denizens of this world. 

There's Penguin, who has a bit of a coffee problem; Rabbit, whose anxiety sometimes overwhelms him; Axolotl, whose confidence inspires his friends; the always-supportive Cat, who provides hot drinks made with love and a supportive ear for anyone's troubles; and many, many more. 

With a sensitive take on real issues and a gentle, positive outlook, Cat's Café is about the power of acceptance, friendship, and love... and delicious cups of coffee. 

Paperback, 168 pages
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing, 8th July 2020
For Ages: 14 - 17 years old

Price: $19.25 at

How to Train, Care for, and Play and Communicate with Your Amazing Pet!

by Arden Moore

A lively guide to cat ownership written for kids, featuring practical information on care and training along with rewarding ways to play and bond with a feline friend. 

This fun and practical cat care book written just for kids will guide young cat owners in how to provide a safe, healthy environment, deliver daily care, and ensure positive interactions and rewarding, long-term relationships with feline friends. 

Pet expert Arden Moore helps kids understand how cats think and what they need to be happy and healthy, whether socialising a spunky new kitten or welcoming an adult cat into a household. Along with essentials on topics such as how to read a cat's body language and proper litter box protocol, fun and fascinating features cover the history of cat-human relationships, why and how cats purr, "ask the vet" Q&As, trivia, DIY cat toys, and even tips for training a cat to come when called (yes, you can!). 

Information-packed and filled with photography and colourful illustrations that infuse each page with feline energy, A Kid's Guide to Cats equips kids with everything they need to know to be great cat caretakers and companions.

Hardcover, 144 pages
Publisher : Storey Publishing, 1st May 2020

RRP: $19.50 from 

by Don Daily

Celebrate the holiday season with a colourful parade of Christmas cats, from one playful kitten to twelve dapper, dancing felines with a clutter of tabbies, calicos, and wild panthers in between. 

Readers of all ages with delight in this charming and vibrant reinterpretation of this classic carol, now available for the first time as a durable board book. 

A perfect gift for cat lovers of all ages.

Board Book (The Classic Edition), 24 pages
Publisher: Applesauce Press, 7th October 2020
For Ages: 4+ years old

Price: $16.25 at

Geelong Cats

by Jaclyn Crupi, illustrated by Mikki Butterley  

A cute cat has joined the family. 

Follow along as four newborns become the cats their parents always knew they would be.

Board book, 10 pages
Publisher: Hardie Grant Children's Publishing, 29 October 2020 
For Ages: 2+ years old 

RRP: $14.99 available from all good bookstores and online.

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