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Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2024 Winners Announced

The Comedy Pet Photo Awards have revealed the winners of this year’s competition and are thrilled to announce that the winners have been announced for Comedy Pets 2024.

The Cat Category Winner (above) is Kenichi Morinaga with ‘Cat in a trap like Super Mario’ and the Overall Competition Winner is Sarah Haskell with her fabulous image (below) called ‘Not just for cats!’ of Hector doing his best impression of a cat and trying to squeeze through the cat flap.

Sarah Haskell / Comedy Pets
Sarah said of the moment she took the winning photo:

“Hector saw the cat do thought he would give it a try. This is about as far as he got before reversing out the way he came. I can imagine him thinking…’But the cat made it look so easy’ Not so for Hector!’

The annual photo competition, now in its 5th consecutive year, calls on all pet and animal lovers to submit hilarious images and videos of their funny furry friends for a chance of winning the prestigious title of Comedy Pet Photographer of the Year.

The Awards were created by Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, to highlight the positive and vital role that pets have in our lives and to encourage engagement around animal welfare. 

Finding out about the happy news, Sarah recalls:
I am utterly thrilled, such great news, that I will have to share with Hector before the announcement (so if word gets out, blame him!)

These Comedy Pet Photo Awards have been a good natured, friendly competition with comical animal characters that you feel you can somehow relate to, that make you smile, and you want to know more about. Delighted that Hector and I have been part of it, and tremendously proud to be a winner. (Those that know me well will also know that my exact response on being told this fabulous news was more concise and totally unprintable!).

Hector is a much-loved member of my extended family, and has been my (unwitting, unknowing) Muse for a few years now. He has a kennel club name that sounds more like a what-3-words location; he is much better suited to Hector, and it is much easier to say! He will be 14 (human) years in July, so all his visitors make a great fuss over him - Hector has no idea why, quite clearly, but just loves the attention. 

I have carried a camera pretty much in some form since school days, but it is only recently that I have worked out that pet photography, dog photography in particular, is what I like doing. The interaction with these expressive, clever, often comical characters, when I am doing 'pawtrait' shoots, can only make me (and others, hopefully) smile!"

As winner of the top prize, Sarah receives a cash prize of £500, a fantastic camera bag from ThinkTank and a beautiful bespoke trophy. When asked what she would do with the prize money, Sarah joked ‘A bigger cat flap and then some camera equipment!’

People’s Choice Award
Winner: Kazutoshi Ono - Tarzan
As usual, the judges had a brilliant time deciding the winners with so many funny pet images entered from all over the world.

Michelle Wood, who helps run the Awards said: “We’ve had a fantastic competition this year, with so many really good entries from across the globe. And a record number of Junior entries which makes us very happy. 

In a world that can be hard to fathom, our pets are the one constant in our lives that make sense and are a vital source of support, joy and sometimes, great hilarity. 

We would have a competition to celebrate them every single day if we could, and to be able to share these brilliant winners with you and laugh out loud with these loveable creatures is the reason this competition exists!"

2024 Grand Category Winners:

✔️ Overall Winner & Dog Category Winner: Sarah Haskell (lead image)

✔️ Cat Category Winner: Kenichi Morinaga (lead image)

✔️ Horse Category Winner (below): Debby Thomas

✔️ People’s Choice Award Winner: Kazutoshi Ono

✔️ All Other Creatures Category Winner: Jonathan Casey

✔️ Pets Who Look Most Like Their Owner’s Category Winner (below): Darya Zelentsova 

✔️ Junior Category Winner (below): Charlotte Kitchen (who was 16 when she entered the competition)

As well as the category winners – 8 photographs were recognised as Highly Commended from the following photographers: Sylvia Michel who had two entries recognised; Julie Smith, Atsuyuki Ohshima, Vera Faupel, Luiza Ribeiro, Emma Beardsmore and competition regular and former competition winner Kenichi Morinaga.

The judging panel included TV presenter, writer, conservationist and animal lover Kate Humble, professional photographer and nature lover Gerrard Gethings and his son Jarvis Gethings, plus Barry the Border Terrier, for balance. TV Vet and animal welfare campaigner - Emma Milne and our very own professional pet photographer and former competition winner - Elke Vogelsang.

The 2025 competition will be open for entries next year via the website:


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