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Cheerble Drinkie Water Dispenser for Cats

The Cheerble company - the most backed pet toy brand in crowdfunding history - has finally found an ideal solution for keeping pets hydrated and their water dish always clean while their parents are away.

After running three successful campaigns and delivering thousands of Wicked Bones, Wicked Balls and Cheerble Board Games to their backers, they finally launched their fourth product, Drinkie - a brand new smart self-cleaning dispenser for cats and small dogs.

Having raised over $140K+ on Kickstarter in 10 days, the product seems to be the next favourite among pet parents.

Unlike the traditional pet water fountains on the market, Drinkie cleans your pet's dish all by itself and using the smart app, you can set 4 times limit of self-cleaning.

The way it works is simple yet smart: once your cat or dog drinks from the dish, the dispenser uses its patent-pending Pulse System to rinse it, moving stray whiskers, food particles, and germs into an airtight waste water tank.

At the same time whilst your pet is away, it tops up the dish with clean water from the fresh water tank, keeping it always full for your pet.

This way the dispenser keeps dirty water away from your pet, ensures constant access to clean water served from a self-cleaned dish, without any need for filters that can cause secondary pollution and harm.

In fact, thanks to its large 3-litre capacity, Drinkie provides your pet a five-day supply of clean water - offering real peace of mind for you, whether you're on vacation, a business trip or just staying late at work.

"One day I realised I could no longer afford a pet sitter at $25/hour. However, with my frequent travelling, I couldn't leave my cat and dog drinking stale water from a dirty dish either" says Hannah Huang, COO of Cheerble

"That's when I had the eureka moment: why not create a smart solution to keep my pets hydrated and their dish clean?
With Drinkie we are turning that idea into a bright reality".

Another cool thing about the dispenser is that with its smart app, you can not only set the time and frequency of rinsing, but also get notified about low water levels in the dispenser and monitor your pet's drinking habits to warn you about any anomalies that could signify a serious problem.

What's more, Drinkie features an ultra-silent design: simply set it to the night mode, and the dispenser will continue providing water to your pet silently at night - you won't hear it even if it's in your bedroom.

As to Drinkie's cleaning, it's simply a breeze. 
Whenever it's time to refill, just take out the containers and dish, rinse them off or wash under warm water, that's it!

With all its smart features, this could indeed be the answer to many busy pet parents' prayers and become the next big thing in their life.

Price & Where to Buy:

Price: A$134.00 (US$99.00) early bird offer then RRP: US$169.00.

Available for pre-order on Kickstarter until 2 September, 2021 with estimated delivery in January 2022.

For additional information or to pre-order Drinkie, visit the campaign page.

MEDIA RELEASE, 5th August 2021

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