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Kitty Fresh cat litter box delivered to your door

Never clean your cat's litter box again!

We all love our cats. Their litter boxes? Not so much... 

It’s no news that litter boxes are dirty and smelly, and the odour is often the first thing you notice when you walk in the door. 

Cleaning litter boxes is so far down the chore list it gets put off for days, and no wonder - no one wants to do it! But what if you could simply throw your cat’s dirty litter box away each month, and never have to clean it out again?

Kitty Fresh brings the ultimate solution to the dirty litter box dilemma directly to your door: a disposable, recyclable litter box with premium litter included

Delivered to your door each month, it takes seconds to dispose of the old one and set up kitty’s clean, fresh litter box.

Kitty Fresh’s patented, all-in-one disposable litter box is the first of its kind in Australia. With a thin waterproof liner and premium plant-based litters, a box will last one cat an entire month. 

The box and liner are also recyclable, providing you dispose of the dirty litter separately.

Whether you choose bamboo or tofu, both are all-natural clumping litters that are good for the environment, good for your home and good for your kitty. 

With no added scents or colours and superior odour control, the only thing you’ll smell is freshness! Simply scoop the wee clumps and poo daily to maintain kitty’s box, and eliminate the smell for good. 

Kitty Fresh is so sure of their product, they guarantee you will notice a difference from the clay, crystal and paper litter options you’re using.

Kitty Fresh is a new Aussie owned and operated family business, and their mission is to keep it fresh for Aussie cats and their people.

What are the main benefits of using Kitty Fresh?

✔️ No cleaning dirty trays

✔️ Premium all natural litters with superior odour control

✔️ Scooping clumps and poo daily takes seconds

✔️ Easy set up

✔️ Simply close and seal old box to dispose

✔️ No more lugging heavy bags of litter from shop to car, car to home

Some tips for successful transitioning:

Try these simple tips to help your kitty adjust to their Kitty Fresh box:

1. Make sure you place your Kitty Fresh box in the same location as your previous litter box

2. Add a layer of your old litter on top to help kitty get the idea

3. Be sure to scoop daily to keep the box fresh. 

Price & how to get started:

RRP: $27.95/box plus shipping ($8.95 Brisbane, $9.95 Australia-wide, $18.95 Australia for remote areas).

To get started, visit 

You can also follow Kitty Fresh on Facebook at 

or on Instagram at

MEDIA RELEASE, 1st September 2021


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